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Uber Joins Forces with NYC to Track You

I hope it isn’t coming as a surprise that Uber is collecting data on your travel habits.  However, as I previously warned (See: http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/2016/05/10/uber-update-uber-confirmed-to-be-providing-your-private-travel-data-to-the-government/) Uber has ceased to be the enemy of Big Brother and instead is now its best friend.  I noted that as soon as the government realized how much information it could gain by analyzing Uber’s travel data on passengers, the law suits against Uber would disappear.  Well, amazingly, the resistance of cities to Uber’s business has been evaporating before our eyes, so was the marriage with Big Brother consummated?

As an analyst, you learn to pay close attention to the timing of events.   Rarely are they random and coincidences are clues, not accidents.  In the case of Uber, which received stiff resistance from the taxi cab union in New York City, it appears that the marriage was consummated.  Reports are now circulating the NYC has been demanding the Uber hand over all of its travel data.  What this means is Uber is providing all of your travel data to NYC and that data is then passed to federal agencies and databases.  NYC is literally tracking you everywhere you go (See: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-05/uber-accuses-nyc-snooping-its-passengers-they-want-full-details-every-trip-you-ever-).   Ironically, New York simultaneously sued Uber for maintaining its users’ data (See:  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-07/uber-reaches-accord-with-new-york-over-tracking-data-on-users).

Let me be clear.  The communist state of New York feels it is a violation of your privacy if a private company maintains your travel data, but believes it has the authority to demand all of that same private data is provided to the government.  Hypocrisy is an understatement, but when did that ever matter to radical Leftists like Mayor Bloomberg?  If you don’t hear Orwell knocking you need to start listening to what is going on.  This is the police state Orwell envisioned.  You have the power to stop this if you take some simple actions now.  Inform Uber that you won’t use their service if they continue to save and pass on your travel information.  If they blow you off, delete their app and stop using their service.  You can vote with your wallet and this is extremely powerful when used en masse.


By Guiles Hendrik

January 26, 2017

Part II of The Gun Confiscation Goes Mainstream: Tyranny in the Land of the “Free”

Part II: The Gun Ban is Announced

Last night I spoke of how to resist encroaching gun control laws and regulation. However, I admitted that we are fighting a rigged game and that I fully expect to see a gun ban in the near future.  As this ban goes into effect, you can expect to see it follow a set pattern.  However, unlike other countries around the world to include Australia, Canada, and the U.K., the US will not follow the script, which I will discuss in “Part III: Resistance.”  In short, gun confiscation means major chaos is in the future for the US.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this is avoidable at this point so it is best to spend your time preparing.  Here is how you can expect it to play out.

The march toward total gun confiscation in the US has been a gradual one. It hasn’t been an easy fight and has been resisted the entire way by sensible Americans.  In fact, recently, the pro-gun lobby has won numerous major successes in court.  Nonetheless, today we are still standing on the edge of the gun ban cliff and looking into the abyss as a free nation.  Taking stock of the situation, we must recognize some hard facts working in favor of the elitist cabal dedicated to your total disarmament.  The ballot boxes have been stacked by illegitimate voters, the system to include judges and educators is now filled with Leftist operatives, the latest generation to come of age has been brainwashed to view all guns as evil, our population has lost its morality, and we no longer collectively view an armed populace as a necessary element of a free state.  As bad, the majority of our population is constantly is some state of drug induced mental paralysis whether by illegal drugs such as heroin and marijuana or legal drugs such as alcohol and anti-depressants.  This mass sedation makes the population far easier to manipulate, control, and ultimately convince to willingly enter oppression and slavery.  We are so close to a gun ban that if only a handful of seats change hands in the House and Senate an avalanche of new gun control legislation to include the UN’s Gun Ban Treaty will move forward.  Further, it is probable that even with a Republican controlled Congress they will still sell out their constituents and side with elitist interests by embracing gun control.  To illustrate this point, remember Mitt Romney had a far worse record of gun control than even Bill Clinton.  As such, don’t be surprised when another major “mass shooting” event is staged and used to justify the final push to ban firearms in the US irrespective of who “controls” Congress and sits in the White House.

