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Global Updates July 12, 2016: World Chaos is Accelerating

It has been some time since I posted.  I apologize as a lot has transpired over the last two weeks.  To make up for lost time, I am going to give you the briefing points you need to know.

  1. South China Sea dispute heats up.  For those of you worried about the potential for WWIII, we just got one step closer today when the UN committee set up to arbitrate the territorial dispute between China and the Philippines ruled in favor of the Philippines.  Right or wrong, China utterly rejected the ruling and reaffirmed its self-perceived right to continue to economically and militarily develop the region as it sees fit.  This sets the stage for China to walk away from the international community to protect its interests while many smaller Pacific nations like Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan will feel emboldened to challenge China.  My prediction is this ruling will only fuel hostilities in the region and set the region on a collision course for war.
  2. The spread of superbugs in the US that are resistant to all known antibiotic treatments continues. For a second time in less than a month, colistin resistant E. Coli has been identified in the US.  The strain in question tested positive for the gene mcr-1, which makes it resistant to colistin, a last resort antibiotic.  Per my previous articles (search antibiotic resistant on the LMS homepage), the spread of resistant bacteria is increasing in frequency and could easily hit a breakout stage in the near future.  Once the mcr-1 resistant gene jumps to other resistant infections such as highly resistant Tuberculosis now being brought into the US by the thousands via illegal immigrants and refugees, it is only a matter of time before a true pandemic sweeps across the globe again.  http://abcnews.go.com/Health/superbug-coli-found-time-us/story?id=40488140
  3. Obama is preparing to use wartime (Global War on Terror) martial law powers to ban and seize firearms for “national security.” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has been in secret talks with President Obama and other top officials to engineer “gun control” as a national security issue.  The intent, like with nearly every other “Right” under the US Constitution is to suspend the Second Amendment or make it virtually meaningless by using unconstitutional wartime interpretations and rulings of executive powers.  Their plan, like I have detailed repeatedly over the last decade (see: http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/2015/12/06/the-problem-isnt-islamic-terrorism-it-is-guns-according-to-emperor-obama/), is progressing on schedule.  Obama and his Leftist goons are intentionally inciting division and violence and fully plan to use the predictable violent outcome to justify “federal government” action and emergency powers that restrict firearms for “national security.”  After the events of Dallas and President Obama’s utterly despicable statements, it is clear that this administration is prepared to act as soon as this summer if more violence can be incited across the nation.
  4. Turkey continues to use “terrorist” attacks within its border as cover for supporting terrorists in Syria that vow to kill Americans. It is critical to understand Turkey has been proven to openly conduct false flag attacks against its own citizens to support President Erdogan’s radical agenda.  Most recently, Turkey has suffered a number of major attacks blamed on both ISIL and Kurdish rebel groups, but that is questionable to say the least.  True or not, Ankara wasted no time using the attacks to justify a Turkish military invasion of Syria.  However, the Turkish military has done nothing to destroy radical Islamic groups operating in Syria.  In fact, a closer analysis clearly shows that the Turkish military has instead been used to resupply radical Islamic groups to include the Al Nusra Front and ISIL/ISIS while smashing US backed Kurdish positions.  Ankara is determined to undermine Syrian President Assad and specifically has used its military to push back Kurdish positions in key blocking positions so that it could resupply radical Islamic fighters on the verge of being routed from Aleppo by Syrian forces.  If Syrian forces retake the lost ground and are again about to liberate Aleppo, expect to see another “terrorist” attack inside Turkey that will be immediately used to justify even greater military incursions into Syria to back radical Islamic extremist groups.  As Syria and Russia continue to mop up ISIL positions and approach Raqqa, I fear this could lead to another direct engagement with Russian forces, which could quickly plunge the region into a major war.
  5. US continues to lose ground in Afghanistan. President Obama signed off on increased troop levels in Afghanistan to help combat the Taliban.  In reality, the US completely ceded most of Afghanistan to the Taliban when Obama pulled the bulk of our forces out and our footprint in Afghanistan is getting more and more untenable.  It has gotten so bad, military logisticians plan up front to lose over 20% of any supplies shipped into Afghanistan because of the Taliban.  Further, Special Forces A-Teams are thinly spread across Afghanistan in a vain attempt to train and advise Afghan forces.  This WILL FAIL because the entire concept of training and advising is at best of limited value and at worst, counterproductive, but our brilliant military strategists are too stupid and indoctrinated to recognize the facts.  If a large contingent of forces are not recommitted under competent leadership to Afghanistan, the Taliban will likely begin to capture and hold major cities by years end and begin to directly threaten Kabul on a sustained basis as early as next summer.
  6. Number of US forces continues to quietly increase in Iraq as undeclared war continues. President Obama signed off on additional troop deployments to Iraq to support on-going efforts to recapture Ramadi, Fallujah, and Mosul from ISIL.  Like I predicted (see articles: http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/?s=strategy+in+iraq), none of Obama’s faux “strategy” would prove effective and he would again prove to be a hypocrite and put boots on the ground, which he promised not to do.  To date, none of those cities have been completely liberated.  The long overdue offensive on Mosul is again delayed and most likely also going to fail.  At best, Iraqi forces will blast their way through the city, but will find it impossible to root out ISIL elements because the inhabitants of the city “ARE” ISIL.  The Sunni population in Mosul is hostile to the government in Baghdad and isn’t going to change anytime soon unless everyone in the city is killed.  It is important to note that even at the height of the Iraq War, the US military never fully pacified Mosul and was literally fighting in the city as President Obama unilaterally declared our surrender in Iraq.  The bottom line is this deployment of troops is another vain endeavor that will fail because it is led by incompetents.  No further understanding is necessary to KNOW this ends badly for the US and Iraqis.

By Guiles Hendrik

July 12, 2016

Constitutional Win for Gun Rights in the District of Columbia

In a rare win, residents of the District of Columbia won a court ruling against the District’s draconian gun laws.  In short, U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon ruled that a key provision of the current law was likely unconstitutional.  Specifically, the Judge found that requiring a citizen to show “good reason” to exercise a constitutional right violates the essence of a “right.”  In respect to the Second Amendment, like all others, there is no burden upon the citizen to show the “need” to exercise and enjoy such rights.  As such, the District’s requirement for citizens to show grounds to obtain a carry permit based on the government’s criteria is unconstitutional.

