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Monuments of Stone and Flesh

A Veteran’s Day tribute to those who served.

As a society we build statues and monuments to honor men of great achievement to show our gratitude for hard-fought battles won with great loss. We put one’s bravery, valor and patriotism up on a pedestal so we can point up and tell our children “this is what you must be.” This is justifiable because these men and women have earned their place on that pedestal, but as people, we also need to recognize all of the things that make us human.  It isn’t just strength and courage or the level of hardship we can endure, but the entire being. Human attributes seen as weaknesses are often ignored and discounted, but are just as important to recognize for a society to raise the next generation. Traits such as weakness, hopelessness, despair, confusion, and pain are all parts of our Human Condition innate in all of us. Further, examples of evil such as greed, treachery, treason, and deceit are ever present temptations that must and can be overcome.  Without these opposing attributes, strength, courage, valor, and honor would not be so impressive or something to marvel at.

This is why the monuments made of flesh are so important. These men and women walk amongst us and provide contemporary examples of what we want our children to admire. They are not historical figments of a bygone era, but here and now testaments to all that is virtuous. They represent the triumph of good over evil by common people. Unfortunately, many children will know hurt, sorrow, pain, and suffering well before they will understand where courage, strength, and bravery come from. Our youth need the example of our brave men and women of our military to show them that they too can surmount the challenges of life.  The youth need their positive examples to teach them that you can push past all of the bad and overcome adversity. One need to be enshrined in stone to achieve greatness.

So on this Veterans Day, as a father, I want to say thank you to all of those Monuments of Flesh. They are living monuments of the triumph of humanity with all of the strengths and weakness that all men have. Their ability to rise over the character imperfections that afflict each and every one of us is what makes their service so admirable. I thank you all for inspiring the next generation to be great men and women by your living examples. I hope and pray that you understand why you are still so valuable…still so important…and still so vital to this country and a society as a whole.

A Grateful Father

Read more Launches Petition to Abolish the Electoral College and Start a Revolution

The on-going Leftist Coup against America sponsored by globalists suffered a major defeat this November when Hillary Clinton was legitimately defeated by Donald Trump.  Even though the globalists rigged the election so that their expected seizure of power would be protected by the façade of legitimate election, the overwhelming popular support for Trump overcame their rigging.  Right up to the election, the Democrat operatives extolled the values of a peaceful democratic transition of power and derided Trump for his indictment of the electoral system by these globalists.  However, the lies and false pretenses of the Left quickly fell away as they realized their attempt to take over the US had failed.  Now their true colors are coming out and they are openly calling for the destruction of that cherished democratic process they were embracing just a week ago.

Following what LMS predicted would be an attempt to rig the election via manipulation of the Electoral College, radical Leftists at have begun a petition drive to abolish it completely.  See: more

Should we worry about North Korea’s nuclear test and what to do?

The news wires lit up last night with news North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb. If true, North Korea possessing the technology to create a thermo-nuclear weapon would be troubling to say the least.  However, the far greater threat will come from what North Korea does with the technology.

Let’s be clear, if then President Bill Clinton had not allowed North Korea to develop nuclear weapons we wouldn’t be in the mess. However, Clinton was completely wrong about North Korea and we are paying the price for his strategic miscalculation.  I don’t personally believe North Korea has the capability or will to directly attack the United States, but I do believe the hermit kingdom would sell the technology to anyone and this is why we need to be worried.  Read more

Gun owners are labeled terrorists by the Attorney General: You must challenge the government’s narrative on “excessive” guns and ammunition

As the terrorist attack played out in San Bernardino, the propaganda machine spun into high gear. Even before it was finished, Islam had been exonerated and instead, you were made to believe it was caused by people with too many weapons.  Is having “too many” guns bad?  What exactly constitutes too many guns?  Is it a “stockpile” or “arsenal” and what exactly defines that?  Is it a few guns?  Is it a black rifle and a pistol?  Is it a box of .22 rounds?  You better know because your Attorney General Loretta Lynch uses this seemingly unknowable number to define a terrorist.  You heard that right.  Even if you have even just one rifle you have an “arsenal.”  Not a couple, not a few, not a dozen, not even a hundred rifles…just one gun with barely enough rounds to train with and you are a terrorist by the definition of the Attorney General of the United States.  It would be easy to dismiss this as the foolish ramblings of an imbecile, but this is deadly serious.  Lynch is not joking and knows exactly what she is saying.  Her statements are just a small part of a coordinated plot to recast legal gun owners as terrorists and then deal with them accordingly.

It was obvious from the very beginning of the shooting spree in San Bernardino that the government knew the shooters were radical Islamic terrorists and were trying to cover it up. Immediately, the White House and its media drones began deflecting attention from the radicalized Muslim terrorists to the fact they had guns.  This was not accidental.  This was pre-orchestrated plan to redirect the blame of any attack resulting from the President’s disastrous policies onto your Bill of Rights in order to demonize and destroy those freedoms.  Disagree?  Let’s look at the available evidence in the mass media.  Read more

Part II of The Gun Confiscation Goes Mainstream: Tyranny in the Land of the “Free”

Part II: The Gun Ban is Announced

Last night I spoke of how to resist encroaching gun control laws and regulation. However, I admitted that we are fighting a rigged game and that I fully expect to see a gun ban in the near future.  As this ban goes into effect, you can expect to see it follow a set pattern.  However, unlike other countries around the world to include Australia, Canada, and the U.K., the US will not follow the script, which I will discuss in “Part III: Resistance.”  In short, gun confiscation means major chaos is in the future for the US.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this is avoidable at this point so it is best to spend your time preparing.  Here is how you can expect it to play out.

The march toward total gun confiscation in the US has been a gradual one. It hasn’t been an easy fight and has been resisted the entire way by sensible Americans.  In fact, recently, the pro-gun lobby has won numerous major successes in court.  Nonetheless, today we are still standing on the edge of the gun ban cliff and looking into the abyss as a free nation.  Taking stock of the situation, we must recognize some hard facts working in favor of the elitist cabal dedicated to your total disarmament.  The ballot boxes have been stacked by illegitimate voters, the system to include judges and educators is now filled with Leftist operatives, the latest generation to come of age has been brainwashed to view all guns as evil, our population has lost its morality, and we no longer collectively view an armed populace as a necessary element of a free state.  As bad, the majority of our population is constantly is some state of drug induced mental paralysis whether by illegal drugs such as heroin and marijuana or legal drugs such as alcohol and anti-depressants.  This mass sedation makes the population far easier to manipulate, control, and ultimately convince to willingly enter oppression and slavery.  We are so close to a gun ban that if only a handful of seats change hands in the House and Senate an avalanche of new gun control legislation to include the UN’s Gun Ban Treaty will move forward.  Further, it is probable that even with a Republican controlled Congress they will still sell out their constituents and side with elitist interests by embracing gun control.  To illustrate this point, remember Mitt Romney had a far worse record of gun control than even Bill Clinton.  As such, don’t be surprised when another major “mass shooting” event is staged and used to justify the final push to ban firearms in the US irrespective of who “controls” Congress and sits in the White House.

