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Treason in our day: H.R.4269 – Assault Weapons Ban of 2015

When does an act reach the bar for high treason? If not when powerful men conspire to abolish the Constitution and your basic God given rights, then when?  I ask this question of all citizens because it is relevant in our time.  No longer do the Washington elite even try to conceal their hatred of your rights and the lust for absolute power.

While America was enjoying Christmas with family and friends, one of the most egregious pieces of legislative tyranny was introduced to Congress. This was deliberately timed to pass without attention because the framers of this conspiracy know exactly the level of treason they are trying to commit.  If we as Americans quietly accept this as mere politics, we are truly doomed to tyranny.  The legislation proposed is absolutely nothing short of the government giving itself the power to abolish the Constitution along with your rights without regard for the amendment process and rule of law.  Every sponsor of this bill should not only be recalled immediately from office, but placed in jail to await a trial on the charges of conspiracy and treason.

For reference, compare the language of the bill with the Second Amendment. Anyone with even basic intellect should immediately realize they are legally incompatible and the former is a direct attack and violation of the latter.

“To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.” H.R.4269 – Assault Weapons Ban of 2015

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Second Amendment of the United States Constitution

For those of you that read LMS on a regular basis, you know that I have clearly laid out time and again the agenda to ban and confiscate your firearms. You can read many of these articles to include my three part series (Gun Confiscation Goes Mainstream: Tyranny in the Land of the “Free”) at http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/?s=gun+ban.  What you will see is that I the government is following the script I forecasted would play out almost to the letter.  This is very ominous.  Based on the language and number of sponsors of the bill, it is conclusive evidence of a Washington conspiracy to not just limit, but outright ban and confiscate firearms in the United States. Read more

Global Updates: May 29, 2015

-Seismic activity has markedly increased globally over the last few months and 2015 may prove to be an above average year.  Major quakes have struck the Pacific Ring to include the disastrous quake in Nepal.  Just yesterday evening a large quake struck northern Alaska.  Further and I believe most likely related, volcanic activity is spiking globally.   Just this week a volcano in Southern Japan literally exploded while volcanoes from Chile to Hawaii are again spewing lava and ash.  These events tend to go in cycles as fault lines unzip and pressure is released.  One can reasonable expect more events in the coming months and should be on high alert if they live near/on a fault line, near an active volcano, or along a coast vulnerable to tsunamis.  Further, sustained volcanic activity will affect weather patterns and could lead to cooler than normal temperatures for months after the eruption.  Currently, this is not an issue, but if other major eruptions occur this year and are sustained, this will certainly alter the Earth’s weather because the ash gets swept up into the high atmosphere where it spreads globally and reflects sunlight.




-ISIL still holds Ramadi contrary to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s stupid predictions last week.   ISIL has now likely outmaneuvered the Iraqi counter attack claiming to have encircled “on 3 sides” the terrorist army.  I am not sure how that translates to “encircled,” but whether or not there was a problem with the Arabic translation, in plain English that means ISIL has a flank wide open to reinforce or retreat through and they likely exploited this gap.  The fact that we haven’t seen an outright retreat of ISIL from Ramadi, which the Iraqi government would quickly publicize, tells you everything you need to know about the facts on the ground.  Further, as the Iraqi Army bears down on Ramadi, ISIL will no doubt maneuver its main element to attack where the Iraqi Army is not in strength.  I would rate it highly likely that Fallujah, Hit, and areas of Baghdad will be attacked whether or not ISIL conducts a tactical withdrawal from Ramadi.  This tactic has already demonstrated it is effective against the slow and unwieldy government forces.  It wears them down, attrits their forces, and demoralizes the government.  The war will only intensify and if ISIL is not dislodged from Ramadi within the next week, it will likely solidify and hold its gains making any future attempts to dislodge them extremely costly for the Iraqi military.