This ruling is sure to be appealed; however, it has strong implications across the nation where other such laws have been upheld.  Judge Leon was absolutely correct in striking down this provision and re-establishing what a “right” is supposed to be.  Hopefully, this ruling will be used to bring suit against other currently standing laws and overturn them in communist states such as Maryland and New York.  The Bill of Rights exists to specifically limit the government’s powers.  Neither the Second Amendment nor any other “right” requires the “permission” of the government to exercise.  Can you imagine having to first get the government’s permission based on very limited criteria, to openly discuss your opinion on a political subject or to attend church?  Any legal deviation toward government gatekeeping of the free exercise of rights is exceedingly dangerous and opens a direct precedent for undermining the very essence of the rule of law derived from the Constitution and the powers and authorities it explicitly gives and limits to the federal government.  Today, Judge Leon is celebrated as a hero for defying his political masters and standing up for the rights of citizens.

By Guiles Hendrik

May 17, 2016


More reading:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/us-judge-strikes-down-dc-concealed-carry-gun-law-as-likely-unconstitutional/2016/05/17/d36d35dc-1c49-11e6-8c7b-6931e66333e7_story.html

Gun Laws Are Common Sense According to Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and Obama

Per my previous volumes on the subject of gun control, Obama and his Leftist ideologues are following the script. They continue to push an agenda for a total gun ban via incremental power grabs.  In spite of all of the evidence that shows far greater problems are facing America, Obama and his band of idiots remain steadfast in their pursuit of disarming of the American people while ignoring real security problems like skyrocketing debt, unchecked immigration, and a world war about to break loose.  Obama remains deaf and blind to the rule of law, Constitutional constraints, and the will of the people in his pursuit of tyrannical power.  As I am sure you are aware, he is just getting started and has no plans to abate his attacks on your God given rights.

I won’t waste your time reviewing each individual lie and distortion Obama stated today in his “town hall” discussion on his upcoming executive orders. However, I would like to point out a few whoppers.  First and foremost, Obama and Congress do not have the power to constrain or limit gun laws short of an amendment to the Constitution through a very specific process.  The Second Amendment of the Constitution explicitly withheld this power from the government.  In fact, it was intentionally included specifically so that Congress and the President could not “infringe” upon the right to keep and bear arms.  Second, Obama has no legal standing to make laws respective of anything.  As the head of the executive branch, he can enforce the laws enacted by Congress and no more.  His “executive actions” go far beyond enforcing current law and are clearly in the realm of creating new law.  Obama simply does not have the authority to create law via executive action and thus his dictates are unconstitutional.  Respective of the already unconstitutional no fly list, which I have been critical of since its inception, Obama again has no authority to deny someone their rights without due process.  This is very basic legal precedent that our Constitutional scholar, now President, apparently missed…no, ignored.  If someone is suspected of being a terrorist or supporting terrorism, then show the probable cause, get a warrant, and arrest them.  The notion a citizen can be secretly blacklisted and denied rights without due process for being a terrorist, but still is left on the street is far more dangerous than any mythical gunshow loophole.

Finally, I want to take an entire paragraph to address the constantly repeated propaganda line of “common sense gun laws.” The arrogance of this dictator knows no bounds.  By declaring his dictates “common sense,” the thug sitting in the White House is in effect calling the vast majority of Americans that overwhelmingly support the Second Amendment and are against further gun control idiots.  I have news for you Barry, the only people that thought gun control was “common sense” were dictators hell bent on subjugating and murdering millions of unarmed and defenseless people like Stalin, Mao, and Hitler.  Based on your policy exploits in the Middle East and North Africa, many would argue you are not far behind your previous peers, yet I fear your worst is yet to come.  You may indeed sit in the White House as a puppet of the establishment, but you will not be able to escape the inevitable brand by historians as the worst president to ever hold the office.  Without any doubt, your “common sense” is wanting.

By Guiles Hendrik

January 4, 2016

The problem isn’t Islamic Terrorism it is guns according to Emperor Obama

I wrote the following paragraph on October 19th this year as the first of a three part series explaining exactly how gun control and then confiscation would be enacted across the US.  After President Obama’s speech tonight indicting the Second Amendment as the root cause of terrorism inside the US, I thought it was a good time to reintroduce my three part series.

As we wait for the latest round of unconstitutional acts by President Obama respective of his so called new “executive orders” on gun control, which would be better described as edicts, the only question is how far the President will overstep his constitutional authority this time.  In some ways, I hope he oversteps and the backlash catches the Left by surprise and sets them back significantly in the elections.  However, the people we are dealing with are not political amateurs and are masters of spin so I would expect the long war to continue against our nation and culture.  To this end, I would expect more highly politicized false flags used to finalize the “justification” for gun control in the near future.  To those of us not in a propaganda induced coma, we will see that these false flag events exactly for what they are.  We will intuitively know they were not the result of guns; but rather, the result of a nation that has allowed itself to lose its cultural identity and moral foundations, a nation that has become addicted to violence and mind altering drugs, a nation that has been subverted from the inside.  http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/2015/10/19/gun-confiscation-goes-mainstream-tyranny-in-the-land-of-the-free/

I have to admit, I am sounding very redundant when I say “I told you so,” but only through making repetitive connections will many of the masses understand that what is going on is not random.  Random acts by their very nature cannot be accurately predicted.  However, when something such as the elite’s gun control agenda can be predicted so specifically in advance, one must at least consider the fact that this is indeed a planned and highly orchestrated effort from the top to disarm and subjugate the United States.  I am sure some of you that have just started reading my articles will be asking how exactly then will this occur.  Well, I detailed the general progression of this plot below in Parts II and III of my series on gun control.  If you are concerned about being disarmed, and you should be, then you need to read all three posts, which lay out the elitist agenda, how it will unfold, and how you can resist it.