When the order is given for Americans to disarm and turn in their weapons, it will come in phases just like it has occurred repeatedly in other countries. Read more

Peace with Iran will lead to war, but not why you think: Part 1

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, right, speaks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Geneva, Switzerland, in January. Kerry will meet again with Zarif this weekend in the Swiss capital as March deadline approaches. (Keystone/ Martial Trezzini/file/Associated Press)

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, right, speaks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Geneva, Switzerland, in January. Kerry will meet again with Zarif this weekend in the Swiss capital as March deadline approaches. (Keystone/ Martial Trezzini/file/Associated Press)

Over the last decade, I have produced many papers and articles analyzing events in the Middle East and their geopolitical impact for academia, commercial publications, think tanks, and government agencies.  I stand by my track record as one of the most prescient in the business.  To that end, predicting chaos in the Middle East has been easy, but combining the what (violence) with the who, when, why, and how are the far more demanding predictions.  One the worst case scenarios for a broad outbreak of violence in the Middle East has been the possibility of a major war between Israel and Iran.  This conflict would immediately go regional with the on-going proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia pulling in the remaining Middle Eastern countries.  Once it goes regional, it will be nearly impossible for the U.S., Europe, and Russia to remain on the sidelines.  I have described in detail how this would likely play out as well as how it could be prevented in previous posts (see a partial list below).  I am writing today again with a dire warning for anyone willing to listen.  The most recent events occurring across the Middle East are now signaling the worst case scenario of a major conflict with Iran will come to pass as I have previously predicted.  This first article discusses why war with Iran is unnecessary and must be avoided.  Part II will discuss why even with an Iranian deal, war is inevitable and the dire consequences we can expect.  Read more

Ebola Update: Obama Administration Carrying Out Bio-Terrorism inside the US

Ebola is now here.  I told you so.

Earlier this week I thought it was time to write a post alerting our readers to the fact the Obama Administration is intentionally spreading disease throughout the US and killing thousands.  By intentional, I meant it exactly.  The Administration has been mandating polices that they know will lead to the deaths of Americans, but our lives and security have been superseded by the needs of the Party.  In particular, I warned of how the failure to secure our borders would lead to the inevitable spread of a host of deadly diseases to America.  I also predicted the enterovirus would claim its first lives.  Sadly, both have now been confirmed.  I recommended that you stock up on your pandemic supplies and demand the borders to be secured.  I also would recommend reviewing that article if you haven’t read it, post it, and pass it on to friends and relative.…inside-the-usa/ Read more

Islamic extremism and what lies ahead? Part I: Iraq

Over the last few years, I have written many posts and provided consultation on the situation I predicted would materialize in the Middle East and North Africa as a result of US policy blunders.  In short, I predicted that our policies would lead to the creation of an even greater Islamist enemy that would destabilize the entire region and likely lead to a multi-front regional war for hegemonic dominance between Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.  I predicted we would be forced to recognize the Kurds, that Iraq would breakup and return to sectarian violence, that we would support false flag chemical attacks in Syria to try and ignite a war, and that our proxy army in Syria would back fire and become our worst enemy.  Further, I detailed how this conflict would continue to increase in intensity until it no longer was proxy war, but a direct full-fledged war between the belligerents with global implications.  As my previous analyses have come to pass and been proven accurate by current events down to the most specific details, it is time to expand and update what one can expect respective of the impact of Islamic extremism. Read more

Ebola: When to Act

Recently, many of our readers have become very concerned about the on-going Ebola outbreak that has spread across West Africa. In particular, they want to know if this disease is something to worry about and when and how they should hit the bug out button. The answers to these questions now are relatively simple, but as this disease evolves, possible contingencies may arise where one must be prepared to take more drastic measures.
To begin, Ebola is a fatal communicable disease where up to around 90% of patients die. This particular strain does not appear to be as fatal, but has spread over a much broader region. There is no known cure and treatment is generally limited to providing pain management and fluids. The disease is transmitted by close contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids that include sweat, vomit, and most likely saliva. It does appear possible that the disease has some persistence and items contaminated with infected body fluids can transmit the disease until sterilized or disinfected. Also, the virus can be transmitted from an infected corpse after the person has died making burial and handling of bodies very risky. At this time though, the disease is not airborne and effective precautions can be taken to mitigate the spread. Nonetheless, to date, over 100 health care workers that did take “proper precautions” have become ill with the disease and most have since died. Further, it is important to note that a virus by its design mutates to survive. It is possible that in a worst case scenario, Ebola could mutate to be an airborne virus. This would constitute a biological worst case scenario that would quickly become a worldwide pandemic. Still though, for the virus to rapidly spread, it doesn’t require it to be airborne. In an area like West Africa where diseases are already endemic, understanding of the disease is poor, and hygiene and health care services are inadequate, the disease is now spreading like wildfire. In fact, since the virus has made its way out of the jungles and into the cities, Ebola escaped our best chance to contain the virus and is now exponentially spreading.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has instructed the public not to worry and said that Ebola does not pose a threat to Americans. However, actions speak louder than words. The CDC declared a Level 1 health emergency, which is its highest threat level, making one wonder why the CDC would go on its highest state of alert if the public has “nothing to fear” as the government claims. Since then, a growing number of Americans are being tested for Ebola “symptoms,” but the government has not released the details of these possible cases even as the numbers grow. This leads one to conclude the government is trying to suppress the true danger of this disease to prevent panic all while hiding behind medical privacy. Further, other countries are taking Ebola very serious. Nigeria recently declared a state of emergency after at least five people in and around Lagos were confirmed to have Ebola and Sierra Leon and Liberia are deploying troops and closing borders. The World Health Organization has also declared the Ebola outbreak as out of control and declared it a health emergency. So, even if the CDC says not to worry, it is clear governments are very worried. In fact, when the government says stay calm and don’t panic, it is probably time to become worried.