When the order is given for Americans to disarm and turn in their weapons, it will come in phases just like it has occurred repeatedly in other countries. Read more

If You Like Living in a Police State, Vote for Jeb Bush

For those not already nauseated by the constant spin surrounding the bought candidates vying to seize power as President of the United States, you may have caught Jeb Bush’s comments he made at the National Security Forum in South Carolina. Jeb Bush clarified for the world a number of key facts about who he is, what he believes, and where he stands on issues. In short, he is not compatible as the leader of a free republic and certainly should be disqualified as anything more than a traitor to freedom and liberty.

To summarize Jeb Bush’s positions, it is worth beginning with the fact he has nothing but contempt for the Fourth Amendment and the Constitution. In fact, it appears he disregards the rule of law completely and believes, like President Obama, that the presidency affords him unlimited power. He utterly dismisses civil liberties arguments respective of governmental overreach and clearly wants a bigger, more powerful police state. Specifically, he stated that NSA’s domestic spying program needs to be expanded and made more powerful. I guess intercepting and storing every single electronic transaction, statement, text, email, and phone call to name just a few areas of focus isn’t Orwellian enough for Jeb. He also stated that he couldn’t find a single example of how NSA’s spying violated the law. Clearly Jeb must be constitutionally illiterate or more likely thinks a president is not subject to the rule of law and checks and balances of our constitutional republic. Read more

Why the government elite love Uber: Your travel is now a searchable public record.

For those unfamiliar, Uber (https://www.uber.com/) is an app driven rideshare program similar to a taxi, but far more efficient and user friendly. In fact, I actually love Uber’s service. Even when traveling abroad in unfamiliar cities, I can quickly and safely have a clean car pick me up wherever I am located and transport me comfortably to my destination at rates often far less than comparable taxi services. I know who is picking me up, don’t have to haggle over prices, and can even rate my driver (and he/she can rate me), which keeps most people honest and polite. However, hidden away in all of this convenience is a poison pill the police state loves.

Uber, unlike taxis, is by design cashless for safety and convenience. Once a system becomes cashless, the citizen loses privacy and can no longer travel with anonymity. Few things scare a despotic government more than the ability for people to freely move with anonymity. As such, Uber’s electronic files on your travels will soon become a critical piece of the intelligence community’s Read more

Who benefits when the world attacks Yemen? Al Qaeda and the Elite.

Who benefits when the world attacks Yemen?  This is a question that policies makers should have asked before allowing the president to start another foreign war.  In fact, it was asked and the answer was Al Qaeda.  Being that Al Qaeda would be the ultimate winner, one must wonder what kind of treason allowed this war to proceed.  In spite of this knowledge, the United States still backed an Arab coalition in a completely unjustified offensive war against Yemen.  The purported purpose was to bring back the ousted president, but anyone with half a brain would immediately know this was preposterous.  Yemenis are not going to ever accept a president that used a foreign militaries to kill its citizens to regain power.  Thus, knowing that the US was aware that by weakening the Houthi rebels they would by default strengthen Al Qaeda and still not achieve their stated goal, one must look deeper to reveal very disturbing consistencies in US Foreign Policy.

To recap, since the ouster of Yemen’s president widely seen as a US puppet, Saudi Arabia has overtly and the US clandestinely bombed Yemen.  The Houthis still retain power and the population is even more aligned against the ousted president than before the war against Yemen was unleashed.  Further, AQ broke into a prison and released 300 terrorist prisoners.  Al Qaeda has also made significant territorial gains and seized military bases containing weapons stockpiles.  In the meantime, a humanitarian disaster has ensued with thousands of civilians being killed in the bombing raids and fighting while many Yemenis are starving to death.  This operation by any bar has been a total failure and is becoming a humanitarian disaster.  However, no one in the media or Congress is calling out President Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize recipient, for starting an unconstitutional war, losing it, and killing thousands of innocent people all while aiding our enemy.  Why? Read more

LMS Civilian Response Team: Ferguson Conundrum Solved by Community Security

When police get it right.

When police get it right.

I wanted to take a moment to follow up on Last Minute Survival’s Civilian Response Team initiative.  Our initiative proved that not just in Ferguson, but that in communities around the country a well-organized community response is far better protection and security than anything the state can provide.  Not only did our teams respond to crisis areas completely ignored by government agencies, but provided real protection to businesses and residents unable to provide for their own defense.  Further, our teams were able to accomplish this without heavy handed police state tactics.  Read more

Why are Virginia police going door to door to “inform” businesses about open carry of firearms?