Part II: http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/2015/10/20/part-ii-of-the-gun-confiscation-goes-mainstream-tyranny-in-the-land-of-the-free/

Part III:  http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/2015/10/27/part-iii-gun-confiscation-goes-mainstream-tyranny-in-the-land-of-the-free/


Guiles Hendrik

December 6, 2015

Part III: Gun Confiscation Goes Mainstream: Tyranny in the Land of the “Free”

Post Confiscation Orders and the Resistance

When the government decrees you must turn in your weapons, the question is whether you will comply or resist. Consider this question carefully because the implications and consequences will not just affect you, but generations.  Make no mistake, firearms, once confiscated, will never be returned.  They will be destroyed.  The companies that make them will be put out of business, their machinery sold, and their employees put out of work.  Guns and gun related activities form a multibillion dollar American industry and our economy will immediately suffer.  Far worse though will be the right to bear arms as we currently enjoy it will not be reinstated until after our nation suffers incredible pain and hardship if we ever get it back.  Once America disarms, there will be no going back no matter whether the government turns benevolent or brutal because the ultimate means of popular resistance will have been foolishly discarded.  Fortunately, contrary to what the government propaganda would like you to believe; we actually have an enormous amount of power to successfully resist any confiscation attempt and can, if we collectively act, non-violently stop this draconian movement.  Read more

Part II of The Gun Confiscation Goes Mainstream: Tyranny in the Land of the “Free”

Part II: The Gun Ban is Announced

Last night I spoke of how to resist encroaching gun control laws and regulation. However, I admitted that we are fighting a rigged game and that I fully expect to see a gun ban in the near future.  As this ban goes into effect, you can expect to see it follow a set pattern.  However, unlike other countries around the world to include Australia, Canada, and the U.K., the US will not follow the script, which I will discuss in “Part III: Resistance.”  In short, gun confiscation means major chaos is in the future for the US.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this is avoidable at this point so it is best to spend your time preparing.  Here is how you can expect it to play out.

The march toward total gun confiscation in the US has been a gradual one. It hasn’t been an easy fight and has been resisted the entire way by sensible Americans.  In fact, recently, the pro-gun lobby has won numerous major successes in court.  Nonetheless, today we are still standing on the edge of the gun ban cliff and looking into the abyss as a free nation.  Taking stock of the situation, we must recognize some hard facts working in favor of the elitist cabal dedicated to your total disarmament.  The ballot boxes have been stacked by illegitimate voters, the system to include judges and educators is now filled with Leftist operatives, the latest generation to come of age has been brainwashed to view all guns as evil, our population has lost its morality, and we no longer collectively view an armed populace as a necessary element of a free state.  As bad, the majority of our population is constantly is some state of drug induced mental paralysis whether by illegal drugs such as heroin and marijuana or legal drugs such as alcohol and anti-depressants.  This mass sedation makes the population far easier to manipulate, control, and ultimately convince to willingly enter oppression and slavery.  We are so close to a gun ban that if only a handful of seats change hands in the House and Senate an avalanche of new gun control legislation to include the UN’s Gun Ban Treaty will move forward.  Further, it is probable that even with a Republican controlled Congress they will still sell out their constituents and side with elitist interests by embracing gun control.  To illustrate this point, remember Mitt Romney had a far worse record of gun control than even Bill Clinton.  As such, don’t be surprised when another major “mass shooting” event is staged and used to justify the final push to ban firearms in the US irrespective of who “controls” Congress and sits in the White House.

When the order is given for Americans to disarm and turn in their weapons, it will come in phases just like it has occurred repeatedly in other countries. Read more

Gun Confiscation Goes Mainstream: Tyranny in the Land of the “Free”

Part I:  Before the Ban

When a leading presidential contender can come out and openly suggest we should begin gun confiscation in the United States and her statements are treated as legitimate we have major problems. Instead of being run off stage as a treasonous traitor, Hillary Clinton was lauded as wonderful “progressive” for her insistence that it is time for guns to be banned in the US like in Australia.  Anyone that thinks Hillary Clinton has your best interests in mind when she politicizes tragedy to push not just a gun “control” agenda, but an outright gun “ban” is insane.  Let’s be honest, her policy is all about total power and control.  Life under Hillary Clinton’s rule is a world of tyranny.  So what can we expect, how will a gun ban happen, and is there anything I can do about it?  I discuss these topics in this two part series.

It should come as no surprise to my readers that the Left has long sought to achieve a total gun ban. The communist insurrectionist forces in the US knew they couldn’t do this all at once or they would risk being exposed and run out of the country.  Instead, they camouflaged their intentions as a humanitarian movement to protect you and incrementally began banning and regulating out of existence every weapon, bullet, and means of producing, selling, or buying the former items.  Further, in a closely coordinated propaganda campaign for your mind, the Left cleverly has been bombarding American minds daily with disinformation designed to convince Americans that by disarming they would achieve a better life.  Of course you are awake and know this to be patently false.  However, it is now clear the time has come when the Left feels comfortable that you have been brainwashed enough that they can lift the veil and begin to openly discuss their true intentions.  Read more

Wake Up America: A “State of Emergency” in Ferguson is a nice way to say “Martial Law” and the police chief wants to disarm you!

The news this week again highlighted Ferguson, Missouri as new riots and protests broke loose. In response, a “state of emergency” was declared. People need to wake up and realize what is really going on is martial law is now being routinely declared. Disturbingly, people are being conditioned to accept imposition of martial law as a legitimate response to everything from a snowstorm to a lawful protest. Just like martial law, these states of emergency are being used to unlawfully justify a suspension of the Bill of Rights and to disarm the public.
If anyone had any doubts about the government’s intent to suspend civil rights during martial law/state of emergency, look no further than Ferguson. The government is using the presence of armed private security, requested by business owners left helpless by the government, as an excuse to ban firearms during these states of emergency. This situation echoes the unconstitutional abuses that occurred at the hands of government forces after Hurricane Katrina. As many media outlets reported (See: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/08/11/who-are-the-oath-keepers-and-why-has-the-armed-group-returned-to-ferguson/) it is clear that the police and government view anyone trying to protect their own lives, families, homes, and businesses via the lawful open carry of weapons as the bad guys. St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar went so far as to say “Their presence was both unnecessary and inflammatory” and that they were working with the “prosecuting attorney’s office” to see if they could bring charges against these brave citizens. In fact, the government’s angle is that during a state of emergency (read martial law) people are not allowed to be armed and therefore must be disarmed. Read more

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and Senator Chris Murphy Targeting US Citizens as “Dangerous Insurrectionists”

Senator Chris Murphy thinks you are a dangerous terrorist.