Extremely worrisome is the fact it appears that the US government and CDC are trying to calm nerves with faux action designed more to prevent hurt feelings than to stop the spread of a deadly disease. Instead of closing down our borders and restricting travel to and from countries known to have active Ebola outbreaks, the US government announced it was only stepping up the screening of passengers for symptoms coming from countries in West Africa. Those that understand the disease should quickly realize the ridiculous ineffectiveness of this strategy. Specifically, the disease can take up to 21 days for a patient to become symptomatic after exposure to Ebola. Although a patient is only believed to be contagious while actively showing symptoms, the infected person could easily move through international airports around the world for weeks before any symptoms arise. This means individuals with Ebola could already be inside the US and easily pass through our ports of entry with the disease. Further, once here, it would likely be a number of days before an infected person sought medical help for their worsening symptoms that first present like any other bad flu. During this time, even one infected person could come into contact with thousands of other people and unknowingly infect many. As this disease spreads into the urban populations, it has the potential to quickly overwhelm medical facilities and fuel very real panic.
So to answer your questions, yes, Ebola is something you should worry about, but radical action at this time would be premature. I have read many articles that claim Ebola is being used to create panic and sell vaccines. These articles often seem to imply that because a pharmaceutical company may seek to profit off of this disease that somehow the disease is overblown or not a threat. This logic is plain stupid and although companies may indeed exploit this situation, it by no means mitigates the disease threat to you and your family. Ebola has not yet spread to the point that one should consider bugging out/in. However, after analyzing the spread of the disease in West African cities, it is clear the numbers of infected hit a critical tipping point approximately two weeks ago and is now exponentially spreading. As such, I predict with a high level of assurance that Ebola will begin to be confirmed in major cities around the globe over the next two weeks. As the cases are confirmed and patients are moved to quarantine in hospitals, a growing number of health care workers will contract Ebola. This will begin a cycle that could quickly strain the health care system if the disease is not contained within days from this post.

If Ebola breaks out in major cities around the world, as it now looks increasing likely, this is when you will need to start looking at a bug out/in option. Right now, if you have not done so, you should be stocking up on decontaminates like hydrogen peroxide and Clorox as well as medical grade masks, gloves, face shields, and gowns. These items will become nearly impossible to get once Ebola goes mainstream in major cities around the world. Note that these items alone will not protect you from Ebola contamination if you are in direct close contact with an infected patient, but they will give you some stand off and ability to decontaminate your own living spaces. For proper precautions against Ebola, one would need to be fully covered in duplicate full body suits and ideally have a totally contained suit with its own oxygen supply. Depending on how the outbreak develops, if it becomes clear hospitals in the US are receiving a growing number of Ebola patients, which almost definitely would correspond with a growing number of health care workers contracting the disease, it would be wise to go ahead and pull your kids from school and take a long term leave of absence from work. In short, this is when one should be ready to leave town.

My personal trip wire for bugging out parallels this logic, but is a tiered response. Specifically, as I monitor the disease outbreak, I initially self-segregate from others and highly populated areas as much as possible. This includes restricting my travel through major transportation hubs and completely avoiding large public gatherings. I also mandate constant hand washing and implement more severe disease mitigation strategies around my work and home. Further, I try to get what I can delivered to my house and do any residual necessary shopping when the fewest number of people are out, usually in the early morning or late evening. I also will not shake hands and forego any type of hugs or physical contact with others. If the disease spread worsens, I then close up shop and move all my operations to an offsite interim bug out location. This location is far safer, more secure, and requires only the most minimal contact with the outside, but one which is still in contact with my work, small town America, stores, and supplies if needed. If the disease outbreak moves to Middle America and continues to spread, I execute my full scale bug out contingency and lock down my retreat. Until the disease has a vaccine or burns itself out, I remain completely isolated from anyone that wasn’t a part of the initially quarantined group. This makes bugging in a poor choice for those located in urban areas where the disease spread will always be worse. If at all possible, remove yourself and your family/group to a remote bug out location and monitor the crisis safely from the radio, internet, and TV. Your guiding principles should be the sooner you leave the better and the fewer people you have contact with the safer. You also should not advertise your plans and destination, but rather use a viable cover story if necessary for work and school to explain the absence. Ultimately, each one of your situations is unique and will require a custom tailored response; however, always trust your good judgment and maintain a bias for action. Do not rely on the government to help you or to tell you when it is too late. Remember that when the government steps in, it will be because it is already too late and their mission is not to protect you, but rather, retain their control. This will almost certainly not work out well for you if your plan for survival relies on the government to save you so act now, the clock is ticking.

Stay safe and healthy,

Guiles Hendrik
August 8, 2014
All rights reserved.

Former Maryland Congressman Roscoe Bartlett Becomes a West Virginia Prepper

Following up on our article on prepper communities and West Virginia as the go-to location for preppers east of the Mississippi, it appears former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett agrees.  In fact he has left his more conservative constituency in western Maryland and headed for the mountains of West Virginia just as we recommended.  Congressman Bartlett has established a beautiful self-sufficient, off grid sanctuary any of us would be happy to have.  Whether you agree with Congressman Bartlett’s political actions, we can all agree he is right about his chosen style of living and opted out of our fragile grid and poisoned food supply.

Once again, West Virginia has proved a haven for preppers like none other.  Please join our growing communities and help us rebuild our nation from the ground up starting with West Virginia.

For more information:

By Guiles Hendrik

January 5, 2014

All rights reserved

Earthquakes on the Rise in Oklahoma: A new theory to explain seismic activity in areas once considered geologically stable.

Many of our readers have noticed and been tracking an uptick in the number of earthquakes in areas previously not known for seismic activity.  Oklahoma, in particular the Oklahoma City area, has been experiencing an unusually high number of quakes in recent years.  Many have speculated that fracking is causing these quakes.  However, fracking alone doesn’t appear to be a viable explanation because the quakes often happen where there is no fracking and where there is fracking no quakes occur.  Correlation isn’t necessarily causation, but in the case of fracking the evidence seems to directly contradict claims it causes earthquakes.  Seismologists agree that fracking can for the most part be ruled out as a cause of the quakes.  Nonetheless, scientists have been baffled by seismic activity in places like Oklahoma and are at a loss to explain what is going on.














After reviewing the information, I would like to propose an admittedly anecdotal theory.  Empirically speaking, it seems that there is a strong correlation between the quake concentrations and the Central Oklahoma aquifer, which has been significantly drawn down over the last few decades.  Theoretically speaking, major quakes have occurred along the New Madrid Fault due to the Earth’s crust rebounding after the glaciers receded in the last ice age.  Using this as a rough corollary, it is conceivable that as a major aquifer is emptied, a similar action may be occurring.  In fact, these quakes may be the result of the earth settling into voids created when the water is removed combined with the fact that billions of tons of water pressure have also been removed as the water has been pumped from the ground.  The combined effect has created tensions (or more specifically, released tensions) in the crust great enough to cause quakes as the crust resettles.