First, let me open by saying I hope all of my readers have enjoyed a nice holiday.  I am happy to be back after a working vacation in the mountains and have a ton to discuss since my last articles.  Much has transpired domestically as well as globally and I will be discussing these critical events in the coming weeks so please sign up for email alerts and check back regularly to Last Minute Survival.  You won’t want to miss the latest intelligence, reviews, and alerts we have lined up.  Finally, thank you again for your support.  The network we have built at LMS would not be possible without our highly active subscribers.

Over the last month, Alexandria County Police have been going door to door visiting businesses to “inform” them about Virginia gun laws and handing out fliers [see flier here: https://vcdl.org/sites/default/files/Alexandria_Flyer.jpg].  The question is why?  Did the highly affluent Virginia suburb of Washington, DC suddenly become confused and demand police spend limited time and resources to clarify state laws or did people suddenly start flagrantly violating the law en masse?  The truth is the police were targeting the area not because of illegal activity, but because of constitutionally protected legal activity.  Yes, you heard that right.  Alexandria felt that citizens legally going about their business were such an affront to the “good order” of Alexandria that they needed to go door to door to warn businesses about these people that dared to openly carry a firearm.  Read more

DC Criminalizes Constitutional Rights: City Issuing $1,000 Rewards for Neighbors to Rat on Neighbors with Guns


DC Continues Harassment of Legal Gun Owners...Rewards Tipsters that Report Legally Owned Firearms.

DC Continues Harassment of Legal Gun Owners…Rewards Tipsters that Report Legally Owned Firearms.

Thanks to our aware readers, Last Minute Survival is the first to bring you another breaking scandal.

In what we have come to expect from our growing Orwellian police state, the District of Columbia has now taken your tax dollars to pay neighbors to rat out and harass fellow neighbors with firearms.  Disturbingly, DC is soliciting, via ads on metro buses (see photo), information on anyone with a gun.  Even though the ads ask people to provide tips on anyone with an “illegal” gun, the implicit message is that ANY gun inside of DC “must” be illegal.  This politically targeted campaign of harassment sets the stage for gross violations of both the 2nd and 4th Amendments of the US Constitution, destroys the notion of probable cause, criminalizes lawful behavior, and justifies potentially deadly police raids.

This “crime fighting” initiative is the latest form of harassment in the long history of the DC government refusing to recognize the Second Amendment right of its citizens.  Even after the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution applies to federal enclaves and protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home, DC still continues to flagrantly violate the right of citizens to own and possess a firearm within DC.  According to DC’s new initiative, if you see someone exercising what is not only lawful, but a constitutionally protected right, you must immediately call the police.  Even better, you get a reward of up to $1,000.  This initiative is analogous to telling the public to call the police if you see a reporter doing a story, a citizen speaking against a corrupt government policy, or someone worshipping in the religion of their choice.  Of course we should recoil against the thought of these gross violations of our rights, but in the case of firearms, it now appears you are guilty until proven innocent of lawfully exercising a right.  Just imagine having to buy ammunition covertly or as soon as you leave the gun store a “good citizen” is following you and providing your information to the cops to receive political bounties.  If you can criminalize one right, how long do you really think before all of your other rights are meaningless?  If you are thinking this is just a DC thing and doesn’t concern you, then allow this action to stand.  Within months you will see this same initiative pop up across the nation and soon it will be your neighbors being paid to rat you out every time you target practice in your back yard or head to the range.

The DC initiative sets a very dangerous legal precedent by completely obliterating a citizen’s Fourth Amendment protections against illegal search and seizure.  Specifically, someone can anonymously phone in a tip on an innocent person and that person will be taken down violently by the police.  Also, there are no safe guards for someone abusing the tip system.  How great would this be for a spiteful neighbor or anti-gun zealot to exact revenge and harass you?  There is a huge difference between someone witnessing what they genuinely believe to be a crime in progress, providing their identity, and the police acting on the tip and the police detaining and or raiding someone’s home for exercising what is a totally legal and protected right.  The Supreme Court is clear that anonymous tips in particular do not meet the 4th Amendment’s bar for probable cause, which is necessary for obtaining a warrant and executing a detention, search, and seizure.  Further, the fact someone has a gun or something that looks like a gun in and of itself is not probably cause of a crime.  Delving deeper, it would be nearly impossible for a citizen to know whether or not a firearm was owned “legally” in DC under the current laws that now DO permit firearms in the city.  This sets the stage for perpetual harassment of citizens that legally possess a firearm to include many law enforcement officers that reside within the city.