Senator Chris Murphy thinks you are a dangerous terrorist.

The “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” (CSGV) is a radical leftist front organization funded by donations from globalists and sponsored by some of the most crackpot organizations, such as “Code Pink.”  Their clearly stated intent is to aggressively force gun control upon the United States are willing to use “social justice,” which is code for social terrorist campaigns designed to ruin anyone that resists their agenda.  Recently, they have started a campaign designed to force WTTG General Manager Patrick Paolini to fire a pro-Second Amendment reporter Emily Miller http://csgv.org/action/tell-wttg-general-manager-patrick-paolini-fire-emily-miller/.  Emily’s high crime was exercising her First Amendment right to support the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL).  The VCDL has been an effective and vocal advocate of gun rights for Virginians and thus, Emily has been targeted by CSGV and has become a victim of social terrorism.  I want to take the time today to expose these treasonous enemies of a free and sovereign nation and shine the light on their leadership, which to date has enjoyed immunity from their harassment and terrorist tactics.  I also want everyone to stand up for Emily and make sure her Manager Patrick Paolini stands by her.

I coined the term “social terrorism” because anyone that has been victimized by one of these well-funded smear campaigns labeled “social justice” can literally have their lives ruined.  Social justice is social terrorism so correct anyone when you hear it improperly used.  If you think the term is too severe then consider the implications.  Victims of social terrorism generally are condemned for supporting Christian virtue, the rule of law, and republican values.  These victims have been targeted by the IRS and Justice Department with frivolous investigations, arrests, audits, delays, and fines; have had their businesses destroyed and lost their jobs; have been blacklisted at public events, been unable to get business loans or new jobs; had their children abducted by social services; had their reputations smeared; and have been harassed, physically assaulted, and targeted for killing.  If this doesn’t constitute systematic terrorism of an individual, nothing does.  Now Emily Miller, a lady that has worked hard in her career is under attack for advocating for our Bill of Rights and everyone needs to know she must be defended.

To fight the CSGV, you first need to know a little about them and how they view “us.”  According to their website, part of their stated strategy is “to use the term ‘insurrectionism’ to describe the NRA’s treasonous interpretation of the Second Amendment.” Apparently, they have found some success because Senator Chris Murphy is on record supporting their organization and making the statement, “The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has led the way in exposing the dangerous insurrectionist ideology promoted by the NRA and others in the pro-gun movement” http://csgv.org/about-us/.  Think about the term “insurrectionist” for a moment.  Insurrectionist is defined as an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government.  Read more

Update: Why are Virginia police going handing out anti-gun fliers to local businesses?

Today, your efforts combined with a grassroots effort across Northern Virginia achieved a small victory.  I want to give a special thanks to the The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) [http://www.vcdl.org/] and the observant citizens, which identified the subversive activities and went after Alexandria County government officials regarding the use of police for the door-to-door anti-gun flier campaign.  The VCDL was issued a formal apology from the police chief and Alexandria police took down all flyers and signs posted at their police headquarters saying concealed firearms weren’t permitted and admitted they were wrong.  Read more

Gun Owners: Critical knowledge to protect yourself from gun confiscation

We Will Not Be Disarmed

We Will Not Be Disarmed

If you own a short-barreled rifle (SBR) or other controlled device such as a suppressor or have any registered firearm, this article has critical information for you.  As you should be well aware, more and more states are beginning to confiscate firearms for the smallest of infractions.  In fact, one may only need to say the wrong thing during a doctor’s visit or have you child play with a water pistol in public to trigger the police visiting your house with a warrant to confiscate your firearms.  Furthermore, if you own an SBR or Class III firearm/component, you can be inspected at any time.  To protect yourself and your firearms, every gun owner should follow the practices listed below.  Read more

What metal should preppers invest in? The answer may surprise you.

Cast Lead Bullets

Cast Lead Bullets






Disclaimer:  Let me begin by saying I am not a financial advisor or money manager or investment specialist.  This article only represents the thoughts of the author.

Many of our readers will immediately conclude gold and or silver are the metals to buy and have on hand to weather rough economic times.  In fact, I don’t disagree and recommend to our readers that they do diversify their investment portfolios to include a percentage of real gold and silver in both US and foreign coinage.  However, one metal is now poised to become extremely valuable and could prove more valuable for a prepper than gold.  That metal is lead and here is why I strongly urge my readers to hoard this metal. Read more

Obama’s Latest Asymmetric Attack on Guns Poses Major Threat to Gun Owners: EPA henchmen close last lead smelter in USA leaving gun owners and military without a domestic source of lead for ammunition.

The Doe Run smelting facility, the last primary lead smelter in the United States, will close down at the end of December 2013 after over a century of operation.  Doe Run was forced to close down after President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated Doe Run implement over $100 million in emissions controls as required by the Clean Air Act.  The costs of the updates made future operation impossible and forced the company and at least 145 employees out of work.

The smelter is currently the only smelter in the United States which can produce lead bullion from raw lead ore that is mined nearby in Missouri’s extensive lead deposits, giving the smelter its “primary” designation.  The lead bullion produced is then sold to lead product producers, including ammunition manufactures for use in conventional ammunition components such as projectiles, projectile cores, and primers.  However, several “secondary” smelters, where lead is recycled from products such as lead acid batteries or spent ammunition components, still operate in the United States.  Nonetheless, they do not provide the domestic capability to mine and smelt lead from raw ore meaning remaining stockpiles of lead will be quickly exhausted.

The closure of Doe Run marks a milestone in Obama’s asymmetric war on private firearms.  Obama correctly recognized that he would be unable to pass his coveted gun control legislation through Congress and so has sought to circumvent the will of the people and his constitutional authorities.  He has accomplished this by creating a mountain of defacto legislation via executive regulations administered through various agencies such as the EPA.  In this case, Obama has sought to attack and limit gun ownership by depriving gun owners of critical raw materials for the production of ammunition through intense and crushing regulation of lead.  This should come as no surprise since lead has been a prime target of anti-gun advocates in California for years.  Just this year, lead was all by outlawed for use in bullets in California.