To further test this theory, one must look to other areas that have begun to recently experience seismic activity where historically it has been rare to nonexistent.  The recent 2011 DC earthquake centered near Charlottesville, Virginia may have also been due to similar causal mechanisms even though there are known faults that run through the area that have been quiet for centuries.  A closer look at the geology around the fast growing city of Charlottesville (much like the population of Oklahoma City) shows that its water is fed from a central aquifer not directly associated with other larger aquifers.  Like the Central Oklahoma Aquifer, Charlottesville seems to be sitting on more of an isolated underground lake than a river.  As such, both can be drawn down considerably with heavy water usage.  In fact, a reduction in the water level of Charlottesville may have also caused the large and unforeseen quake that shook much of Virginia and Washington, DC.  Note that this theory is not targeted at areas that are known for seismic activity due to other known causes such as volcanism and active faults.  It is however an attempt to explain why certain areas are suddenly having seismic activity.

Considering the above, one should ask the “so what” question.  Your answer to why you should care is that much of the construction in the United States is built to codes that do not take into account major seismic events due to the low frequency of their occurrence.  However, as we have briefly discussed, more and more areas are now experiencing earthquakes where none had previously occurred to any great scale.  This means that you may be living and working or your kids may be attending a school in a structure that isn’t designed to survive an earthquake.  If my theory is correct, more and more cities drawing directly from concentrated lake-like aquifers may experience new and continued quakes that could potentially damage and or destroy structures not designed to withstand the shaking of an earthquake.  If you have any concern, access the US Geological Survey’s aquifer maps online to determine if you do in fact live in one of these areas.  If so, earthquake preparedness may be something you want to consider more seriously.


By Guiles Hendrik

December 17, 2013

All rights reserved.

Government Announces Deployment of Orwellian “All Seeing Eye” Total Surveillance System over Washington

Today news widely broke that the Army will be deploying blimps over Washington, DC for what it claims is a pilot program for its missile defense system.  The high tech blimps are sophisticated stationary surveillance and targeting platforms known as the JLENS or specifically, the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System made by Raytheon Co.  The problem is that Washington is at most under a minimal threat if under any threat of a cruise missile attack at all.  Thus, one should question the true motives for installing a roughly $450 million surveillance system over DC.  Our analysts believe that the system’s true mission has little to do with air defense and everything to do with monitoring, surveilling, and recording the movements of individuals and vehicles in real time, around the clock, 365 days a year.

The JLENS consists of a pair of blimps.  One of the aerostats carries a powerful long-range surveillance radar with a 360-degree look-around capability that can reach out to 340 miles. The other carries a radar used for targeting.  Operating as high as 10,000 feet for up to 30 days at a time, JLENS is meant to give the military more time to detect and react to threats, including cruise missiles and manned and unmanned aircraft, compared with ground-based radar.  However, the system has more than one use and can carry a wide ranging payload of highly sophisticated surveillance equipment and weapons.  Its manufacturer says JLENS “enables commanders to defend against threats including hostile cruise missiles, low-flying manned and unmanned aircraft, tactical ballistic missiles, large caliber rockets and moving surface vehicles such as boats, SCUD-launchers, automobiles and tanks.”  The problem with this statement is that cruise missiles, tactical ballistic missiles, drones, and large caliber rockets pose no threat to DC and SCUD-missile launchers and tanks have never rolled down the streets of America.  Considering this, the last couple capabilities are of note; in particular, boats and automobiles.  In this small admission, you find the real use of these aerostats that will soon begin appearing all over the U.S.

Contrary to what the government claims, this Orwellian system has the combat proven capability to track, analyze, and record the movements of every single vehicle in and around the DC metropolitan area.  Similar systems have been used in Iraq and Afghanistan to identify, track, and kill insurgents and it is now being deployed above the streets of America.  This “All Seeing Eye” can map the ground and identify even the slightest changes to the terrain such as a footprint or tire track in a field.  It also can identify, track, and destroy targets from points far beyond DC to include areas from New York down to North Carolina.  In fact, not only can the system map and store the movements of your car, but it can zero in on your license plate and even your face.  Using facial recognition software and integrated search algorithms it can identify single individuals and unknowingly track them indefinitely through their day.  The detail of the camera and radar systems are so precise that one could clearly identify if an individual is openly carrying a firearm or peer into your windows to see what you are having for dinner.  In fact, using thermal and infrared sensors, the system is capable of actually seeing into your home and through foliage.  Acoustic sensors can be tuned to the point it can identify a single gunshot and locate its origin or allegedly even record a conversation 10,000 feet below using high tech directional microphones.  Integrating data, the system is capable of compiling mountains of data that can then be mined and used to construct entire daily routines of individuals without their knowledge.

In short, the JLENS provides the government with the ability to track, follow, and record your every move feasibly throughout your entire life.  Misused, this system can obliterate perceived Fourth Amendment protections in your home as its technical capabilities allow it to pierce the privacy of your home’s walls miles away and see inside and listen to your conversations.  Further, in the wrong hands, the information this system gathers can be used for a host of draconian purposes to harass political dissidents in manners far worse than witnessed with the on-going IRS scandal.  This all raises serious civil liberty and privacy issues that must be addressed.  No court would allow the government to set up a thermal camera to persistently look into your home and record conversations spoken in private with sensitive equipment without probable cause and a warrant sworn before a judge, but this is EXACTLY what this system can and will do to every single household and person within thousands of square miles around the blimps location.  The government knows this and so is blatantly lying to the public about the JLENS’s true purpose.  The government wants the blimps in place across the US before the public realizes what is going on.  The government is in a full scale false information campaign to desensitize the public to this level of “total” surveillance.  Not since Orwell’s prescient novel has the US come so close to a total surveillance state, but fiction is now fact.

Please contact your representatives and demand that JLENS be scrapped and funding for the unnecessary system be cut.  Express your outrage and spread the word about what JLENS really is being used for.  Get on talk shows, blog, and write to your local papers about the system’s true capabilities.  The US doesn’t need to be spending a half “b”illion in your tax dollars to watch your every move. Resist the surveillance state now before it is too late!


By Guiles Hendrik

July 26, 2013

All rights reserved


For more reading:

Failure in Afghanistan Slowly Creeps into National Dialogue

With little fanfare, media hype, or public outcry the inevitable conclusion that the War in Afghanistan is a failure has begun to take root in the public as well as political psyche.  Slowly but surely the media has quietly, but definitely begun to write the closing chapters on one of the greatest American foreign policy disasters since Vietnam.  Perhaps this quiet acquiescence is the result of media bias and its gross protectionist agenda for President Obama or perhaps this is simply the last whimpers of a nation overcome and war weary.