Beyond the outright disturbing nature of DC paying people to rat out their neighbors and harassing citizens for exercising their rights, it sets the stage for far deadlier situation and a massive waste of limited law enforcement resources.  Once these “tips” are made, DC police will act to “arrest” the offender.  Arguing “officer safety,” police will most likely opt for a SWAT style raid of the home of the person alleged to have a firearm.  These SWAT raids are extremely dangerous for all parties and have led to numerous deaths and injuries of innocent civilians to include children and babies to speak nothing of the terror it causes the person whose home was just raided.  These raids also often mistakenly raid the wrong home.  In the event of these “no knock” warrants, a law abiding citizen with a firearm may genuinely think their house is being robbed and go for their gun as their doors are kicked in.  In example after example, the police then proceed to execute the surprised homeowner as they storm the home and use the justification that the officers were acting in good faith when they murdered the innocent homeowner to indemnify themselves from legal action.

Make no mistake; the DC initiative to have neighbors tip off police is no accident.  It is a thinly veiled agenda by anti-gun elites such as former New York City Mayor Michael Rubens Bloomberg to circumvent the Constitution and criminalize not just the right to have firearms, but mentally condition the public that all firearms are bad.  Together, we can expose this and stop it cold or we will all be facing this same “crime fighting initiative” in our home towns soon.  You heard it here first at Last Minute Survival.  Take action now.

By Guiles Hendrik

November 19, 2014

Lessons from Ferguson: Policing goes Paramilitary

Paramilitary Police Draw Down on Man in Ferguson, Missouri

Paramilitary Police Draw Down on Man in Ferguson, Missouri

The events leading up to the shooting death of an 18 year old man in Fergusson by a police officer are under investigation and the “facts” appear to be conflicting. What are not in doubt are the events that transpired after the shooting. Citizens genuinely concerned and outraged wanting a full and impartial investigation rose up in peaceful, legitimate protests, but so did the most criminal elements within our society. It appears that not only was the race baiting, rabble rousers such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ready to pounce and exploit this shooting, but so were many hoodlums that exploited the protests to rob, loot, and destroy. The media was right on their heels to cover the ratings generating violence and President Obama wasted no time wading into what can only be considered divisive racial politics his track record suggests he favors stoking. However, as prepared citizens, what really should concern us is at least two-fold and goes far beyond the distractive on-going racial narrative from Missouri. Read more

Why are Armored Guard Posts in Target’s Parking Lot?

Today while shopping at Target I noticed something unusual in the parking lot.  Rising above the middle of the parking lot was a large, mobile guard post.  It had many cameras, dark tinted windows, and appeared armored.  Further, there was a police cruiser parked at its base.  Seeing this, I wondered, what could possible justify making the parking lot of Target look like a federal penitentiary.  Perhaps it was just a new “Supermax” Target?  Was there some imminent terrorist threat against Target?  Should I pack my kids up and flee now for safety?  No one in management seemed to have any comment so it must have just materialized out of thin air.

The reality is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is becoming ever more overt in its actions toward implementing a complete police state.  As the tower attests, DHS has been working overtime to militarize our local police forces.  In fact, DHS has spent billions of taxpayer dollars to provide local police with equipment designed for full scale warfare.  In short, they are using your money to build the infrastructure to totally control you and every aspect of your life.  The DHS provided equipment includes items like Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) armored vehicles, microwave and ultra low frequency emitting “crowd control” devices, high tech intelligence and surveillance equipment to include drones, and mobile guard towers.  Previously these items were only seen on overseas battlefields and used against America’s most unsavory enemies, but now in keeping with the militarization and takeover of local police, DHS has handed these items out like candy to local cops.  The unstated, but nonetheless real effect of the change in police demeanor from peace officers to storm troopers has been to imbalance the delicate Constitutional balance between the power of the State and the collective power of the people to challenge the State effectively in the event the State becomes illegitimate.

There are neither credible threats against Target to justify this militarized checkpoint nor is there any chance this waste of tax payer dollars would prevent an attack should there actually be one.  This ominous icon of a war zone is designed to desensitize the population to the fact they are monitored, spied on, recorded, and no longer free to even shop for socks without the government’s all seeing eye prying upon their every move.  This type of emerging soft tyranny must be identified, highlighted, resisted, and ultimately shut down at every single emergence.