In Obama’s relentless clandestine attack on gun rights, he has stopped at nothing.  By closing Doe Run, Obama has also jeopardized our military’s ammunition supplies.  Doe Run’s location was one of the prime reasons that the Lake City Arsenal (a primary manufacturer of ammunition for the US military) and other ammunition manufacturers have established themselves nearby.  This proximity allowed them to keep ammunition manufacturing costs low.  However, with the closure of Doe Run, the US military will have to source its lead from potentially hostile nations like China.  This creates a critical vulnerability in our military supplies (lead is a strategic natural resource) via a reliance on a nation (China) we may go to war with for something as basic and essential as ammunition.  The fact that the US no longer has the industrial capacity to produce its own ammunition without importing raw materials is truly a shocking milestone that should have Americans outraged as the President has acted in dereliction of his duties as Commander in Chief.  The military cannot be left at the mercy of none other than China for its ammunition!  One needs little imagination to see how this will go horribly wrong.

The immediate effect on the citizen gun owner will, without doubt, be a jump in already very high ammunition prices.  Further, in an already artificially scarce ammunition market (due to massive purchases of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security, which were clearly intended to buy up and deprive gun owners of affordable ammunition) there will likely be even greater ammunition shortages.  The situation could become so acute that all remaining lead supplies are seized by the federal government for the military and DHS.  This was all intended and planned by the Obama Administration and provides just one more reason why the EPA should be drastically reduced in scope and power if not totally dissolved as an agency.  In summary, the result of the closing of Doe Run will make it impossible for the US to manufacture ammunition from materials sourced domestically and drastically reduce ammunition availability while driving prices to new, unaffordable levels just as Obama’s rabid anti-gun gestapo planned.


By Guiles Hendrik

October 29, 2013


All rights reserved.




Change the Debate: How to Win the Battle for Gun Rights Part II: Take Action

Patriots, you must act now while you still have the ability to resist.  Apathy will lead to tyranny in our lifetime.  You must make the facts known, you must make your numbers known, you must make your determination known, and you must check the opposition at every corner.  Call out those that mock you and seek to enslave you.  Do not by shy.  Be fanatical in your perseverance to protect your few remaining rights and freedoms and then to win those lost back.  Do not rest at simply protecting the shreds that are left, but push till you have fully regained your rightful freedoms and deposed those that threaten them.  When fighting those willing to enslave you, it is proper, justifiable, and responsible to radically oppose their actions.  Organize, protest, and march on your state houses and Washington.  Out the traitors attempting to take your rights and enslave you!

On the electoral front, for starters, you must vote out anyone that supports gun control.  Further, you must abandon both the Republican and the Democrat parties that have long since abandoned their constituents for special interests and lobbyist dollars.  Neither party serves your interests but simply uses you for their gain.  Don’t allow the parties to divide and distract you on ridiculous issues while they pass laws to indefinitely detain you during midnight sessions of Congress over Christmas when they think no one is paying attention.  Remember, at nearly every instance of the erosion of your freedom and liberty, it was by a bipartisanconsensus.  You must hold all of our elected officials accountable at the voting box and destroy the current party establishment by voting for neither and insisting on running and voting for independent candidates.

Not voting is as ruinous as it is stupid.  It is true that many are disillusioned when it comes to elections, but you actually have significant power to change the course of elections by taking some simple, but effective actions.  These grassroots tactics are real, effective electoral strategies used successfully by the parties themselves, but are closely kept from the public’s eyes.  To change the electoral game on the parties, begin by collecting the names and contact information of all likeminded people in your voting district.  This is one of the most basic and important aspects of grassroots mobilization.  There are many ways to do this including asking for lists already generated by gun rights groups.  However, if you must start from scratch, begin with your friends and family.  Then have them each reach out to those in their networks and those people reach out to those people in their networks.  Ask that every person just reach out to at least one other person to do the same.  Have them all send their contact information to one consolidated email address where the master list can be developed.  Use this list to rally and motivate your local base to go out and canvas for even more supporters.  An effectively run networking operation like this can quickly net thousands of supporters.  At the local level, this mobilization is enough to sway and win an election.

Next, organize throughout your state by district.  As the names add up, combine these district lists to form a picture of support across the entire state.  Use these lists to write your representatives demanding they vote to protect and expand gun rights.  Further, make it very clear to the representative that the constituents you represent will vote in the primaries and pool their money to run a viable opposition candidate.  Few people realize that many elections are won and lost in those very early pre-election district and state contests, which next to no one pays any attention to.  The fact that so few people turn out for primary elections means that an incumbent representative is very, very vulnerable during this early stage of a campaign.  If the electorate is mobilized and turns out for an opposing candidate, just a few dozen or even a couple hundred votes WILL often end the incumbent’s campaign.  This is especially true if it is done secretly and the turnout is a surprise to an apathetic and over confident incumbent.   Even worse for the incumbent is the fact that they will have to spend precious money early on in the campaign when no one cares or is really paying attention, which puts them at an extreme disadvantage to their opponent.  This money isn’t spent defeating the opposing party’s candidate, but rather, just to secure their own party’s nomination.  This depletes the party’s coffers and effectively is a means to force a party to self-destruct through financial starvation.  Further, the primaries are also when the candidates often have the least amount of campaign resources and can’t afford a big financial fight.  Use this knowledge and leverage to gain control over your local representatives.  Done effectively, you will not only be able to influence your representatives, but replace them with your candidates.

To win at the state level, you must build on this strategy and grow the network.  State level wins are the big key to success because states have the Constitutional authority to counter, block, and ignore federal dictates.  Wins at the state level also shape the state party and will be the NECESSARY foundation for changing the federal makeup of elected representatives.  Just as important is the fact that winning and influencing local and state elections is feasible and can be done within a relatively short time span.  For example, when targeting anti-gun candidates in the primaries across a state in large numbers, a well-organized front can inflict electoral disaster on the targeted party.  A real threat of this gains you real access and influence over not only the candidates, but the parties themselves.  Further, well organized movements can pool their resources to greater effect.  In the districts with well-grounded and supportive representatives, skip targeting them as you already have a viable candidate that is supportive of expanding gun rights.  Instead, focus on the candidates and districts that are opposed to gun rights.   For example, this may mean that supporters in rural districts of a state like New York or Maryland pool their resources to run a candidate against an anti-gun candidate in an urban area of the state notorious for pushing gun control, which is out of their district.  Done effectively and early in the primaries, it is possible to completely remove the candidate and replace that candidate with your own pro-gun candidate.  Then the party must make a choice to either support a pro-gun candidate (even if that isn’t the party’s platform) or risk losing a seat and influence during the actual election.  The party will have no choice but to bend to your will.  Depending on the situation, sometimes it is best not to try to get your candidate on the ballot, but to get the worst one off.  This would be a great strategy to employ against a progressive anti-gun Democratic that has historically has won by large margins.  At the worst, you would force the candidate and the anti-gun party to spend precious cash leaving it vulnerable to the opposition party.  The fringe benefit is that you are also now in a position to leverage this influence over the weaker party that typically would have forced a pro-gun agenda.

