US Liberty movement should take a page from the Clinton playbook and seek foreign support from Russia and other foreign nations

Fort Ross, California

Fort Ross, California

Seeking foreign support for liberty minded political movements may sound counterintuitive, but it will prove critical in the coming years.  Having studied successful political movements and revolutions globally, the historical precedent for requiring foreign support is sound.  In fact, if one has studied the history of the American Revolution, one will quickly realize just how integrally linked the liberty movement is with foreign support.  We like to think we alone whipped the British, but it was the French intervention that sealed the final defeat of General Cornwallis’ British Army at Yorktown, Virginia.  Today, support from our Old World allies is unlikely, but welcome; however, support from those that challenge or are being attacked by globalist interventionism is far more likely. 

If you don’t believe state support to include foreign backing for domestic political movements is necessary, you should take a page from the Democrat playbook.  The Clintons alone have taken millions in donations from some of the most brutal and backwards regimes in the world such as Saudi Arabia and Burma (Note, the Bush’s also took untold millions from the Saudis).  They have also raked in millions from countries like Israel and China each hoping (probably with good reason) to buy political influence.  What the Clintons (and Bush’s) have done while holding an official office representing the US should be/is illegal and subversive, but was effective.  Further, I certainly do not condone taking what amounts to blood money by both the Bush and Clinton administrations.  However, there is certainly a place for establishing state support for one’s cause where interests align with reasonable nations.

Looking at the historical precedent, it is critical to have outside support for a successful movement that challenges the establishment.  The liberty movement already endures significant maligning by the establishment, but these attacks will eventually become much worse.  As we have seen, the establishment will spare no expense for these attacks.  They have already used the IRS to financially harass conservative groups and the FBI/DHS to arrest and intimidate dissidents that speak out against the regime’s illegal actions such as the unconstitutional domestic spying.  George Soros and others have also spent millions to undermine your Second Amendment and fund domestic terrorist organizations to burn and loot cities like Ferguson and Baltimore.  To effectively counter this, we are going to need state level support.  State level support provides critical financial backing, legal teams, technical support for media campaigns and alternative news, security, and sanctuary to plan and operate effective resistance beyond the reach of the establishment.  It is true you must stick strongly to your principles and remain unwavering, but thankfully, there is enough common ground between freedom loving people globally that it isn’t a problem to find areas of mutual cooperation.  Nonetheless, when you conduct an unbiased assessment of what will be required to successfully retake our political future from leftwing extremists, there is only one country out there capable of supporting the liberty movement, Russia.

The world has produced very strange bedfellows, but the Russia of 2015 is not the Russia of 1983.  Further, although Putin is no benevolent democratic leader, he is effective, stands up for Christians, opposes abortion, understands economics, hates the financial elite, decisively deals with Islamic extremism, and has effectively resisted the globalists seeking to impose their New World Order.  He has also proven through Edward Snowden that he is willing to work with US dissidents when there are mutually beneficial grounds.  To these mutually beneficial ends, Russia has a natural axe to grind with imperialist interventionist policies such as the US and NATO have pursued in the Ukraine.  Out of all the political movements in the US, it is the liberty movement, and particularly those with a libertarian leaning that are most likely to put a stop to backwards US Foreign Policy and eastward expansion of NATO.  What Russia doesn’t need is a war with the West or to spend itself into another collapse trying to compete with US military development.  Russia would be far better served funding numerous grassroots political organizations in the US that promote peace and non-interventionist foreign policy than trying to pay for wars in the Ukraine and enduring the pain of crippling economic sanctions.  For pennies on the dollar (or ruble), Russia could fully fund and support thousands of these groups.  We know Russia is remarkably good at this, which as we saw during the Soviet era, so it is curious they haven’t fully adapted to the modern geopolitical chessboard.  From sponsoring professors and reporters to movie producers and lawyers, Russia needs to get behind the liberty movement for its own benefit and do it quickly.  Right now, the US and NATO are gearing up for a major showdown that none of us want.  Russia needs to extend olive branches immediately to every sympathetic outlet in the US it can find.  Many of these groups will turn Russia away, but many more will immediately see the mutual benefit and welcome Russian help.

Respective of maintaining our liberty and freedom, we need the backing of a major state entity (entities) that can effectively stand up to the establishment and ensure the rule of law is respected.  Outside of this, there are no more checks and balances to what amounts to political leadership running amuck.  A number of countries ranging from the U.K. and Ireland to India could be valuable allies, but only one stands out as currently viable.  Russia is the only nation capable, willing, and currently in existence to meet the needs of a full spectrum state sponsor.  First, Russia has the financial resources to back movements all across the US.  Second, it has the technical know-how to promote political agendas.  Third, it has the security expertise to support and protect liberty activists against a growing surveillance state that serves not the people, but the government. Fourth, it has a mutual need to counter NATO expansionism and US interventionist policies.  Fifth, it stands on common ground in opposition to globalists and the financial elite.  Sixth, we have commonality in radical Islamic enemies.  Seventh, literally millions of citizens living in the US trace their roots directly back to Russia and other Slavic nations.  Finally, and most importantly, Russia has the infrastructure and networks already established within the US (albeit from decades of Cold War anti-American activities) to successfully support said operations.

It is very strange to think of Russia now becoming the champion of freedom and liberty in the US, but if Russia is smart, it will realize the dire threat the current regime in power poses to Moscow and will jump at any opportunity to support mutual interests within the US.  We both need support and we both are in positions to mutual support the other.  Further, don’t dismiss the Russia because they were a former political foe.  We aren’t communists and in fact despise communists and neither are the Russians anymore.  Many Russians live productively today in the US and still maintain their cultural roots  There is no reason to fear the bear.  Many Russians want the very same freedoms and liberty we seek and there is no reason we shouldn’t coordinate on these grounds.  Remember, it was almost an identically short period of time between when the British fought the French (French and Indian War) and the American Revolutionaries joined forces with the French against the British.

In summary, the liberty movement will need state sponsors to wage a successful political campaign in the US.  As ironic as it may be, Russia would be an optimum state sponsor, but under the right circumstances, any number of countries could be valuable allies.  As our nation accelerates toward collapse, now is the time to make these connections and alliances.  I would recommend anyone involved in grassroots movements to reach out to potential foreign sponsors for help.  There are totally legitimate grounds and legal means available to make this happen and they should be pursued.  Failure to make these connections now will leave you exposed, vulnerable, and at the mercy of the police state when this nation finally implodes…most likely from economic collapse.

By Guiles Hendrik

May 23, 2015

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