Who benefits when the world attacks Yemen? Al Qaeda and the Elite.

Who benefits when the world attacks Yemen?  This is a question that policies makers should have asked before allowing the president to start another foreign war.  In fact, it was asked and the answer was Al Qaeda.  Being that Al Qaeda would be the ultimate winner, one must wonder what kind of treason allowed this war to proceed.  In spite of this knowledge, the United States still backed an Arab coalition in a completely unjustified offensive war against Yemen.  The purported purpose was to bring back the ousted president, but anyone with half a brain would immediately know this was preposterous.  Yemenis are not going to ever accept a president that used a foreign militaries to kill its citizens to regain power.  Thus, knowing that the US was aware that by weakening the Houthi rebels they would by default strengthen Al Qaeda and still not achieve their stated goal, one must look deeper to reveal very disturbing consistencies in US Foreign Policy.

To recap, since the ouster of Yemen’s president widely seen as a US puppet, Saudi Arabia has overtly and the US clandestinely bombed Yemen.  The Houthis still retain power and the population is even more aligned against the ousted president than before the war against Yemen was unleashed.  Further, AQ broke into a prison and released 300 terrorist prisoners.  Al Qaeda has also made significant territorial gains and seized military bases containing weapons stockpiles.  In the meantime, a humanitarian disaster has ensued with thousands of civilians being killed in the bombing raids and fighting while many Yemenis are starving to death.  This operation by any bar has been a total failure and is becoming a humanitarian disaster.  However, no one in the media or Congress is calling out President Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize recipient, for starting an unconstitutional war, losing it, and killing thousands of innocent people all while aiding our enemy.  Why?

It is no mystery that President Obama is protected by his media lackeys.  However, they are so stupid; they fail to recognize the disaster this man is causing globally.  Congress has also completely sold out the American people and the rule of law.  In short, the major checks and balances of the Executive are gone leaving nothing but unchecked, unadulterated, lawless tyranny.  Soon the president will act with pure impunity.  Have these lackeys not already realized that this power they granted will be used to destroy them?  Have they not seen the trumped up criminal charges levied against any dissenting political foe or the reporters that were spied on, arrested, locked up, and/or allegedly killed by this administration?  This may explain in part why the president hasn’t been called to task, but it doesn’t explain why he would make the decisions in the first place.

Why then a war with Yemen?  The answer like many comes down to money and power.  Obama’s biggest donors are getting rich on war.  The war in Iraq is over and the war in Afghanistan is winding down.  Military industrialists need new wars to sell weapons.  Oil giants need chaos in the Middle East to force oil prices higher.  Israeli lobbyists want to weaken Iran.  Banks and financial institutions want the US to continue to spend on credit so they can profit from interest.  Further, Obama continues to create our enemy (Al Qaeda) while publicly stating he is fighting a war on it for power.  This double dealing game being played allows the US to continue perpetual war for industry while simultaneously providing an excuse to maintain and expand the growing police state to “protect” Americans from terrorists (that the US armed, trained, and equipped).   The police state has given the president near dictatorial powers to kill, capture, imprison, and torture without due process.  It has allowed him to spy on not just his enemies, but all Americans and then use that information for political benefit (how again did General Petraeus’ scandal get discovered???).  It has also allowed President Obama, a now proven American hating communist, to undermine American power, prestige, and destabilize our nation so that he can enact “fundamental change” toward his communist utopia.  These wars cost money and bankrupting the nation is a quick way to force dependence upon the government.  Finally, Obama secretly supports radical Islamists.  Even though he overtly claims to be Christian, actions speak louder than words.  In every theater across the globe, Obama has personally directed policies that back radical Islamists while ignoring Christians being massacred.  This has been true in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Nigeria, and Sudan to name just a few.  An honest analysis has to conclude an extreme bias in Obama’s policies toward these extremists that few to no other explanations can satisfy.

Together, this convoluted mix of competing special interests has merged to create policies such as we see in Yemen.  The policy outputs are extremely dangerous and have a decidedly negative impact on the US.  However, without utterly gutting the entire political machine in place that spans banks, industry, media, and entertainment as well as the organs of government, the die is cast.  We will see more abuses of power and tyranny as the police state’s powers expand through regulation, surveillance, laws, and outright oppression.  We will also see more unnecessary, futile, and bloodier foreign wars.  Finally, you can bet on higher taxes, lower real wages, more unemployment, and the accompanying unrestrained spending directed toward political elites and insiders.  As our nation financially collapses, it will tear itself apart.  As we have witnessed in Baltimore, the elites have no interest in stopping the unrest, only harnessing it for political power.  These points alone will be enough to collapse the US in a few years not decades.

The lawlessness will continue and only grow as we race toward national collapse.  With this knowledge you can at least prepare.  You can move away, offshore assets, become self-reliant, organize opposition political parties, run for office, oust those that support this system, pay off loans, grow a garden, refuse the government your skills via the military or engineering, demand accountability, and get active.  Ultimately, we may not stop the collapse, but at least we can organize and prepare for it so we are poised to resist tyranny and rebuild our republic post collapse.

By Guiles Hendrik

May 1, 2015

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