On March 19th, Afghanistan’s presidential spokesman Aimal Faizi adequately described the state of the NATO-led military operation in the country as “aimless and unwise.”  He specifically said, “The people of Afghanistan ask NATO to define the purpose and aim of the so-called war on terror… (They) consider this war as aimless and unwise to continue.”  Both the American war fighters and the Afghans have known this fact for years.  It now appears that only our senior policy makers are left believing their own propaganda as they tenaciously try to divert criticism from their own failed strategies and policies just long enough to retire or blame someone else.  It is worth noting that pundits will still correlate the daily “defeat” of the Taliban on the battlefield with victory in Afghanistan.  These grossly false conclusions should serve to fully discredit whoever was dumb enough to make the statement.  Just as in Vietnam for the U.S. and in Afghanistan for the Soviets, simple defeat of the insurgent on the battlefield is not enough to win the war.  Over the years we have written profusely about this reality to include directly indicting the failure of then General Petraeus’ counterinsurgency strategy.  Specifically, we identified the failure of the strategy to remove sanctuary and or secure the border, which even a basic knowledge of insurgent warfare shows is the absolute key essential to winning a cross-border, state supported insurgency such as we are fighting in Afghanistan.

Only in hindsight will the true magnitude of the United States’ defeat in Afghanistan be realized.  What can be assured is that by the oldest historical metric of victory in warfare, the force that holds the ground at the end of the day has won, the U.S. has lost.  There is no doubt that the Taliban is in firm control of not just some, but more of Afghanistan than before the U.S. invasion.  In fact, the Taliban have even extended control throughout regions that the “Northern Alliance” formerly controlled and the pseudo-experts like David Kilcullen deemed “immune.”  This includes expanding across the border into Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.  Further, Pakistan has continued to allow sanctuary and provide covert support to the Taliban unabated by drone strikes and bolstered by U.S. foreign aid, which all but assures the imminent overthrow of Karzai’s puppet regime in Kabul.

As NATO shutters its operations and begins its long overdue pullout the costs are immense and are only now beginning to be counted.  Thousands of dead and wounded, incalculable numbers of broken families, trillions of dollars in un-repayable debt, economic devastation, obliteration of national prestige, and the massive growth and spread of radical Islamism are just the highlights.  Our performance in Afghanistan has been so dismal, one could make a legitimate argument that if the U.S. had done absolutely nothing after 9/11 as compared to over a decade of warfare, the U.S. would be in a better strategic position today.  The trillions of dollars dedicated to our high tech military supremacy simply was not enough to overcome even the lowest level of military threats and is due almost exclusively to the intellectual dereliction of our policy makers and poor leadership.

If this has taught us nothing else, it should serve as a stark warning against future intervention in places like Mali, Somalia, Libya, and Syria and most certainly, a full blown war with Iran or North Korea.  Further, it serves as a reminder of how futile spending money on equipment and weapons is if there isn’t the leadership capable of designing and implementing effective strategic policy.  If the U.S. fails to heed these warnings, the U.S. will find itself embroiled in another strategic disaster before the end of 2013.  Eerily similar to the lead-up to the Soviet defeat and withdrawal from Afghanistan, the U.S. finds itself bankrupt and dangerously strategically overextended on the eve of its retreat from Afghanistan in 2014.  If the U.S. falls victim in its weakened state to another war and policy disaster, it could spell at minimum, the economic collapse of the U.S.

See the below articles for further references to the U.S. failure in Afghanistan:,3


By Guiles Hendrik

Nuclear Leak Threatens Residents of Washington State

Federal and state officials have announced that six tanks holding toxic radioactive waste have been found to be leaking at Washington’s Hanford Nuclear Reservation.  Officials stressed that the leaks posed no immediate threat to public safety or the environment.  However, past experience proves that when the government “assures” you there is no threat, it is time for alarm.  LMS reports on the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster have repeatedly shown that both the Japanese and US governments have understated the threat and as a result, needlessly exposed millions to high levels of radioactive contamination.  In the case of the current leak in Washington State, the official statements immediately fall under suspicion when one considers the idea that officials stated the leak poses no threat to the environment.  Really?  Radioactive toxic waste seeping into the ground for years is good for the environment?  Just what amount is okay then?  For example, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards, simply splashing some gasoline on the ground when fueling your car is enough to warrant a hazardous material response, but radioactive toxic waste poses “no threat” because their monitoring wells haven’t registered the leaks.  In fact, the EPA regularly fines military bases millions of dollars for infractions as small as allowing a few drops of oil to fall on the ground when changing the oil on truck and tanks.  The government’s official statements simply do not meet even the most basic bars of common sense.

To better understand the danger to the public it is necessary to discuss the history of the facility.  The Hanford facility was built by the government at the height of World War II as part of the Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb.  The facility produced plutonium for America’s nuclear weapons arsenal.  Today, it is the most contaminated nuclear site in the country with Washington’s Tri-Cities of Richland, Kennewick and Pasco only several miles downriver.  Ominously, Hanford’s tanks hold some 53 million gallons of highly radioactive waste that are known to have leaked in the past and clearly are still leaking.   In fact, an estimated one million gallons of radioactive liquid have already leaked from the facility.  Part of the problem is that Hanford’s containment tanks are long past their intended 20-year life span — raising concerns that even more tanks could be leaking.  The government’s “clean-up” efforts have experienced massive delays and cost overruns so waste has been left in the leaking tanks longer than planned.  As such, one must expect the leaks to get worse, not better.  What’s worse is that once this radioactive material escapes into the ground, it WILL eventually make its way through the aquifer to populated areas and poison people.  One would have to be extremely ignorant of radioactive material to believe that this material, which takes thousands of years or more to become “safe,” would somehow pose “no” danger to the environment or public.

Considering the above, anyone living in Washington’s Tri-Cities is legitimately in danger, whether now or in the near future.  Further, anyone drinking the water from municipal sources or the aquifer in that area could be at risk right now of exposure to a host of toxic and radioactive chemicals known to cause a broad spectrum of deadly health issues to include cancers and birth defects.  If you or your family currently lives in the vicinity of the Hanford facility, you should consider relocating to a much more distant area.  Testing may or may not be accurate.  Further, tests will not provide sufficient warning of contamination since consumption of the toxic or radioactive materials in even minute doses could cause serious harm to your health.  At that point, it is too late.  Even worse, these materials can travel for very long distances through deep underground aquifers bypassing test wells and appear in areas believed to be completely disconnected from the Hanford facility.

You simply cannot trust the government to provide truthful information about a radiation leak that potentially could leave the government liable for billions of dollars in damages.  Supporting this argument is the Marine Corps three decades long denial of the blatant contamination of the water table with aircraft fuel around New River Air Station in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  This contamination has led to the deaths, illnesses, and birth defects of thousands of Marines and their families stationed there during the 1960’s and 70’s.  Although the evidence of the contaminated water causing illness and disease was overwhelming, it wasn’t until 2012 that the Marine Corps was forced to admit responsibility.  Although far from an isolated incident, this was exceptionally egregious because the Marine Corps touts how well it takes care of its Marines.  It holds itself to the highest levels of integrity, but in practice it wasn’t a bit dissuaded from covering up the contamination to protect it from liability, while Marines and their children died from horrible blood cancers.