-The US admits Obama’s ISL “strategy” is not working.  Reports also are trickling out of major dissent within the Pentagon.  Further, as predicted, airstrikes have proved of limited value and now the military is saying it needs to commit more troops.  I warned of this predictable escalation back to a full scale war in the Middle East.  Humility truly is a virtue so I take no please in saying once again, “I told you so.”  In fact, last year, I was so disgusted with even the mere use of the term “strategy,” that I wrote an entire piece blasting the Administration and its completely idiotic, non-strategy, that was predestined to failure.  If you truly want to understand why we are failing and Iraq and why it will only get worse as I verbatim described in my analysis, you need to read and share: http://www.blackboxwire.com/2014/10/11/islamic-extremism-and-what-lies-ahead-part-ii-the-war-on-isis-and-syria/.  You can then read the short follow-up to the above article at:


The five minutes you spend reading these two articles will serve as one of the best primers to understanding the escalating crisis in Iraq and the greater Middle East and why we are getting it wrong.  Rather than just calling out incompetents/incompetence in the government, I am going to simply name key individuals that have legitimate influence and ask them to take notes.  Perhaps 99% will never see the article or read it, but if even 1% takes the time to skim the article, progress is being made.  Today, I want to challenge @Phil_Gaskin, who most likely finds my anti-leftist statements blasphemy, but I want to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps he is the sole voice of reason in the Administration…I don’t know.  What I do know is he is smart enough to read my articles and understand that by adopting what I am recommending would save everyone a lot of heartache and inject some professionalism into what, to date, has been a never ending policy amateur hour of disaster after disaster.  So to you Phil Gaskin, I challenge you to have a sit down discussion about what a real ISIL strategy should be.




-The draconian anti-“Patriot Act” is due to sunset this weekend.  Americans that still value their civil liberties would celebrate this law expiring, but have little optimism anything will change.  In fact, it is likely that President Obama will illegally continue the unconstitutional domestic spy programs with or without faux legal authority.  Not only is this extremely hypocritical of a president that ran on returning our civil liberties and ending the spy state, but it will prove just how lawless our nation has become.  Even after the courts and anyone with basic sense determined that what the Patriot Act was being used to justify was utterly unconstitutional; (Specifically, total collection of electronic records without probable cause or a search warrant.) power hungry and/or bought politicians still are trying to make a case for why this law is needed.  I would immediately point out to anyone to be on guard for the “all or nothing” spin.  The Administration is trying to scare people into believing if the illegal data collection is stopped, we will suddenly become vulnerable.  This is absurd.  First of all, NSA’s domestic collection has to date stopped zero terrorists.  Second, if the Administration was actually worried about US security, they would immediately stop importing Muslims to the US from around the world and particularly, from places like Somalia where everyone and their brother seems to be connected to Al Shabaab.  Finally, NSA will continue to operate in its legitimate mission to protect Americans by returning to foreign collection.  It isn’t as if NSA will cease to function and not have a job if they are no longer targeting Americans.  In fact, they may actually become more effective, efficient, and actually gain some victories over foreign enemies of the state.

Battlefield America: The War On The American People

In order to be prepared for and to effectively resist the coming crises, you must understand your enemy and what is happening around you.  Further, you must find common cause and unite against tyranny.  The Rutherford Institute has been successfully fighting  many of these constitutional battles in the courts on all of our behalf for some time.  This hasn’t been free and John Whitehead has dedicated a considerable amount of his own time and money to this cause.  I ask you today to support John and his organization as a true modern day American hero and buy his book.  I am confident the information will be valuable and the money you spent will be supporting our cause.  Please note that neither John nor the Rutherford Institute in any way asked me to endorse their organization and there is no need.  John has proven through action that is a man living by a higher calling and demonstrated at great personal risk he is a champion of freedom and liberty and for that he has my support.


Guiles Hendrik


Original article submitted by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,


“A government which will turn its tanks upon its people, for any reason, is a government with a taste of blood and a thirst for power and must either be smartly rebuked, or blindly obeyed in deadly fear.”—John Salter

We have entered into a particularly dismal chapter in the American narrative, one that shifts us from a swashbuckling tale of adventure into a bone-chilling horror story.

As I document in my new book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, “we the people” have now come full circle, from being held captive by the British police state to being held captive by the American police state. In between, we have charted a course from revolutionaries fighting for our independence and a free people establishing a new nation to pioneers and explorers, braving the wilderness and expanding into new territories.