Ladies and gentlemen, apathy at this late stage of the game is not acceptable.  History shows that once guns are registered they are taken.  Once they are taken you don’t get them back.  Disarmed against tyranny, the forces of evil will attack using the full force of modern weapons and violence.  The result is always the government inflicted deaths of millions of innocent people in the pursuit of absolute power and control; a number of deaths, which is far greater than any crime spree in history or terrorist act could inflict.  Ultimately, what one will have won for apathy and the hope that you will be left alone will be slavery for generations.

Fact Checking CNN’s Lies: More proof CNN does nothing to fact check its stories

In the latest malicious “news” report intend to shock, panic, and scare people, CNN shows images of a Los Angeles gun buyback program.  The headline reads gun buyback “gets rocket launchers” off the street.  In the report, the camera zooms in on images of what the reporter claims are rocket launchers.  http://www.cnn.com/video/?hpt=hp_c2#/video/us/2012/12/28/tsr-dnt-l-a-gun-buyback-gets-rocket-launchers.cnn  The problem with this entire story is that CNN gets the story and facts completely wrong and is extremely misleading.

To break down the misleading reporting and blatant factual errors, first focus on what are being called rocket launchers.  Shown in the report are the “disposed” casings of two types of “disposable” anti-tank rockets.  The larger is an AT-4, which is a lightweight, disposable, antitank weapon.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AT4.  The smaller is the disposed casing of an M-72 LAW rocket of the Vietnam era.  NEITHER of the launchers is functional, contain a rocket, or pose any threat whatsoever to anyone outside of the fear and panic over “rocket launchers” on the streets of Los Angeles that CNN misleadingly is trying to generate to push a gun control agenda.  In fact, these are designed to be disposed of after use on the battle field and are not be reusable.  In training, they are collected with the trash items after a range is fired and the serial numbers are checked off confirming that they have been fired.  At that point, they are either thrown out as “dunnage” or sometimes soldiers and Marines will be allowed to take home the inert empty shell of the rocket as a novelty.  Thus, they are commonly available as relics, paperweights, and surplus novelty items.  Again, these are totally harmless and

CNN either failed to fact check its report or intentionally mislead viewers.  Specifically, the CNN reporters go on to add drama by noting that these weapons can’t be bought in gun stores insinuating that these are illegal and dangerous weapons.  They only quietly mention in the report once that these rockets actually had no rockets.  In fact, it was only after watching the report again that the passing note was caught.  The reality is that as explained above, these disposed shells are widely available as unique novelties.  A ten second search on eBay found an exact copy of the same “rocket launcher” haunting the streets of Los Angeles.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-6-Scale-US-NATO-Iraq-Army-M136-AT-4-Anti-Tank-Armor-Rocket-Launcher-Ba-4a-/230903076432?pt=US_Action_Figures&hash=item35c2e55650  Scrolling down on the same eBay page, I also found the purported case for a Stinger surface-air-missile, but that doesn’t mean I would be buying an actual “Stinger” missile any more than the cops got real rocket launchers off of the street.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/FIM-92-Guided-Stinger-Missile-Case-Rocket-Launcher-LAW-AT4-M72-M136-/140820828356?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20c99350c4

The repeated and emphasized point about these “weapons” being made in “America” not only offensive, but just plain ignorant.  The AT-4, used by the U.S. military, is a decades old Swedish weapon produced by SAAB.  The tone at which the reporters repeatedly stated these were U.S. made weapons suggests that they were insinuating U.S. arms manufacturers were somehow at fault for these terrible weapons hitting the streets of L.A.  The other, the M-72 LAW, which was not the focus of the report, has not been actively used or stocked by the U.S. military in decades and was originally produced ,I believe, at Redstone Arsenal in the U.S. during the Vietnam war, but has since ceased production and is only made in Norway.

Even worse, Lee Baca, the Los Angeles County Sheriff compares Los Angeles to a third world country and uses the term “seizure” to describe his department’s policy and mindset of the “gun buyback.”  First, L.A. has its problems, but clearly the man is purely ignorant and untraveled or is heavily embellishing his statements for political ends.  Los Angeles is certainly not representative of the “third world.”  Second, he speaks as if these guns were illegal weapons that posed an imminent and dire threat to every man, woman, and child walking the streets of Los Angeles.  In fact, even the reporters in a rare moment of hidden truth admit most of the guns turned in were non-functional antiques or relics.  I don’t know how much money L.A. residents had to cough up to “buy back” these wall hanging relics, but I am positive they did not get their money’s worth.  In fact, it appears they have been swindled in the deal by evil drug dealing grandmother that was about to go on a rampage if the good Sheriff hadn’t seized, I mean, bought back her evil weapon.  That brings up the last issue with the Sheriff.  His word use of “seizure” does not resonate well in America and nor should it.  However, it does seem appropriate for the “third world” where countless millions have been disarmed and massacred by generations of sick and deranged power hungry dictators, imperial regimes, and invaders.  It is a rare glimpse into the true intent and end-state goal this self-described “third world” dictator has in mind.  I guess the thug Baca would only be happy if the streets of L.A. were patrolled by his armed thugs that have done such a good job of keeping L.A. crime free.  Of course we all know L.A. cops would NEVER do anything illegal like mercilessly beat a man senseless in what appear to be repetitive testosterone fueled orgies of violence.