Readers must understand that the past precedent set by governments is overwhelming stacked toward placing the public at risk to protect the institution.  Even the shortest of internet searches will yield millions of hits related to government and industrial contamination cover-ups at the public’s expense.  LMS does not seek to spread alarmist rumors, but we feel it is our duty to report to our readers information that potentially places them in danger.  It is then up to the reader to evaluate the information based on their own situation and assess whether or not further action is warranted.  In the case of the on-going leak and contamination at the Hanford facility, there should be little doubt that this situation will only grow worse and will eventually harm the local population.




Gear Review: The Esbit Pocket Stove…Not Your Cold Weather Friend

The Esbit Stove is a light weight, collapsible, tablet powered backpacking stove.
At a mere 3.25 ounces and not much bigger than a deck of cards, the Esbit Pocket Stove is hard to ignore. Also, it’s relatively cheap price of around $15 makes it far more palatable than most of the $50+ stoves available.

It almost sounds too good to be true. This is because it IS too good to be true. If you are camping or backpacking in fair weather for fun then this stove is a good option. Unfortunately, if you find yourself being a last-minute survivor (hint hint) you should consider using this stove as a paper weight, regift, or barter item.

Although it shines in the size, weight, and price departments it will disappoint you in cold weather. I took the Esbit Pocket Stove on my most recent backpacking trip. After carrying a 45 lb. pack across 10 miles of rugged terrain, I sat down and set up to boil some water. The MRE’s issued to me in the past spoiled me rotten in the hot food department. It was easy back then. Just add water, literally. Not so this time friends! With the temperature at 40 degrees F and dropping fast, the Esbit Pocket Stove was unable to reliably provide the boiling water needed to rehydrate my freeze-dried backpacking meals. Pundits hush! Yes! I did use a wind screen! Sadly, the hot water I did end up with didn’t have the energy needed to bring my Mountain House dinner to full flavor. Adding insult to injury would be my fellow backpackers using isobutane/propane mini-stoves. These fancy contraptions allowed them to prepare their dinners and make coffee before I even had hot water.

The bottom line…
Although the Esbit Pocket stove might be cute, it simply won’t cut it in cold weather. Don’t buy it if you want anything more than somewhat hot water. In regards to preparedness, a fuel canister stove is not a good option either. A grid down situation won’t allow for a drive to the local REI to stock up on fuel canisters. As usual we have no silver bullet solution to last-minute survival stoves. Our best bet is to use what we have at hand. Rocket stoves, mentioned earlier on LMS, are a great solution. If you find yourself wanting something a bit prettier then check out the Vargo wood burning backpacking stove. Just add sticks, twigs, and a lit match. Doesn’t that K.I.S.S. rule keep sneaking up on you?

SGT. G, LMS Contributor

US Diplomatic Core Massacred in Libya

Massive Libyan Mob Sacks US Diplomatic Posts in Libya

Headlines today have carried graphic footage and accounts of the chaos in Libya resulting in the death of the US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and at least three other Americans.  Piecing together what transpired is still in the initial stages, but a review of the known evidence is telling.

First, two of the Americans killed were highly trained members of the Diplomatic Security Service and an unknown number wounded.  Although details of whether they were Security Protective Specialists (SPS) or Special Agents remains unknown, these security officers typically have over a decade of law enforcement and military expertise with elite special forces units and combat experience.  Their deaths show beyond any doubt that the retaking of the compound was intense, high level combat against a well-armed and coordinated enemy.  The firefight included enemy use of heavy weapons such as rocket-propelled-grenades (RPGs), machine guns, improvised explosive devices, and potentially even mortars and raged for hours.  These are not weapons of a mob, but of a well armed military or terrorist faction.  Only a large, well-organized group enjoying at least partial support from the local government in major urban centers of Libya could have accomplished this.

Next, the fact that both the US diplomatic enclaves were attacked in a near simultaneous fashion by large  groups (in the hundreds) that sent the local security fleeing and the Americans at the mercy of the mob screams of a coordinated attack plan.  American embassies are hardened to resist these type attacks, but it is clear that the defenses were breached and not designed for the threat level required for a country like Libya.  Nonetheless, only through prior intelligence, surveillance, and heavy weapons would this still have been possible to this degree as security enhancements had been added.  Small arms simply are not sufficient overwhelm the defenses of a U.S. embassy or consulate.

Motives for these attacks have been primarily linked to a video allegedly portraying the Prophet Muhammad in a negative light; however, a more likely motive is available.  Al Qaeda’s leader, Ayman al Zawahiri in a video released to his Al Qaeda affiliates on September 11, 2012 urged revenge attacks against Americans for the drone killing of Abu al-Libi.  Abu al-Libi, as his name suggests, was a Libyan and leader of Al Qaeda cells.  Many of his fellow jihadist fighters were active participants in the violent overthrow and murder of the former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.  Further, members of Ansar al Sharia, a known Libyan political organization that has been widely considered the Libyan arm of Al Qaeda, was witnessed at the scene of the massacres.  Note that Ansar al Sharia is an organization that Gaddafi tried to suppress before the U.S began providing its members support to overthrow Gaddafi.  Ambassador Stevens was a vocal supporter of this action to arm known former and current jihadists.

Collectively looking at the picture, it is clear White House statements suggesting this was a small, uncoordinated, non-representive cadre of thugs are simply untrue.  Further, it appears that jumping to blame a video made in a free country that protects free speech is grossly reactionary and premature.  In fact, it appear now that the immediate use of this explanation may be done for political reasons to spin attention from the fact that a very real Al Qaeda threat has been created in Libya by a deliberate, yet ill-conceived plan by the White House.

From a security perspective, it is clear the U.S. Embassy in Libya was not prepared and significantly underestimated the threat.  From a manpower perspective, it is the host nation’s responsiblity to protect foreign diplomats, but common sense should dictate a robust security staff for any high-threat country like Libya.  More “shooters” would likely have repulsed the attack and saved the Ambassador and other Americans.  Further, accepting the risk of using a temporary building rather than a purpose-built embassy that incorporated the latest security and defensive measures in a high-threat nation was a critical failure.  Warnings about the poor state of security readiness have been raised for years and were not implemented in a timely fashion.  The decision to stay in a soft compound approaches reckless and stupid since the country threat was known to be high.  Not only is it still not stable and internecine post-revolution violence continues, but a bomb was planted in front of the US Consulate in June that detonated wounding a local guard.

On the intelligence front, the CIA and Department of State threat intelligence organizations failed to effectively warn of this impending storm.  This is the second massive failure in as many weeks.  The previous weekend a US Consulate Peshawar motorcade was obliterated in a vehicle borne suicide bombing attack in Pakistan resulting in the wounding of two outstanding and highly experienced American security specialists.

