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Shame on the US Park Police Gestapo: Punishing the Citizenry into Compliance

Before the showdown in Washington began over Obamacare and the Debt Ceiling, one would have been unlikely to see the US Park Police as particularly political.  In fact, a whole list of goon squads from the Executive Branch come to mind long before the rather jovial looking park rangers when it comes to being the enforcers of ridiculous, unnecessary, and oppressive Obama policy.  Nonetheless, the US Park Police have vaulted ahead of the pack as the leading minions of the police state.  This short article details some of the major outrages and hypocrisies related to the actions of the Park Police.

Since the “government shutdown,” the Park Police have demonstrated new levels of absurd and heavy handed government oppression.  In fact, the park police officers have spent more time, manpower, and energy ensuring that the public is prevented from obtaining any gratification from our National Parks than if they had just kept them open.  Only in government could such a ludicrous situation be created.  For example, it takes far fewer officers to allow people to drive by Mount Rushmore and continue on their way after a few minutes of photos than it does to try and seal off an entire mountain from public view.  Without doubt, the Park Police are operating on orders from Washington designed to punish the people the government is supposed to serve.  The abuse of American citizens is a thinly veiled attempt to punish the citizenry into compliance with a tyrant’s edict and is ample grounds for impeachment proceedings.  This situation is further proof that the government is an entity apart from the citizens it was solely created to serve and instead now operates as a separate entity serving only the elites.

The parks are owned by the people, not the government.  A legitimate government only exists to serve the best interests of the people and is not an entity upon itself.  It is impossible for the “government” to “own” anything and wield authority over it contrary to the public’s interests.  Therefore the notion of “government” property is an illusion created by corrupt tyrants in an effort to seize greater power from the people they falsely pretend to represent.  As such, the Park Police have no authority to refuse the public access to public property.  However, based on Park Police actions against the citizens from which it derives its funding and legitimacy, it appears that the “government” is acting as an independent entity.  The Park Police are taking actions as if they own the parks.  Based on this, one must logically conclude a few unsettling facts.  First, if the government owns the parks and can unilaterally deny access to “national” parks, then the government is an independent, private entity and not an organization of the citizenry designed to support the good of the people.  Second, this entity mimics a criminal enterprise calling itself the government and has fraudulently seized taxpayers’ dollars and spent them for their own corporate interests contrary to their stated purpose.  As such, the government has seized (arrested) citizens that attempted to view, visit, or pass through what was purported to be “public” property that now has been nationalized by a socialist corporate entity.

The Park Police are also glaring hypocrites and or idiots.  The notion that park police officers would “follow orders” and bar the few remaining World War II Marine veterans from visiting the Marine Corps War Memorial (aka The Iwo Jima Memorial), a memorial that was built to honor these same men, defies all reason.  It is bluntly a damn disgrace.  In fact, you would have to be a complete dip$%&! to actively prevent citizens and tourists from passing by monuments, memorials, and desolate tracts of natural acreage that on any other day, people quietly milled past without a second thought or park police officer anywhere nearby.  If President Obama hoped to cause outrage in the public, he succeeded, but that outrage is not targeted at the Republican Party.  It is targeted at his petty, childish, tantrum and he deserves impeachment.

Another interesting case of hypocrisy I have found relates to the inability of the Park Police to observe obvious lessons and project them into their day-to-day lives.  Rangers and park police will post signs throughout our national parks that read “don’t feed the wildlife because it creates dependency.”  They will even ticket/fine any violator and counsel them on how dangerous and destructive it is to give free handouts and food to the wildlife because it makes them overweight, lazy, and dependent.  This dependency ultimately leads to problem bears demanding more food and stealing it from homes or dying of starvation since they lose their ability to acquire food on their own.  One would think that with their very own signs staring them in the face that at least a few park police officers would realize this whole budget debate is about creating dependency.  Sadly though, it appears these Obama goons blindly support the edicts of a government regime that has made creating dependency its cornerstone policy even in light of knowing the disastrous effects it will have on the animal species, which humans are not exempt.

One must also address the constitutionality of this whole showdown.  In terms of the constitution, the President is wrong and holds no cards.  Contrary to his statements respective of not negotiating, if the Republicans hold firm, President Obama MUST negotiate.  The Constitution very clearly and explicitly gave the power to fund or not to fund ALL federal programs to the Congress.  This power was explicitly given to Congress (specifically the House of Representatives) as a means to check the Executive and Judicial branches and countermand actions of previous congresses that were presently seen as unnecessary or contrary to the wishes of the public.  It was in fact for just this type of situation, where an unchecked executive attempts to act contrary to the wishes of the people and jam a law through, that Congress was given the power to financially defund that action to stop it.  Further, President Obama is wrong in stating “Obamacare” is the law and must be funded.  There is ZERO constitutional obligation on Congress to fund any program unless the people/states it represents deem it.   Furthermore, President Obama’s statements far exceed the constitutional authorities vested in the executive.  Remember, the executive doesn’t make or interpret laws.  The executive’s primary purpose is to “execute” the laws passed by Congress.  With this in mind, the President has no authority to demand any law be enacted and enforced that Congress doesn’t want or has killed through defunding.

Respective of funding, both Congress and the President do have an obligation to pass a balanced budget and to prevent the US from defaulting.  However, they do not have an obligation to provide “free” healthcare.  Spending trillions more on socialized healthcare programs only serves to bankrupt the entire nation and should be stopped by a responsible Congress.  In fact, the US is so far in debt from egregious spending habits, that nearly all government programs, including entitlements, will need to be cut to prevent what now appears to be a certain default whether sooner or a bit later.  If the Park Service continues to act in the present manner, I for one will be voting their entire existence to be defunded permanently and the parks turned over to the states and or private business to operate.  After all, we are their bosses and they do work for us.  It’s time we demand what is ours and mass on the parks and impeach President Obama for the abuse of power.  The public…veterans, cops, truckers, students, tradesmen, factory workers, teachers, outdoor enthusiasts, tourists…all of us need to join together and crush this tyranny.  In closing, Park Police, don’t be douche bags or we are going to fire all of you.


By Guiles Hendrik

October 8, 2013

All rights reserved.