Small Survival Cache Tube

Small Survival Cache Tube

Protect Your Valuables: Survival Cache Tubes


Last Minute Survival is proud to offer its own line of small and large cache tubes.  These tubes are designed to store a host of items in watertight container suitable for being buried long-term and are reusable.  Our cache tubes have no metal so will not corrode, rust, or produce a “hit” from a metal detector.

Large cache tubes are approximately 60 inches long with a diameter of 6 inches.  Small cache tubes are approximately 25 inches with a diameter of 4 inches. You can order your tube in one of three colors: flat black, olive drab, or matte brown

When storing items in a cache tube that may corrode, we recommend that they parts be greased, bagged, and stored in a tube with an effective desiccant.  Further, we recommend using silicone thread tape or non-hardening pipe joint compound on the cache tube’s threaded opening plug before sealing the cache tube to prevent water or moisture intrusion.  Although we test each tube for being watertight, we do not recommend cache tubes be submerged in water or constantly wet ground.

To order, please send request to and state the size, number, and color of the LMS Survival Cache Tube(s) and your mailing address to calculate shipping costs.

Large cache tubes are $75.00 plus shipping and handling.  Small cache tubes are $65.00 plus shipping and handling.  We currently accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Check, Silver, and PayPal.



Please Note: Last Minute Survival accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged items stored in our cache tubes.  The buyer is solely responsible for materials stored within the cache tubes. 

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