Where we went wrong, however, was in allowing ourselves to become enthralled with and then held hostage by a military empire in bondage to a corporate state (the very definition of fascism). No longer would America hold the moral high ground as a champion of freedom and human rights. Instead, in the pursuit of profit, our overlords succumbed to greed, took pleasure in inflicting pain, exported torture, and imported the machinery of war, transforming the American landscape into a battlefield, complete with military personnel, tactics and weaponry.

To our dismay, we now find ourselves scrambling for a foothold as our once rock-solid constitutional foundation crumbles beneath us. And no longer can we rely on the president, Congress, the courts, or the police to protect us from wrongdoing.

Indeed, they have come to embody all that is wrong with America. Read more

Domestic Spying and the Descent to Tyranny

New government scandals have come rapidly in the last couple months.  The scandals are very serious and a direct danger to any nation of free people with liberty.  George Orwell’s “Big Brother” police state has arrived.  The only difference today is that our government possesses even more ambitious powers than Orwell ever imagined.  Every citizen, irrespective of political affiliation must demand justice and accountability from those in power.  Every citizen must demand the permanent end to secret courts, domestic spying, financially terrorizing citizens, targeting of political opponents, partisan politics, bottomless corporate campaign donations, faux money, financial manipulation, and endless imperial wars overseas to name just a few of the more egregious problems facing the US.  Failure to hold those responsible for their actions criminally liable will mark a dark day for America where historians will note the rule of law died and tyranny breathed life.

Thanks to brave patriots that have been demonized, seized, tortured, fired, harassed, and imprisoned by the government, American citizens are now aware of some of the egregious illegal government operations ranging from “Fast and Furious” to the latest revelations about the National Security Agency (NSA) unconstitutionally spying on all Americans.  The data NSA is storing are broad and range from phone records, text messages, and conversations to emails and financial data.  The revealing of this highly classified domestic spy program contradicted the Obama Administration’s previous claims that there was no such program.  It also proved that General Clapper committed perjury when he emphatically denied under oath to Congress such a program existed when directly asked if NSA was conducting “any” type of domestic surveillance program.  The NSA domestic surveillance program is a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition against conducting unlawful searches and seizures.  The Bill of Rights and the Fourth Amendment are unique in that they specifically direct what the government “cannot” do and were without doubt, intended to be a legal check against just this type of power grab by the federal government.  They are the supreme guiding legal framework under which the US government must operate.  However, as all governments inevitably do, the US government began creating bodies with false powers to provide the false illusion of justification for its actions.  The creation of artificial secret “government” bodies to rubber stamp illegal government actions make these acts no more “legal” or “just” than the Nazis justifying wanton extermination of people because the “government” ordered it.  In spite of this prohibition, the government still broke the law, ignored our Constitution, lied about the programs, and continues to operate the illegal programs.

Perhaps even scarier, the same gang of government thugs in power has been openly conducting state terrorism against its own citizens via its political officers at the Internal Revenue Service, Justice Department, and Environmental Protection Agency.  What caused the government to target and terrorize its own citizens one may ask?  The answer is clear; peaceful and law abiding citizens were targeted for nothing more than having a differing political ideology than the leftist thugs now in power.  No longer will the naïve position of “I don’t have anything to hide so I am not worried” suffice to keep one safe from this growing government threat to a free people.  In spite of the government’s growing list of transgressions and crimes against its own citizens, no one has been held accountable even after months of scandals.  In fact, it appears the culprits have been rewarded.  The day has arrived in the United States when the government has effectively become a separate entity acting for the interests of a small number of elites and beyond the rule of law.

We no longer have a government of the people and for the people, but a government for the elites and of the elites acting to enslave and use its subjects for its benefit at their expense.  In short, the government has lost its legitimacy to govern.  This government is no longer made up of the citizens that granted it (not vice-versa) the power to govern and is certainly not answering to the demands of the public.  Rather, the government is now, an alien group of political radicals and their zombie appointees effectively executing an internal overthrow of this once free republic.  There are only two ways to obtain wealth.  One is to create it and the other is to steal it by force.  Government is decidedly party to the latter category making it the US Government the largest, most powerful organized crime cartel in the history of man.  As such, an illegitimate government is nothing more than an organized crime racket used to extort wealth by force from its victims…also known as citizens.  These corrupt leaders, elected and appointed, must be completely removed from office, tried, and held responsible for what amounts to treason and violations of our Constitution and civil rights.  Until these tyrants and their political henchmen are run out and the rule of law is equally applied and re-instituted from the highest office down to the most common citizen, tyranny will rule.

