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Trump Declares Holy War during Speech in Saudi Arabia

I must admit, Trump’s trip to the Middle East and his planned speech were not on my list of highly recommended things for Trump to undertake.  The trip was high risk with a low potential for any pay off.  Nonetheless, even the mainstream media networks were grudgingly admitting that he appears to have pulled it off.  This may indeed be true, but this is not reason to celebrate.  Just because the propagandists and the poorly informed think President Trump’s unapologetic speech was a success, you may want to ask the other half of the Muslim world.  In fact, every Shia Muslim listening to Trump’s speech heard his message loud and clear.  The United States has joined forces with Sunni Arabs in a holy war against Shia Islam.  Congratulations President Trump, you just signed the US up for an Islamic holy war and it will cost our country dearly.

In case you missed it, President Trump proudly declared to a room filled with brutal and despotic leaders from most of the Sunni-Muslim countries in the region that Iran, Yemen, and Syria were the new Axis of Evil.  The utter hypocrisy of anyone in that room calling another country “more evil” or “the real supporter of terrorism” should have been profound and given good people pause.  However, President Trump went further declaring his support for these countries cemented by a $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, which means ISIS is about to get the best weapons US tax dollars can buy to kill Americans.  Yes, it is considered a “sale,” but let’s be real, the money is a political buy-off and we know that these weapons are going to make their way to unsavory groups hell bent on killing infidels, which specifically include Shia Muslims.  All said, in the Middle East, the message was clear.  The US is now at war with the over 200 million Muslims that practice Shia Islam.  I would have rather we stayed out of it completely,  but pitting America smack in the middle of two factions that have literally been fighting each other since the 7th Century A.D. must have seemed like a smart move to the “Swamp.”  Either way, per my previous article discussing how Trump’s generals running amuck have moved the US closer to an all-out war with Syria, Russia, and Iran, you can be certain now that Iran will be preparing to actively engage US interests and forces based throughout the Middle East.

So for now, enjoy the strong man bravado and the “good will” amongst our despotic allies across the Middle East and North Africa.  General, I mean President Trump, is now at the helm and going to create a grand bargain that will suddenly convince peoples that have been killing each other for millennia to set aside differences.  Mark my words; it won’t be long until we realize the folly of injecting our nation in what is in every way a foreign problem and foreign war.  President Trump’s over generalizations of the deep rooted problems of the region and toward America will only lead to our nation being overextended and bankrupted by a never ending series of bloody and indecisive conflicts.  Our Founding Fathers knew this danger all too well and profusely warned against such foreign expeditions.  Perhaps, President Trump should skip a few holes of golf and spend an hour less in the mirror and use that time to read a history book.  He might learn something.  You heard it here first.

By Guiles Hendrik

May 22, 2017

The Price You Will Pay for Trump Dumping the Iran Nuclear Deal

Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades Support Fight Against IS in Iraq.  Source: http://thefederalist-gary.blogspot.com/2015/05/hezbollah-brigades-lead-iraqi.html

Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades Support Fight Against IS in Iraq. Source: http://thefederalist-gary.blogspot.com/2015/05/hezbollah-brigades-lead-iraqi.html

The current “deal” with Iran over its nuclear program is better defined as policy capitulation.  To be viable, the deal must have teeth and achieve the endstate desired by the United States.  The current “deal” with Iran is neither and ultimately does not stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.  Therefore, a renegotiation of the treaty is necessary to avoid war.  However, war may still be the inevitable result of either doing nothing or trying to force a renegotiation the Iranians are unwilling to engage in.  If Iran continues to get closer to a nuclear weapon, there will be a major war irrespective of whether or not the US wants it.  Further, if Iran feels cornered, it may simply refuse to renegotiate anything and regionally retaliate against US pressure leading to a military engagement.  Iran isn’t a paper tiger and has the ability cause the US significant problems if we do drive a hard bargain.  Donald Trump will need to understand this in finite detail or the US will pay in blood and treasure abroad and at home. Read more