Gun Confiscation Goes Mainstream: Tyranny in the Land of the “Free”

Part I:  Before the Ban

When a leading presidential contender can come out and openly suggest we should begin gun confiscation in the United States and her statements are treated as legitimate we have major problems. Instead of being run off stage as a treasonous traitor, Hillary Clinton was lauded as wonderful “progressive” for her insistence that it is time for guns to be banned in the US like in Australia.  Anyone that thinks Hillary Clinton has your best interests in mind when she politicizes tragedy to push not just a gun “control” agenda, but an outright gun “ban” is insane.  Let’s be honest, her policy is all about total power and control.  Life under Hillary Clinton’s rule is a world of tyranny.  So what can we expect, how will a gun ban happen, and is there anything I can do about it?  I discuss these topics in this two part series.

It should come as no surprise to my readers that the Left has long sought to achieve a total gun ban. The communist insurrectionist forces in the US knew they couldn’t do this all at once or they would risk being exposed and run out of the country.  Instead, they camouflaged their intentions as a humanitarian movement to protect you and incrementally began banning and regulating out of existence every weapon, bullet, and means of producing, selling, or buying the former items.  Further, in a closely coordinated propaganda campaign for your mind, the Left cleverly has been bombarding American minds daily with disinformation designed to convince Americans that by disarming they would achieve a better life.  Of course you are awake and know this to be patently false.  However, it is now clear the time has come when the Left feels comfortable that you have been brainwashed enough that they can lift the veil and begin to openly discuss their true intentions. 

As we approach that critical tipping point where state by state and then nationally, the citizens of this nation are ordered to turn in their firearms, the signs will be evident. This progression toward tyranny is always punctuated by the disarming of the population.  This necessary step in the elites’ movement toward total global domination is well documented around the globe and occurring as I type within the US.  Many refer to this evil cabal and their agenda simply as the New World Order.  The armed population of the US is one of the few remaining hurdles the New World Order must overcome to institute their final tyranny.

The disarmament of the US is already well under way. It first began with what we now term the operational preparation of the battlefield.  Critical has been the fact our nation has been subject to a steady stream of anti-gun propaganda for over a generation now.  Further, the central/federal government has usurped the power from both the states and the people and consolidated it around the president.  The political establishment has also mitigated the checks in balances effectively uniting the legislative, executive, and judicial bodies all under a supranational political establishment.  This is evident in political rubber stamping of presidential actions and the lack of diversity in party policies.  In concert with this consolidation of political power was the government’s gradual merger with the interests’ of big business and the media elites.  It is also noteworthy that since the implementation of the 1960s firearms laws, the government and law enforcement have accumulated significantly more powerful weapons and equipment than the average “law abiding citizen.”  This includes very sophisticated surveillance tools, which are the marvel of any police state and that together have fundamentally shifted the originally established balance of power between the people and the government.  Remember, when our republic was established, the militias comprised of the citizenry were expected to be maintained and armed at a level sufficient to effectively counter any attempts by a government grown too powerful to deprive the people of their god given rights and freedom.  Never in our nation’s history has this balance been so heavily weighted toward the government.

What you can expect to see going forward is based on a long established pattern of subjugating a population. Our population will be further divided at every opportunity as a means of distraction and control.  Racial, sexual, socio-economic, religious, and ethnic divides will be exploited to agitate the masses into chaos and violence.  This chaos will be then turned and used to justify the need for greater federal interference and control, which no doubt will mean “the need” to limit and then totally ban firearms for “your safety.”  Remember, this civil unrest is 100% engineered.  You enemy is not your neighbor, but the elites who orchestrated this evil plot of death and destruction.  To this end, you can expect more and more foreign invaders will be ushered across our border, given voting “rights,” told they are entitled to the lion’s share of your wealth, allowed to arm and organize themselves, and then told by the elites that they are justified in taking your wealth.

As we have already witnessed, more and more regulations respective of firearms will be put into place. For example, the Secretary of State and President Obama have already unilaterally signed the US up for the U.N.’s gun ban treaty in spite of the Senate’s heavy opposition to approving the international treaty.  Whether through international treaty or domestic laws and regulations, you can be sure they all will attack firearms ownership from all angles.  Their aim will be to ban firearms completely without having to explicitly “ban” guns.  The entire supply chain, production, sale, and ownership of firearms, ammunition, and their supporting equipment will be attacked.  From how lead ore is mined to how many rounds a person will be able to own will be regulated.  Firearms that aren’t outright banned will be made incredibly expensive and slapped with insanely high taxes.  Those firearms still sold will be incredibly difficult to buy and even harder to obtain proper permits for ownership.  Anyone owning a gun will be entered into a national database, tracked, and inspected.  Expensive gun safes and locks will be mandatory.  Ammunition will be monitored, micro stamped, and tracked.  Reloading and stockpiling of ammunition will be banned.  Any unregistered transfer of either firearms or ammunition will be prohibited.  Further, anyone attempting to manufacture, transport, or sell firearms will be so heavily regulated they won’t be able to conduct business.  In addition, the government will use tax payer funded lawyers to launch a never ending barrage of frivolous lawsuits against owner, sellers, and manufacturers.  All of this will occur before a final, total ban, is put in place.

As you see, much of the work to ban guns has already been done. As we wait for the latest round of unconstitutional acts by President Obama respective of his so called new “executive orders” on gun control, which would be better described as edicts, the only question is how far the President will overstep his constitutional authority this time.  In some ways, I hope he oversteps and the backlash catches the Left by surprise and sets them back significantly in the elections.  However, the people we are dealing with are not political amateurs and are masters of spin so I would expect the long war to continue against our nation and culture.  To this end, I would expect more highly politicized false flags used to finalize the “justification” for gun control in the near future.  To those of us not in a propaganda induced coma, we will see that these false flag events exactly for what they are.  We will intuitively know they were not the result of guns; but rather, the result of a nation that has allowed itself to lose its cultural identity and moral foundations, a nation that has become addicted to violence and mind altering drugs, a nation that has been subverted from the inside.

Don’t waste time and get busy preparing. As you witness this progression toward disarmament and tyranny, you must resist it on all fronts.  In the run up to the total ban…and I do believe this is ultimately where our nation is going, you will need to delay and use that time to prepare.  Fight the anti-gun moves at the ballot box at your local, state, and national levels.  Don’t be afraid to donate money to worthy causes challenging these gun control laws and regulations in court.  The fight isn’t free and it is much better to fight it in the courts with money than in the streets with blood.  Fight it on social media, the airwaves, and TV.  Stand up to the thugs and exercise your rights in public.  Mass protests and demonstrations may become necessary.  Join pro-gun groups and leverage their membership to build networks of local grassroots activists.  Expose anyone with an anti-gun agenda and keep lists.  Educate the masses and the young.  Further, arm yourself while you can.  Learn to maintain and use the weapons you have.  Invest in top notch optics, night sights, body armor, and thermal devices to give you the edge in a gunfight.  Stockpile ammunition, spare parts, and cleaning items for your weapons.  Cache weapons, ammunition, and maintenance supplies.  Learn to reload and invest in reloading equipment.  Also, develop local guerilla manufacturing capabilities.  Ultimately, do all you can to maximize your gun owning rights under the current law.  In the near future, the freedoms you enjoy under the Bill of Rights will be suspended and at that point, it will be too late.

By Guiles Hendrik

October 19, 2015

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