At the most basic level, government can be defined as an organization that has a monopoly of force over a specific area and its respective population.  In the best of cases, this organization theoretically would represent the will of the people and operate to protect their freedom, liberty, and collective security.  The idea of a “good” government may only exist in theory, but the United States initially set out to achieve just this unprecedented balance between the governed and the governors through a system of checks and balances designed to weaken and restrain the government while vesting the real power in responsible citizens.  However, over the last two hundred plus years, this system has evolved through court rulings, legislation, and policies.  This evolution was heavily influenced by nefarious designs, subterfuge, and lobbying interests, which perverted the original Republic’s architecture.  The result has been the establishment of what amounts to a police state that is no longer accountable to the citizens it was designed to serve.  Further, this parallel government arose when the interests of political parties, banks, and corporations began merging and superseding the interests of the nation.  This faux representative body then began to create, staff, and empower organizations with no actual legal authority to provide legitimacy to the government’s self-serving actions.  The now nullified system of checks and balances has been so perverted that any notion that the government is somehow restrained in its power and still serves the will of the people has been utterly destroyed.

As such, when the government no longer is comprised of the governed people, no longer operates for the good of the citizens, no longer is answerable to the rule of law, and no longer provides effective governance, it is a burden and illegitimate.  The government of the US is now almost indistinguishable from the decadent last years of Rome before it fell under the overt rule of dictators.  Today, just as it was in Rome, our government is run by elites that maintain power though dynastic succession.  The handpicked successors pretend to provide a “choice” to the voters while maintaining power within a handful of families.  To illustrate this, just last week, the Hillary for President Campaign began kicking into high gear as talk of another Bush run for president also began to circulate.  Family names like Clinton, Bush, Rockefeller, and Kennedy are repetitively recycled in the political circles just as surely as kings and emperors retained familial control of power.  Although billion dollar faux elections are held, the winners and losers are hand-picked by the elite establishment and in practice offer no difference in policies.  Parties only serve to distract the uniformed voter, which falsely believes that by voting “D” or “R” really makes a difference when in practice the policies of both parties are nearly indistinguishable.

Again, just as in Rome, our government allows an impotent senate to exist only to maintain the illusion of representation and to provide legitimacy to its illegal acts.  Congress has record low approval ratings and is totally impotent to solve any of the major problems facing the US.  This too echoes of the last years of the Roman Republic when their Senate was also totally inept, corrupt, and serving the interests of elites behind the scenes instead of the people.  Congress as the representative arm of government (the legislative branch) has totally failed to check the power of the Executive as it was designed in the Constitution.  Congress not only fails to counterbalance the actions of the Executive, but has sold out to party interests and acts blindly in their interests jointly with the Executive.  For example, Democrats, including then Senator Obama, which once rightly criticized then President George Bush for using the “Patriot Act” to garner greater surveillance powers have been completely mute when it comes to denouncing the far greater abuses committed in this regard by President Obama.  This illustrates how party loyalties have obliterated the system of checks and balances.  Today, laws are enacted by Congress not to protect, help, and promote the freedoms and liberty of the people, but to control them, tax them, and restrict their liberty and freedom while enriching the elite.

Finally, in Rome, perpetual wars were fought for elite interests while the games were held to distract the people from the broken system exacting an ever greater toll to pay for their mismanagement and excesses.  Today wars are not fought for national defense, but are imperial expeditions designed to handsomely profit the captains of the military-industrial complex.  What national interests were served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria?  The US lied to the public to enter these wars, failed to win any of these wars, and spread death, destruction, and further instability throughout the world, but Lockheed Martin, Boeing, KBR, Halliburton, Booz Allen Hamilton, and other similar firms handsomely profited from the blank checks written by Congress.  Perhaps the failing petro-dollar was propped up for a short time longer, but Americans on Main Street realized no long term benefit as the price of gasoline skyrocketed nearly fourfold.  In the end, America’s wars only created more Islamic extremists, “terrorists,” and other assorted enemies that have been used to justify even more war.  What Americans got through these wars were tens of thousands of dead and wounded, un-repayable debt, higher taxes, a devalued dollar, destruction of civil liberties and privacy, and the animosity of the world. Not to worry though because ESPN, MTV, and the rest of the media (including the falsely labeled “news” networks) are doing a great job of pumping round the clock mindless entertainment to effectively distract, deceive, manipulate, and lie to the masses.