This particular tower in Potomac Yard Shopping Center (Alexandria, Virginia) was procured by wasting taxpayer dollars and put into use by the Alexandria, Virginia Police Department.  After discussing the tower with local law enforcement the consensus seems to be that the tower was emplaced to thwart a rise in thefts during the holidays around store parking lots.  After all, who wouldn’t want better “public safety?”  However, that rationale fails the logic test.  First of all, after follow-on observation it appears the tower is an overpriced scarecrow because it wasn’t manned and perhaps the video monitoring wasn’t even active.  As such, there was no one actually present to “prevent” a crime.  At best this would only support follow-on investigation if the cameras were operational and pointed in the right direct.  Thus, an unmanned tower provides no more security than store cameras already in place.  Second, the policing is being done on commercial property with your tax dollars.  If Target parking lots are not safe, it is incumbent upon Target to bear the burden of the cost of making their premises safe and secure for shoppers and not Alexandria Police Department.  If the threat is really that high to shoppers as the government would like to scare you into believing, then where is the data to support this and why would we dare take our families out Christmas shopping?  Third, the cost of purchasing, maintaining, moving, emplacing, monitoring, and manning these towers must run into the millions of dollars.  This is an extremely high price tag for what the tower provides and approaches a complete waste of tax dollars.  Fourth, to actually make it effective for its purported purpose of preventing thefts in parking lots during the holiday season, it would have to be manned with a minimum of two officers for at least two shifts a day to cover the shopping hours.  This surveillance would effectively remove significant manpower from a police department’s normal shifts and result in a reduced ability to respond to actual calls for help and criminal activity.  Finally, one must ask whether they want this type of life.  People must use their god given mind to envision where this leads in the future.  A life where the pettiest of crimes results in a justification for a police state is abhorrent to a free society.  There is no freedom of anything when on every corner, at every moment of our lives, armed government goons are ready to swoop in and enforce the smallest of infractions with overwhelming violence.

I ask all of you to contact Target and demand these icons of our emerging police state be immediately removed from their premises or we will boycott their store.  We have already begun a local campaign and to date, Target management has only officially responded by email with a generic “sorry for the inconvenience.”  This is unacceptable and we must make our voices the loudest in the room.  Further, we need to educate the management of Target and other retail stores on what is unacceptable to us as their customers in respect to further police state actions.  By combining our efforts and getting the word out to other internet outlets, talk radio, TV, and our friends and family about these excesses we can expose these tyrannical actions and stop them.  Please take action today and use all your personal clout to impress others to action.

Target’s contact information is as follows:

Potomac Yard Shopping Center


3101 Jefferson Davis Hwy

Alexandria, VA 22305-3042

(703) 706-3840



By Guiles Hendrik

December 15, 2013

All rights reserved.

Radio vs Gun

We live in a time where many citizens are being illegally deprived of their Second Amendment right.  In cities like Chicago it is still nearly impossible for an average citizen to “legally” carry a firearm for self-defense.  This situation becomes even more pronounced when traveling overseas in countries with total gun control.  As such, the issue of how to protect yourself and your family against predatory thugs when disarmed is a situation we have all likely experienced and had to endure.  This article does not seek to diminish the necessity of firearms, but does provide an expedient option that has proven time and again to be highly effective at deterring criminals.

A few months ago a veteran Special Forces operator and I were chatting about the degree to which the US had moved toward tyranny and a police state.  We discussed strategies we had successfully employed when confronted with threats where we desired a firearm, but for one reason or another were unable to carry one.  One tactic we employed domestically as well as overseas was carrying a policy style radio.  At times the radio may have been even more effective than a firearm as its presence alone dispersed a crowd much larger (and likely armed) than someone armed would want to confront.  To employ this tactic, one should consider carrying a Motorola style “police” handheld radio in a manner that looks covert enough to appear cop-like, but overt enough to be clearly seen by thugs. We both used this simple strategy very effectively.