All of this points to the single responsible person, the ambassador.  The ambassador is charged with the ultimate care and safety of all United States citizens in his country and as such, this disaster is a direct result of his leadership and guidance.  Much like a ship’s captain going down with the ship, Ambassador Stevens went down with his ship.  Sadly, Ambassador Stevens appears to have been a dedicated, well-liked, and highly educated diplomat, but failed to recognize the difference between the ground truth and ideological concepts.  For this, he and at least three other Americans unnecessarily paid the ultimate price.


Say No to TSA “Chatdowns”

Steve Gunn’s article on his experience being unconstitutionally (that means illegally) targeted by TSA is one of many.  Fortunately, he wasn’t intimidated and stuck up for himself.  However, standing up for yourself against bullies, at least initially, always draws even greater harassment by the blue suited goons.  All Americans need to stand up to this tyranny and broadly push back against the trashing of our 4th Amendment protections.

Like Steve, one of our staff writers had a similar experience recently flying out of Dulles Airport.  It was approximately a month ago during the heat wave in DC when temperatures soared to near 110 degrees.  Our writer had just arrived into the security screening area after carrying heavy luggage from the long-term parking and negotiating a tedious check in.  Naturally, he was sweating and apparently, sweating is a threat indicator for TSA since he soon found himself approached and being questioned by a simpleton wearing a TSA uniform.  TSA’s brainiac began the conversation with “so I noted you are sweating.  Why would you be sweating.”  Our writer promptly fired back with “have you been outside today?  It is 110 degrees!”  Looking dumbfounded, the TSA person began to give reasons why he needed to question our writer for sweating…none of them made any sense.  Our writer pointed out that it was absurd and useless to use that as an indicator on a hot day when literally everyone was pouring with sweat.  He also asked why he, a clean-cut, well dressed, middle-aged caucasian was singled out.  The TSA person never answered his questions and our writer was soon given a full pat down and swab.  After clearing this screening, he was released on his way after a 15 minute unnecessary delay.  Nonetheless, if everyone “opted out,” TSA would be forced to change its ways or cause total gridlock at the airports.  We hope our readers will take these examples, not be intimidated, and just say no.  Stand up for yourself, your rights, and demand your lawmakers and airlines act to protect your freedoms against invasive unconstitutional government actions.

Gun Control Laws Utterly Fail to Prevent Crime in Chicago

In just one more example of how gun control doesn’t work.  Chicago, a city with near complete,unconstitutional gun control has some of the worst gun violence in the country.  In spite of this, the city’s mayor still refuses to loosen gun regulations.  In effect this forces millions of innocent Chicago residents to live in fear around the clock.  As the city’s murder statistics show, the city is completely unable to deal with the crime and protect innocent lives.  It’s time Chicago’s mayor does something and allow citizens to stop living in fear and legally defend themselves.  Demand Chicago relax its gun control laws now…after all, it can’t get any worse Rahm!,0,49779.story


Senior DOD Officer Uses Small Wars Journal to Test Public Response to Domestic Use of Military Force

The Washington Times has a nice summary of the garbage published by the Small Wars Journal (SJA):

For those that don’t know the story, a senior militar officer teamed up with a historian recently to publish an article detailing how the US military could be used to conduct combat operations against Americans.  The fact that the Pentagon brass is wasting their time wargaming scenarios for the domestic use of military force means it is absolutely on their agenda and is chilling. It is disturbing colonels are more concerned with turning guns on Americans than say the North Koreans.  The fact the writers used the “Tea Party,” a group that has never committed a single act of violence or suggested one is very telling.  Instead of using a more likely scenario such as a region of the south-west breaks away and claims it is now a part of Mexico or some left-wing eco-terrorists take over an area, they intentionally chose to fabricate and perpetuate a political storyline and stereotype.  What’s worse is that the underlying cause for the use of military force is a citizens revolt against the excesses of a tyrannical government and the military’s answer seems to default to brutally cracking down on it.  This is ironic in light of how our media has painted the peoples’ wars against dictators in Egypt, Libya, and Syria as just and worthy of our military’s support.  It would appear then that our military now serves to topple foreign dictators for freedom except when it’s the United States government in question.  There should be no doubt that this article was submitted to test the acceptance level within the military ranks to the idea of conducting offensive combat operations against Americans.

As I read this article in the SWJ, one obvious conclusion became apparent about the senior DoD thinkers.  Specifically, the brass apparently has learned NOTHING from the last decade of fighting insurgencies around the globe.  Even the suggestion the proper course of action to deal with civil disorder should be a full military combat operation is absurd.  It is probably the worst course of action unless you want to spark a full civil war or at least a full-blown insurgency.  Apparently, the generals think it wise to try to promote jobs and build infrastructure in Afghanistan to overcome and insurgency, but in their backyard, the answer is to shoot our citizens now.

The authors also seem to disregard the impact of a well armed American population and that the military still has plenty of independent people who will not follow orders and bear allegiance to the “continuity of government” and instead, keep their oath to the “Constitution” and to protect this country from all enemies, foreign and “domestic.”  One should note a subtle but important distinction between enlisted and officer oaths.  The enlisted are sworn to follow orders, but the officers are not and in fact have an explicit duty not to follow unlawful orders.  Usurpers and tyrants are the historical enemies of Americans…NOT the people.  Anyone that tries to pervert that concept and flip it on its head is the enemy Colonel!

If the order is given to attack citizens, the military will fracture…and thankfully so.  Some will no doubt say aye aye and pull the trigger.  Those brainless idiots will not only sign their own death warrants, but guarantee the implosion of our once great nation.  Turning the U.S. military on the civilian population would cause some units to defect completely…many of them will be of your best trained and equipped fighters to include many of your special operations forces, officers, and pilots, which are almost exclusively a club of educated, highly motivated, well-informed, men with conservative views.  If given the order, the military will most likely initially go along with the plan and then fracture once American citizens start to be killed.  Even some of our best cyber geeks have a near anarchist streak in them that suggest the government’s plan to spy on an insurgency also run quickly into problems.  The cyber spying will initially work, but soon will alienate many and morph into the insurgency spying on the government spying on them.  This is the evolution you see again and again in insurgencies from around the world.  The defections of senior Syrian leaders is just one example of this in contemporary times.  It’s easy to use your military against other nations and peoples, but much more difficult when used domestically and the soldiers realize their brother, mother, or friend is the one that is in a detention facility, cordoned town, or shot dead by an 18-year-old that was told he was doing what was necessary to maintain continuity of government.

You should have no doubt that if the brass are writing on this from the war colleges, they are seriously contemplating the action.  A dedication of professional time to it alone constitutes a traitorous act of sedition from within the military, but in practice is an undoubted litmus test for the readiness of the military to turns its guns on the homeland.  The officer corps needs to be cognizant of this treachery and collectively and intellectually make it well-known that in no way shape or form would they consent to these actions as acceptable or legal and would not follow any orders of the such as they are illegal and illegitimate.  This needs to transcend to operations policy and plans as well as down to the doctrine at the tactical level.  Unless our officers educate our 18 year olds that their Constitutional oath does not cover killing Americans to protect a regime…in fact the exact opposite, they have failed in their responsibilities.