The enemies of this illegitimate power have always been the educated free thinkers that dare to speak out and call the emperor naked.  These righteous patriots are vilified as the most heinous of criminals by the state even though their high treason was merely telling the truth and exposing the government for the criminal enterprise it is.  The government hates nothing more than being exposed because it undermines their power.  The banks, media monopolies, mega corporations, and politicians are now connected as one entity and using their power to collectively serve their like interests at the expense of the citizens and are determined to maintain their grip on power.  However a tipping point is approaching.  Although possessing seemingly endless power and resources the government has reached a high water mark where it can no longer continue the lies.  Its policies have failed and it can no longer maintain the illusion of good governance.  Literally the foundations of this country are cracked and the system is collapsing.  People are waking up to this fact and recognizing who is responsible.  This growing patriotic movement has been inoculated against the old tricks of control such as race baiting, games, propaganda, fear mongering, and intimidation.  The elites know this and are afraid.  They know that it is not necessary for more than 10% of the population to become aware to sway the masses and this key threshold is about to be reached.  Historically, at this point, in a desperate bid to hold on to power, governments have nearly always turned to more draconian and brutal tactics.  This has always polarized the population and led to even greater and more rapid disintegration and even civil war and revolution.  As such, heed this article as a warning of things to come.

As our nation moves forward do not expect to see reform, accountability, and justice.  Expect to see more brutality, intimidation, chaos, violence, and thinly veiled attempts to divide the public along lines of race, religion, class, and gender in order to maintain control.  Things will deteriorate further, but in this is the silver lining.  As things get worse, more and more people will wake up, organize, resist, and ultimately take back our nation.  Further, as things get worse there will be less money available to fund the financial needs of the government leviathan and its imperial interests.  The day is not lost and has only begun.  However, we sit at a critical juncture in history.  The path of inaction and apathy leads to tyranny and slavery for generations.  It is up to every freeman to dispense with fear and apathy and take action.  Take care of yourself, your family, and your like-minded neighbors.  Prepare for hard times.  At the ballot box refuse to vote for any Democrat or Republican and instead run your own local independent candidates.  Educate and organize your family and friends beginning at the local level.  Stage non-violent protests, marches, and demonstrations.  Demand the attention of the media and highlight every government indiscretion, illegal act, lie, and abuse.  Train your mind, body, and soul to a level that your presence alone demands respect and your moral character is beyond reproach.  Do not give your enemies ammunition to attack you, but expect it and prepare for it.  These are but a few things one can do to turn the tide on the usurpers within our county.  In time this will lay the foundation for victory, but this war cannot be one if the battle is not joined.  Today is the day to begin taking back your liberty and freedom!


By Guiles Hendrik

TSA VIPR Teams Invade Local Shopping Malls

Welcome to the police state

Local shoppers at the Crystal City Mall in Crystal City, Virginia were surprised this week to find TSA security teams controlling access as if they were about to board an international flight instead of buying socks.  Many shoppers were outraged to see the level of government intervention and fearful of the seemingly endless overreach of TSA.  Shoppers reported they were subjected to pat downs and swab tests for explosives as if they were suspected terrorists.  Further, angry store owners reported that they were swamped with complaints from shoppers threatening to no longer buy from their stores and said they were not informed or consulted about TSA’s intrusive actions.  One unnamed store manager was quoted as saying “during tough economic times, it is tough enough to get customers in my store without them being scared away by the government.”

LMS is requesting any readers with footage to submit it to the website or to blog your experience.  Unchecked expansion of an agency dedicated to the abolishment of your 4th Amendment Rights threatens all Americans’ freedom.  Readers should write their Congressmen, local sheriffs, and store owners and insist TSA be reigned in as well as urge their friends and family to action.  Only by shining the light on TSA’s actions and raising protest will this abuse stop.

Special thanks to our alert readers for this story.