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Who benefits when the world attacks Yemen? Al Qaeda and the Elite.

Who benefits when the world attacks Yemen?  This is a question that policies makers should have asked before allowing the president to start another foreign war.  In fact, it was asked and the answer was Al Qaeda.  Being that Al Qaeda would be the ultimate winner, one must wonder what kind of treason allowed this war to proceed.  In spite of this knowledge, the United States still backed an Arab coalition in a completely unjustified offensive war against Yemen.  The purported purpose was to bring back the ousted president, but anyone with half a brain would immediately know this was preposterous.  Yemenis are not going to ever accept a president that used a foreign militaries to kill its citizens to regain power.  Thus, knowing that the US was aware that by weakening the Houthi rebels they would by default strengthen Al Qaeda and still not achieve their stated goal, one must look deeper to reveal very disturbing consistencies in US Foreign Policy.

To recap, since the ouster of Yemen’s president widely seen as a US puppet, Saudi Arabia has overtly and the US clandestinely bombed Yemen.  The Houthis still retain power and the population is even more aligned against the ousted president than before the war against Yemen was unleashed.  Further, AQ broke into a prison and released 300 terrorist prisoners.  Al Qaeda has also made significant territorial gains and seized military bases containing weapons stockpiles.  In the meantime, a humanitarian disaster has ensued with thousands of civilians being killed in the bombing raids and fighting while many Yemenis are starving to death.  This operation by any bar has been a total failure and is becoming a humanitarian disaster.  However, no one in the media or Congress is calling out President Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize recipient, for starting an unconstitutional war, losing it, and killing thousands of innocent people all while aiding our enemy.  Why? Read more

Christians Massacred with Weapons Supplied by US across Africa and Middle East

July 29, 2013 Kano, Nigera:  Multiple explosions have hit a predominantly Christian area in Nigeria’s northern Kano city, with security forces transporting scores of wounded to area hospitals, witnesses say.  “We have had some explosions in Sabon Gari [neighbourhood] this evening,” Kano state Police Commissioner Musa Daura confirmed on Monday night.  Christians are continually targeted and killed by the thousands in Nigeria by Islamic Extremists.  The US remains neutral and continues to focus its interests in Nigeria on oil and resource exploitation, which has been at the expense of the Christians.

August 20, 2013 Cairo, Egypt:  Coptic Christian churches are looted and destroyed by Islamic extremists linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Nuns were forced to undergo public humiliation and were marched down streets as they were taunted and attacked by Islamists.  In Egypt, the situation for Christians is dire and many have already been killed, wounded, and or forced to flee the country.  The White House remains mute and appears to be maintaining support for the Muslim Brotherhood through its inaction.  President Obama refuses to recognize the broadly supported government that replaced President Morsi, which is now in charge of Egypt.  Further, the White House has condemned the new government’s actions to dismantle the radical Islamic elements unified under the banner of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Syria:  Some of the most holy sites in Christendom have been attacked and destroyed by Islamic extremists.  Christians have been forced to flee or have been executed by elements within the Free Syrian Army (FSA).  President Obama has paid no attention to the suffering of Christians at the hands of radical Islamists.  In fact, Obama has authorized the training and arming of these Al Qaeda terrorists, which have brutally massacred entire Christian communities.

Pakistan:  Christians are broadly discriminated against, assaulted, and even murdered for adhering to their faith.  In response, the US continues to provide Pakistan with military support and billions of dollars in aid.

All over the world, US Foreign Policy is directly and or indirectly leading to the deaths of thousands of Christians.  In some countries, the Christian communities have been nearly completely wiped out.  Instead of expressing outrage and supporting what would be some of America’s most natural allies in these countries, the Obama Administration has repeatedly ignored their plight and left them for dead.  On a humanitarian front, the US indifference is simply inexcusable.  However, there has been one world leader that has spoken out for the rights of Christians when other leaders of Christian nations have turned their backs.

“The rights of religious minorities, including Christians, are being infringed all over the planet and humanity must take measures to stop such instances,” Vladimir Putin said at the meeting with Orthodox Christian leaders in Moscow.  “In many of the World’s regions, especially in the Middle East and in North Africa inter-confessional tensions are mounting and the rights of religious minorities are infringed, including Christians and Orthodox Christians,” the Russian President noted, adding that such conflicts could lead to the most serious consequences. Putin called for immediate measures to prevent such situations.

It is truly a sad day when the US turns its back on its religious foundation.  Instead, it is Russia that has become the light of freedom and security for Christians around the world.  This situation just over two decades ago would have been unthinkable and shows how far from grace the US has fallen.  As America turns its back on its Christian heritage, it will lose the very foundations of what formed the very essence of Western Civilization.  Christianity formed our country and our culture.  Without it, our civilization will not survive and devolve into savagery unguided by the critical morals and ethics imbued in a culture guided by a religious ethos.  A free republic devoid of a collective moral consciousness unified by a common religious ideology is simply incompatible with law and order.  The loss of faith in a higher power and the US government’s war on Christianity marks a dark day in our country’s history.  Contrary to trendy pundits, it does not mark a progression in American culture, but rather, a decided turn toward cultural regression.  Please ask your elected representatives to stand with Christians around the world and oppose US policies that lead to their murder and discrimination.


By Guiles Hendrik

August 23, 2013

All rights reserved.

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