As War Casualties Persist, US War in Afghanistan Becomes Strategic Failure

Wounded Soldier in Afghanistan

Today’s headlines once again announce the death of another 7 Americans in Afghanistan and as many more local nationals.

These Americans that died were no ordinary people, but elite special forces advisors, a foreign service officer, and battalion level staff officers and a senior non-commissioned officer. The special forces advisors were killed by the Afghans they were training, the USAID foreign service officer by a roadside bomb, and the majors and a sergeant major by a man wearing a suicide vest. These deaths sadly highlight the spectrum of how little we have accomplished with our trillions of dollars spent over the last decade plus of war. As a veteran of this conflict, it pains me to admit the obvious. The Afghanistan War’s indecisive stalemate can only be honestly described as a strategic defeat for the United States. Simply put, we never had the leadership, will, or strategy to effectively prosecute and win this war. Those still drunk on the Administration’s Kool-Aid will vehemently disagree, but they wouldn’t dare walk from Kandahar to Asadabad with any expectation of survival The reality on the ground is simple. The army left holding the ground is the victory. This army is the Taliban as we retreat out of Afghanistan. Our policy of building a forward operating base, so we can clear the routes to it of improvised bombs, so we can bring supplies to the base, so we can clear routes to it of improvised bombs….etc. etc. etc., has become the quintessential example of the futility of this war and the utter lack of a viable, winning strategy.

Making these statements requires some justification and history so allow me to recap the last few years of the war. As General McChrystal was unceremoniously dismissed and replaced by the much lauded General Petraeus in June of 2010 the media cheered as the savior of Afghanistan had arrived. This is ironic as much of the failing counterinsurgency (COIN) strategy that McChrystal tried so hard to implement was directly from the play book of Petraeus. Nonetheless, General Petraeus wasted no time installing his public relations machinery and implementing “his” counterinsurgency strategy. To begin, he had to spin the much hyped, “government in a box” that had already proved to be better on paper than in practice. The battle for Marjah was the center piece of this strategy and was far from going well. In fact, the Taliban had simply done what guerilla fighters do and quietly dispersed into the surrounding areas and then reconstituted where NATO forces were now spread thin as a result of concentrating troops in Helmand Province. This situation caused a near immediate destabilization of surrounding regions once considered “immunized” in the words of David Kilcullen, who had been the “COIN Whisperer” at the General’s side for most of the war.

Unfortunately, for the troops on the ground and the Afghan people, Kilcullen should have spent more time in actual combat instead of analyzing peacekeeping operations with staff officers. Further, contrary to how Kilcullen inflates or perhaps distorts his record, ridealongs in Afghanistan and Iraq don’t count as combat as any veteran will tell you. Not surprisingly, the war in Afghanistan has continued to drag on without any decisive outcome irrespective of the great General Petraeus’ intervention. As the bodies and bills piled up though for the United States, Kilcullen and Petraeus continued to rake in the fame as the ground truth in Afghanistan was whitewashed from the public. In fact, casualties hit record numbers during Petraeus’ tenure. Even worse, Americans were being told with celebration how the Afghans had taken control of greater and greater areas. However, what was actually going on would have been more honestly stated as handing over territory we couldn’t control to the Taliban. Even Petraeus’ premium placed on training the Afghan army and police was an abysmal failure. According to a recent GAO study, barely 10% of the Afghan units are mission capable even to this day and this is only after the Defense Department had to redefine the definition of a “capable” unit as “independent with advisors” that could call for support. Considering that our advisors are going home and the only support that 10% can call on will be the 90% incapable of independent operation, the outlook for Afghanistan looks bleak. This is especially true when you consider the Taliban has done just fine surviving the onslaught of the most powerful military in this world’s history without advisors or support! This is the same game plan the Soviets laid out to cover their retreat and it will end no differently.

Seeing the writing on the wall, the prescient political general skipped town with his entourage to takeover as the Director of the CIA leaving an indecisive mess to blame on his predecessors that looks worse now than it did in 2001. In speaking with senior policy makers involved in the war strategy, I was told that the people working this were “brilliant and trying very hard” as if that made up for the thousands of dead and wounded in vain. I was also told there were “no good solutions” as if their inability to develop a working strategy was accented by an elitist mentality that assumed no one else was capable since they failed. In the world of business, that type of answer usually gets one fired and replaced with someone who can do the job rather quickly…not so for the U.S. Government. What’s worse is that even when confronted with hard facts the senior officials change the subject and refuse to acknowledge the reality, seemingly disappearing into their own make believe worlds for comfort. For example, why we didn’t secure the Afghanistan-Pakistan border? Many studies have been done proving a COIN strategy focused on border security vice training and advising would have been quick, simple, and effective saving countless lives and dollars. Further, border security is the only strategy with a rock-solid, proven historical precedent for delivering decisive gains against cross-border insurgencies like we are fighting in Afghanistan. Training and advising have never shown to provide decisive strategic outcomes against this type of insurgency as any well read historian would quickly realize, but this glaring fact was seemingly missed by the “brilliant” folks in charge.

This brings us back to the gut wrenching reality of the seven dead Americans that this Administration desperately wants to make inconsequential when in reality, it represents everything. This “everything is fine” whitewash till the November election is a blatant insult to the duty and lives of those dead. Our political leaders are made up of two types. The idiots that are drinking the Kool-Aid and actually believe we have accomplished something in Afghanistan and the liars that are mixing the Kool-Aid. To help you see through the smoke screen ask some hard questions that I have repeatedly pointed out year after year. “If,” the Taliban were so bad we had to declare them terrorists and dive headfirst into a decade long war costing trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of wounded and killed, then how can we now pull out when they are more powerful, more numerous, and control more territory than they did in 2001? For those die-hard Kool-Aid drinkers, if you think the government has returned peace and order to Afghanistan, you are welcome to test your theory personally. Go buy a ticket and have a fun time walking cross-country as an American tourist…just make sure you name me in your government life insurance plan before you go! On the other hand, if in fact, the Taliban are not really that big of a threat after all and can be left alone, then how can we justify the war was ever necessary in the first place? Simple logic will tell you someone is lying to the American people AGAIN. Using the previous quoted retort from a senior policy maker, there is not a good answer to either question. Either A, they were a threat and will remain an even greater threat after our pull out or B, they never were a threat and the post 9/11 wars were nothing but a sham for the biggest power grab ever by our government, erosion of your civil liberties and rights to next to nothing, and the enrichment of a very few. So I ask, which is it?