One may think this was enough to turn CNN off forever, which is arguable a good decision if you actually want to get some real news.  However, CNN doesn’t stop there.  They go on to find what can only be assumed to be a “self-described” security “expert.”  This “expert,” Aaron Cohen is as close to a douche bag as you can find in the industry and clearly has zero idea what he is talking about.  In fact, you would have to wonder if he wasn’t just paid to provide an anti-gun sound bite.  I point this out because Cohen is supposedly an “Israeli” commando that should know all about the importance of a well-armed population for self-defense as in Israel and should certainly know the difference between and AT-4 and what he incorrectly calls a rocket-propelled-grenade or RPG.  This follows the media pattern of labeling everything that fires a bullet an “assault rifle” and calling the gun an AK-47 even if it is neither.  I guess in Aaron’s world, everything is an RPG.  The “expert” Aaron Cohen http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Cohen_(counterterrorist) ; http://www.ims-security.com/ has multiple links to his boutique executive security firm online.  As actual experts, we would STRONGLY advise anyone needing executive protection to stay far away from this man and his company because he appears rather incompetent.

In conclusion, these “rocket launchers” are just surplus novelties of the expended inert casings that pose absolutely no risk to the public.  For CNN to raise hysteria over these items is akin to yelling “fire” in a movie theater to just cause panic and those responsible must be held accountable.  False reporting to push a gun control agenda and undermine the U.S. Constitution verges on treason.  If CNN chooses to be a tabloid news outlet, we need to call out CNN, their reporters, their producers, their editors, and their “experts” as frauds.  There is simply no accuracy or truth in their reporting and it is clearly designed to “misinform” their viewers.  Shame on CNN!

Democrats continue to use Department of Veterans Affairs to deny veterans gun rights

Just as Last Minute Survival previously warned in an exclusive report, (http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/tag/gun-bans/), on how the Department of Veterans Affairs was being quietly pushed politically to deny veterans the ability to exercise their Second Amendment “RIGHT” that they so valiantly fought for, more evidence has come to light.  This week, Republican lawmakers justifiably held up “another” defense spending bill when they challenged the VA’s authority to unilaterally declare a veteran unfit to own a firearm without any due process.  Based on the information that came forth during the floor debate, it now appears that as the VA enticed combat veterans to come forward for treatment of common symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder otherwise known as PTSD as well as during routine screenings, the VA simultaneously was using any related diagnosis to unilaterally deem veterans mentally unfit to possess a firearm.

The new evidence demonstrates that the VA has continued to move forward with unconstitutional disarmament of veterans in line with Obama Administration appointee directives.  The Department of Homeland Security has been one of the biggest violators in this regard and has repeatedly released reports that deem veterans as likely terrorists.  Initially, the clinician guide LMS obtained from the VA directly instructed care providers to pass veteran’s information to the police to confiscate any weapons from veterans in the event a veteran came for help related to suicidal tendencies or even mere thoughts.  Of course PTSD and even mild depression, which is treatable and often temporary, can be more than enough for the VA to issue a finding of mentally unfit.  This is then used to disarm the veteran without any due process.  Even if the VA doesn’t take action, the stigma of mental treatment will follow the veteran and disqualify him or her for the purchase of a firearm due to non-legislatively (read: unconstitutional) enacted BATFE background check policies.  Even worse, it appears to be used against veterans during background investigations, court proceedings, and even when negotiating insurance premiums.  Further, once an opinion is rendered by a VA employee, it becomes nearly impossible for a veteran to appeal and remove this stigma even if the condition was mild and temporary, or even wrong!

This is not an accident, but a deliberate clandestine effort to disarm veterans by the government that sent them to war.  This is symptomatic of a paranoid government that fears for its own survival and no longer cares or considers the best interests of the population it is supposed to serve.  Further, the debate over even having a “judge” adjudicate disarmament is a distractor.  The real issue is why are we rubber stamping vets with combat stress and other actually very minor mental issues as incompetent in the first place!  Was it literally not just months prior that many of these veterans had actual assault weapons, grenades, tanks, jets, and artillery and were trusted with security clearances and told to go fight and protect Americans?  Why is it that as soon as veterans want to return to normal society and seek out needed treatment for mental wounds inflicted on them by our own government’s decisions they have to fear a loss of the very Constitutional Rights they fought for?   Why would a veteran have to pay out-of-pocket now to prove they are innocent to maintain a Constitutional Right?   Why is it okay that some political appointee’s “opinion” is now enough to strip our combat veterans of “rights” without any due process or protection?  Everyone knows our vets don’t have the time or money to fight these opinions in court and NOR SHOULD THEY HAVE TOO!

Shame on all of us if we allow this disgrace.  Guilty until you can afford to prove yourself innocent?  Is this the way our Constitutional “RIGHTS” were meant to be exercised?  I think not.  Please write your Congressman and Senators and demand accountability.


Bloomberg’s Draconian Gun Control Laws Prove Useless

Bloomberg’s Gun Control Didn’t Work Today

Another tragic mass shooting took place today near New York City’s iconic Empire State Building.  Details are still emerging, but some things seem clear.  First, a man opened fire shooting multiple people.  Second, the shooter was killed when police eventually gunned him down “after the fact.”  Finally, it appears the responding police officers may have wounded or killed as many or more people than the shooter trying to shoot him.  NYPD admits this much, but who was shot by whom is still to be determined.

Based on this information, it should be clear to gun control advocates that the draconian gun control laws in NYC are not effective at stopping crimes and cops if anything endangered you more than the shooter.  Perhaps Mayor Bloomberg should contemplate this before immediately announcing that America is at risk because they haven’t disarmed completely and followed NYC’s lead toward a police state.

NYC is one of the most surveiled locations on the face of the earth with heavily armed para-military police officers with assault rifles and full body armor on nearly every corner.  None of Bloomberg’s much touted surveillance, oppressive police presence, unconstitutional stop and frisk, or near total gun control laws prevented almost a dozen people being shot.  Even worse, the vaunted NYC is notorious at being as likely to shoot themselves or innocent by-standers as they are to actually hit a criminal.  This appears to be the case once again today.  Anyone that is familiar with firearms should be familiar with what has been dubbed the “New York Trigger.”  The is a handgun built with an incredibly heavy ten pound trigger pull designed to be issued to NYPD officers to prevent them from accidentally shooting each other or themselves.  All considered, the public should be asking why billions of their tax dollars are being spent to create these Orwellian, unconstitutional police states nationwide when they are in fact ineffective at stopping attacks.