In both our experiences, the moment the radio was seen by the circling predators, they immediately backed off and left the area.  Criminals hate cops, but rarely look for a fight with a cop when they are not cornered.  It is this perception of law enforcement that is so effective at deterring potential assailants.  Further, the radio is generally not a restricted item that security will take from you or that you can be punished for possessing.  As such, it can be carried concealed, overseas, and even through airport security.  It is also an object that is recognized worldwide as associated with official government activities that the public generally would prefer not to be involved with.  The effect can be amplified by purchasing and using the stereotypical “pigtail” earpiece often associated with Secret Service Agents.  Finally, if the radio is actually functional, you can even use it to legitimately call for backup if in trouble.  Employed properly, the criminal will generally pick another target and you live another day.

We are not suggesting that carrying a police style radio is going to stop all potential attacks and may not even be visible during low light conditions or at night.  However, it certainly causes any potential assailant to hesitate and second guess whether or not to go through with their criminal act.  It is within this window of opportunity created where you can effect escape, execute a defense, or potentially avert the attack completely.  Further, when no firearms are available or allowed, it is one item that is available, but goes overlooked as potentially useful for deterrence.  Also, the weight of the radio makes it suitable as an expedient bludgeon.  Although new Motorola XTS 5000 style radios can be extremely expensive, plenty of very affordable Motorola radios such as the Motorola CP185 have the look and function you need for effective deterrence.  Ultimately, you must evaluate your own personal defense plan, but in a pinch, this Last Minute Survival Tip is certainly one to consider.


By Guiles Hendrik

Cop Fired for Speaking Out Against Ticket and Arrest Quotas…

From Reason.com

“Auburn, Alabama is home to sprawling plains, Auburn University, and a troubling police force. After the arrival of a new police chief in 2010, the department entered an era of ticket quotas and worse.

“When I first heard about the quotas I was appalled,” says former Auburn police officer Justin Hanners, who claims he and other cops were given directives to hassle, ticket, or arrest specific numbers of residents per shift. “I got into law enforcement to serve and protect, not be a bully.””

See the rest at:



Change the Debate: How to Win the Battle for Gun Rights Part I: Understanding the Fight

Ladies and gentlemen, dark days are upon us.  Not since the Civil War has the liberty and freedom of this Republic been under so great a threat.  What makes this threat so dire is that it is both internal and external.  Unlike past foreign, external threats that were overt and allowed the American people to rally around a common cause, these threats are covert and come from within.  These threats are quietly supported externally by powerful financiers and are designed to lead to America tearing herself apart from within.  These forces could be summarized as geopolitical enemies like China and ideological enemies such as globalists, the heads of big banks, and the European Union.  What they all have in common is a universal disdain for American values, freedom, and liberty, and the threat America poses to their consolidation of world power and control.  The proof is all around.  What was sacred, moral, ethical, and right only 50 years ago is now derided by the government, media, and pop culture.  Our nation is not a melting pot, but a patchwork of government fabricated special interest groups all fighting against the others resulting in gain only for the elite.  The fundamental rights of free speech, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, free press, the ability to keep and enjoy what one earns, and the ability to defend all of the above against those wanting to take it have been abolished or constrained and limited to the point of irrelevance.  Those unwilling to submit to these new pillars of correctness and  to surrender their freedom and liberty are chastised, black balled, insulted, penalized, fired from jobs,  and now even put on terrorist watch lists and arrested.  Only by going on the offensive and recalibrating the arguments can this be turned around.  We have been pushed too far and must reclaim ground.  Ladies and gentlemen, to use a football analogy, we are on the one yard line and the enemy is about to score.  There is no further room to give and we must push them back.

It’s time to change the debate just as the enemies of a free America have attempted with the “gun debate.”  If ,as they claim, we need to revisit the “meaning” of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, then we need to codify the fact that an individual has an unalienable right to self-defense of their person, property, and innocent civilians.  Further, it must be clear that this includes the right to own and carry weapons sufficient in power to offer a reasonable check against government tyranny as the central hallmark of the right.  This means that the weapons and armament possessed by the citizenry must be allowed to adapt to the technology of the day.  In 1786, a flintlock musket was the assault rifle of the day and was sufficient to counter tyranny.  Using the same bar, the population today is under armed.  We the people demand better access to true military grade assault rifles, suppressors, and anti-armor weapons and ammunition.  Further, the populace requires access to other high tech electronic warfare and communication devices to protect against spying, surveillance, and stand-off attack in order to balance against the police state that has rapidly risen over the last decade.  Remember, it is the government that should fear the people and not the reverse.  This is not extreme, but reasonable.  What IS extreme and unreasonable is the massive growth of “law enforcement” and paramilitary police organizations to the point cops are indistinguishable from front line combat soldiers and are sitting on every block.  What IS extreme and unreasonable is the Orwellian police state we have funded and built with tax dollars to place a camera on every square inch of land in America, to record every single electronic activity of every person in America without cause or warrant, and to create secret blacklists of people barred from travel and slated for detainment and or execution without due process.  What IS extreme and unreasonable is the police use of military armored vehicles that are now comparable in capability to tanks and drone aircraft used to spy and kill with impunity around the world against our civilian population.

