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Irony of the Day: Why Leftist opinions don’t matter and how to fight back

Few people are more vocal and utterly driven by blind ideology than the adherents to leftist ideologies  By leftist I generally umbrella anyone ascribing to communist, socialist, fascist, or other “progressive” ideologies even though in a purest political science realm we could debate over the semantics.  At no point is logic or even historical precedence, respective of the validity of their political arguments, allowed to enter into their conscious understanding of the world.  Their world is a nonsensical false utopia based on long ago debunked political alchemy and universal truths cannot be entertained.  Their world is one of emotional opinion based on the manipulation of the facts and reality as it stands.  These leftist ideologies have led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people globally and are unmatched in their totalitarian brutality, yet both academia and the masses spout this vile rhetoric.  These facts are inescapable to the unbiased student of political science.  The left’s ideological war must be countered because it is poison to a free society.  As such, I want to take a moment to point out one of the most glaring, ironic, hypocrisies of the left.    Read more

Why the Time is Right for Independent Political Parties to Rise in the United States


Greek rioters clash with government forces

We have all probably heard the common retort from the brainwashed about how you will waste your vote if you don’t vote for a Democrat or Republican candidate.  However, now more than ever, your future depends on breaking with the elite establishment politics that have destroyed our once free Republic.  Neither a vote for Romney nor a vote for Obama will result in substantive change to our government as both will ultimately lead America to both domestic and international ruin.  Yes, it is safe to say a vote for Gary Johnson or another independent candidate will not result in a victory this round, but it sends a clear message to the establishment that the time for change is here.  Either the establishment gets on board and adopts real policy change or their days of control are numbered.  No matter whether they ignore the independent “majority” voice of Americans or not, they will soon be swept from power.  This much in inevitable.

Why am I so confident?  It is because history has provided us with a very strong lineage of case studies from both contemporary and past perspectives.  To simply break down this progression of the destruction of the old political order and the emergence of the new one, a rather obvious theme is present.  That theme is the rapid decline in the relative quality of life of the people of a nation.   This has often been associated with economic decline, wars, and repeated large-scale natural disasters including disease and famine whether independently or combined.  The result of any or all of these shocks to a society appears to be a complete loss of faith with the established ruling elite and break towards new ideas, solutions, and leadership for better or worse.  Note that I state “for better or worse.”  It is true that some breaks from European monarchy and the Catholic Church may be perceived by many as costly and bloody, but ultimately worthwhile; however, more often than not we have seen this break toward radical ideologies or dictators promising a return of stability.  Since the early 20th century this has ushered in the age of communism and socialism, and most recently, the return of religious extremism.  The deaths of hundreds of millions of people resulted from these new radical governments led by the likes of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.  Most recently, we have seen a new wave of Islamism spreading across the globe and infecting countries like Libya, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq that have led to an increasing number of deaths of innocent civilians as entire regions are being ethnically cleansed of various religious minorities such as Christians, black Africans (Libya), or foreigners.  Europe in particular has witnessed a right-wing, xenophobic resurgence as well as a rise in secessionist movements that threaten to leave Western Europe aflame.

What does this have to do with me, one may ask?  Well, if you are paying attention, you will be acutely aware of the impending financial collapse of the global economic system and the likely default of the United States barring extreme fiscal austerity measures like what are currently being implemented across Europe.  Since that is soon to come to America (think fiscal cliff), you might want to consider how that austerity is working out for Europeans.  In short, it isn’t.  Massive protests from London to Greece have left these countries in a perpetual state of riot as the living conditions and quality of life plummet across Western Europe barring for the most part Scandinavia.  Athens in particular is burning, jobless rates are unprecedented, and there is zero hope of a turnaround anywhere in sight.  As a result, we have seen a dramatic rise in extremist political parties from the left and right in Europe that previously enjoyed little to no support in their respective countries.  If you see a resemblance here to the failure of Weimar Germany and the rise of the National Socialists (Hitler), you may quickly understand why this could be a problem for us at home.

As the living conditions in the US continue to deteriorate and it becomes clear no real recovery on “Main Street” has or will take hold, the reality of the situation will hit Americans both in the pocket books and stomachs.  As this worsens, people will turn to the streets in mass protests and seek new alternatives to our failed political party system, just as in Europe.  The “fringe” and independent parties that maintained their organizational structure through the rough days will soon find out that business is booming and their numbers of supporters rapidly growing.  Parties that previously didn’t even exist will sprout up.  Both the Democrats and Republicans will find their numbers, power, and influence rapidly decreasing.  This tipping point will be the moment when Americans find themselves at a crucial crossroads of ruin or prosperity.  One path leads almost assuredly to totalitarian control, destruction of freedom and liberty, and a lifestyle of slavery.  The other path will lead to a return of America’s greatness, liberties and freedoms, a healthy economy, fiscal discipline, and improving quality of life.

Sadly, the easy path, the path that appeals to the masses, the path that proclaims to provide an ever increasing bounty for free, the path that promises everyone everything is also the path of destruction.  This path has been walked many times by foolish and lazy subjects that believed the government could and would provide them everything and it only led to their death and enslavement at the hands of Marxist and Socialist regimes.  The second path, a path of responsibility that appears rocky and difficult is a path that leads to renewed independence, a turn from greater government control, a return of civil liberties and freedoms, and ultimately peace and prosperity.  Only the few intrepid peoples have trod this path to create great nations and it is yet to be seen whether that fire of “live free or die” still exists in the heart and soul of Americans.

For those of you disillusioned by the political system, now more than ever you need to break ranks.  No longer can you save our nation by adhering to the absurd notion that a vote for the “lesser of two evils” is a legitimate political choice.  You CANNOT, as many Dr. Ron Paul supporters found out in Florida, work from within the system to change it under the current circumstances; albeit there is a time and place for this and it is productive to have people working from the inside.  Remember, the system as we know it is now on a countdown to extinction and thus, working from within is simply a massive counterproductive waste of your limited time.  For those that worked so hard on campaigns and political platforms of change this year, I am sorry your hard and honest efforts were hijacked and used by the system for their ends at your expense.  As should now be obvious, the parties only gave lip service to real policy change in an attempt to placate independent, freedom minded voters just long enough to keep them from jumping ship to the other side while enjoying their financial donations, grassroots support, and overall silence.  Learn from this hard lesson and carry it with you.

For those of you that have long since washed your hands of the Democrats and Republicans, congratulations for your time has finally arrived.  Now more than ever it is critical that like minded, freedom loving people join together to create the solid organizational infrastructure that will rise as a truly better alternative while the old elitist regime crumbles.  Now more than ever the fate of the free world relies on the immediate need for a new political movement that will structurally return and enshrine the rule of law that protects our freedoms and liberties.  People around the country are clamoring for a real alternative.  This “will” occur whether by design or by necessity as the global economy implodes for better or worse.  Whatever  political “alternative” is the best organized as the collapse quickens will be the ultimate victor; again, for better or worse.  Turn your energies and votes from the campaigns of unqualified walking political disasters such as Romney and Obama toward a new alternative political organization that seeks to end the elitist stranglehold on our nation.  I am not the one to tell you what that organization is, but I can tell you that you will find good company here.  I challenge each of you to stop complaining and take action today.  Organize, communicate, and build this organization that will first become the opposition block and then the political mainstream as we run off the corrupt politicians, their lobbyists, and erase the failed elitist order that is now threatening to destroy our way of life.