Once again we find that the government is unable to protect innocent civilians.  Truly the only way to be free and secure is to renounce any notion that it is the “government’s” responsibility to look after you.  Instead, Americans must again take personal responsibility for their own defense locally.  Only by accepting responsibility for your own safety and security can you remain both free and safe.  Reliance on the government guarantees you will lose all freedom and gain no security.  In fact, once all power is removed from the people and concentrated in the hands of the government, you will lose all security and constantly live in fear of not only criminals, but the government itself.  Think otherwise?  You should talk to people who grew up in the Soviet Union.


Armed Individuals Prove More Effective at Combating Piracy than World’s Navies

Private security aboard a commerical ship

This picture says it all about how effective armed security can be. Bring it pirates!

The notoriously dangerous pirate infested waters off the coast of Somalia have suddenly become serene.  For over a month now, pirates have not even attempted to take a vessel.  This is unprecedented in recent years and prompts one to ask what has suddenly changed.  Well, the data are in and they overwhelming show that self-defense has proven to be the most effective anti-piracy strategy.  Who would have thought?

Over the last decade, the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden have been progressively becoming more and more dangerous for mariners.  The seizure of the Maersk Alabama and its crew by pirates and their subsequent rescue by Navy Seals illustrates this situation.  To counter this, the international community insisted the answer was to deploy an international flotilla worth billions of dollars from around the world to protect vessels while simultaneously using “soft power” to improve the lives of violent pirates in hopes they would return to more tranquil occupations such as fishing.  As the years past, it was clear that the piracy continued unabated and at best, the world’s navies were a reactive force staging what often became messy rescue operations resulting in the deaths of both pirates and hostages.

Industry could not wait for government solutions and instead, did what industry does best.  They found their own solution.  To mitigate the piracy threat and the spiralling insurance costs of moving cargo through these vital shipping lanes, the shipping companies authorized armed personnel to ride escort on the ships.  The international community naturally resisted vehemently and brought up the host of hollow gun control arguments of why this would be “more dangerous” and not effective.  “Civilized” nations went so far as to suggest they would restrict ships from entering their ports if there were armed guards aboard.  Nonetheless, the necessity to move billions of dollars in cargo through those treacherous waters required an effective solution to be found.

Very soon then, ships began to hire armed security contractors and or arm and train their own crews for defense of the vessels.  The result has been an unheard of 100 percent success rate at preventing hijackings according to a statement made by Admiral Potts, the commander of the European Union’s anti-piracy force.  Governments in particular are quick to point out that they have conducted raids of pirate enclaves and have implemented programs to help transition pirates into other “occupations,” but the ground truth is indisputable.  That is, that privately armed individuals have been more effective than all the governments on earth at stopping piracy.  Stig Hansen, an expert on Somali piracy is quoted in the below linked Christian Science Monitor article and states, “The naval forces would perhaps dispute this, but I would say that private security is by far the major factor, not the warships.  Pirate commanders I have spoken to onshore tell me that it’s those armed guards they’re most afraid of. It means that they just don’t target the most valuable ships any more.”  Could he have been more direct?

For Americans there is much to be learned from the success of this counter piracy strategy.  As a nation, we are currently facing ever increasing forces determined to force the disarmament of the American people.  These forces aggressively lobby and publicize the lie that it is really the guns that make America unsafe and if we were to just give up our weapons, the government would be there to protect us.  Nothing could be further from the truth as a handful of Somali pirates demonstrated to the world’s navies.  On the domestic front, in Aurora, Colorado, an incredibly fast 90 second response time to the theater massacre was clearly not enough either and demonstrated again the insanity in believing the government can protect you.

In truth, what America needs for security is the same as what those ships required.  It isn’t a police state, or better intelligence and surveillance, or massive government firepower and raids.  It is simply the willingness to take responsibility for your own safety and security and those around you.  This goes beyond taking up arms, but the fact that you can arm is essential and a core aspect of this principle right.  You can never get safer or freer than by living in an armed society of citizens that understand this responsibility.



Veterans Administration Acting as Backdoor to Seize Firearms

VA Establishes Back Door to Disarm Veterans


In a “Quick reference Guide for Clinicians” obtained by LMS, the Veterans Administration guide instructs clinicians to question veterans on whether or not they have access to firearms.  It then goes further and instructs clinician to restrict the patient’s access to those firearms using the police if necessary.  In fairness to the VA, the guide is for potentially suicidal vets; however, the knowledge that gun confiscation may be a part of the treatment plan will scare off vets in need of and seeking help for a range of issues such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Further, in the event a clinician orders the veteran restricted from access to firearms (whether justifiably or note), this diagnosis will likely plague the veteran and bar any future purchase or possession of firearms.  Once diagnosed, the veteran has few to no resources to undo the damage to their gun rights even if the suicidal tendencies were a temporary, treatable, or curable condition.

Even more chilling is how this practice can be expanded to other issues such as depression or other common symptoms of PTSD that often occur in many returning veterans, but typically subside on their own quickly.  For many of those veterans in transition, the military urges and sometimes mandates psychological screening and treatment.  Any positive diagnosis or even temporary treatment to include routine counseling could be used to justify a psychologically unstable or incompetent verdict being rendered against the veteran.  Under state and federal firearms laws this could again, bar future purchase or possession of a firearm.  Based on studies and threat warnings released by the Department of Homeland Security that have vilified gun owning veterans as terrorists and potential right-wing extremists, it is not a leap to suggest that the current Administration seeks to quietly disarm its returning veterans using this backdoor tactic of forcing treatment and then using the “documented” mental or psychological treatment to permanently disarm them.  Not only would that remove probably the most capable armed segment in this society that this Administration has called potential “terrorists,” but could be done with government paid “experts” in very short order.

Our veterans deserve the very best in care, but what they do not deserve is to be stripped of their constitutional rights for their service.  Veterans dealing with PTSD, which could at times include suicidal thoughts, neither want nor need to be labeled and blacklisted.  They need to be treated and treated in a manner where they are free from legal recriminations that have ranged from biased custody judgements, denial of security clearances, and now even the very rights the fought to preserve!  Please write your local VFW, Foreign Legion, and Congressional representatives and demand this policy be modified to ensure veterans are not banned from possessing firearms and that there is a clear and simple process to reverse cases already processed.