We now face a situation where it is no longer a government of the people and for the people, but one of a government for the government and of the government, which will stop at nothing to protect the government even at the cost of those it is entrusted to protect and serve.  Those enemies of the free people, those elitist usurpers, those friends of tyrants, we know you and will call you out.  We will hound you at every step and turn your game upon your heads till all see you for your true colors.  Piers Morgan, Alan Dershowitz, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Arianna Huffington, Andrew Cuomo, Rachel Maddow, and the like behind the scenes are on notice.  We will not allow you to casually denounce us, mock our freedoms, and undermine our sovereignty.  We will see you fired from your jobs, defeated at the ballot box, discredited in academia, scorned in public.  You are the threat and the living proof why we not only need the Second Amendment in our Bill of “Rights,” but need to expand it to compensate for today’s challenges.  This is our constitutionally protected and defined right and responsibility.

The Government’s Ever Present Need for the Boogie Man and the Police State Illusion to Protect You

Military Deployed to the Streets of USA


In this piece, the need for government and industry to create a polarizing enemy to spread fear is presented as well as the dangers it spawns to liberty.  A society at peace is freer that one at war.  Today’s military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us of a half century ago is now a thriving insider market that thinks nothing of sending thousands of Americans to their unnecessary deaths as long as it sells one more piece of military hardware.  Couple industry’s unquenchable thirst for wealth with the executive’s unending lust for absolute power and you have a perfect storm for achieving tyranny through fear.

Today we are living in this fear based society.  It is sad so many people willing buy into the notion that 9/11 happened because we didn’t have a police state and so the only way to protect our nation is to create one.  This weak logic of the masses will ensure tyranny’s rise.  It was not the lack of government that allowed for 9/11, but the excesses of it.  Al Qaeda’s genesis alone can be credited to the backwards and shortsighted foreign policy of Washington during the Cold War where it blindly and hypocritically propped up brutal dictators and corrupt regimes in places such as Saudi Arabia.  Then our very own CIA funded, armed, trained, and equipped these jihadist fighters in places like Afghanistan, the Balkans, and most recently in Libya and Syria.  Couple this with a non-existent immigration policy and destructive partisan politics and you have all of the ingredients for 9/11, but one critical piece.  The last piece of the puzzle is rooted in society’s failure to raise another generation of Americans willing to die fighting rather than become complacent victims.  Our population has been so softened and conditioned to run away, call the police, or submit, they failed to react when it was most critical save their own lives except for one flight that was most likely shot down over Pennsylvania.  It is no accident that since 9/11 every single attempt for a passenger or passengers to commit an act of violence has been quickly resolved by swift and violent action by the passengers.  In truth, had Americans been conditioned to resist instead of willingly submit and cower, 9/11 would have been impossible regardless of the failures of law enforcement, intelligence and government policy.  Instead of the truth though, the government finds it more beneficial for itself to breed fear and brainwash Americans into thinking only through a Orwellian system of surveillance and control can security be achieved.  What groundless lies!

Ladies and gentlemen, therein lies your truth.  A police state serves only the purposes of the government and does not provide you a single bit more security.  Tyrants love it, free citizens suffer it.  A free society must accept personal and collective responsibility for its own security and not outsource it to power-hungry politicians, spy agencies, and industrialists.  In fact, the incredible response time of the Aurora Police Department in response to the theater shootings demonstrate this fact.  Even though police were less than two minutes away (essentially there), they were unable to prevent a horrendous massacre.  Just like 9/11, it is only through the willingness to resist and the individual to accept responsibility for his own and his community’s collective security that our nation will remain free and safe.  Do not buy the spin and refuse to accept the government’s facade that swaps freedom and liberty for security.  You will get neither.