Part III: Gun Confiscation Goes Mainstream: Tyranny in the Land of the “Free”

Post Confiscation Orders and the Resistance

When the government decrees you must turn in your weapons, the question is whether you will comply or resist. Consider this question carefully because the implications and consequences will not just affect you, but generations.  Make no mistake, firearms, once confiscated, will never be returned.  They will be destroyed.  The companies that make them will be put out of business, their machinery sold, and their employees put out of work.  Guns and gun related activities form a multibillion dollar American industry and our economy will immediately suffer.  Far worse though will be the right to bear arms as we currently enjoy it will not be reinstated until after our nation suffers incredible pain and hardship if we ever get it back.  Once America disarms, there will be no going back no matter whether the government turns benevolent or brutal because the ultimate means of popular resistance will have been foolishly discarded.  Fortunately, contrary to what the government propaganda would like you to believe; we actually have an enormous amount of power to successfully resist any confiscation attempt and can, if we collectively act, non-violently stop this draconian movement. 

For those of you that decide to comply with confiscation, you are a traitor, you are weak, and you have ultimately already succumbed to the propaganda. I am sure you will have your reasons, but ethically, your actions fundamentally violate your own code of existence.  If you own a firearm today as a free man, it can be assumed you believe there are good reasons to own them.  Further, you most likely consider yourself a law abiding citizen in good standing and certainly not an extremist or terrorist.  As such, to suddenly acquiesce to surrendering your firearms means that you have violated your beliefs based solely on a dictate from the government.  Up until some stranger forced their will upon you, you independently deemed it beneficial and in your interests to own and responsibly handle a firearm.  In short, what it means is that you stand for nothing.  Your entire code of ethics and most likely moral foundations are merely the artificial construct of bureaucrats.  An unethical and immoral man is truly a pitiful creature because he is already a slave and doesn’t know it.  Nonetheless, for most, the decision to surrender their arms will be based on their programmed desire to conform and avoid confrontation.  However, you will have only bought yourself a small amount of time at the very steep price of your liberty and freedom.  You will ultimately suffer far more in the communist country that awaits you than if you had stood up for your rights.  If you are one of these spineless, unethical creatures, sell your weapons now and go ahead and line up behind your communist masters.  Just remember, your short sighted actions will not insulate you from bearing the consequences of your actions individually and as a nation.

For those that decide to resist any confiscation, no matter how small and incremental, you are a true patriot and understand what is at stake. Like those willing to turn over their last insurance against tyranny and enter into slavery voluntarily, you too will have to suffer the consequences of your actions.  However, even if you must become a martyr, you do so with your integrity and honor intact and as a free man.  Based on the prescribed punishments for firearms violations today, I have no reason to believe the penalties would be any less disproportionately heavy.  You could face ten years in federal prison or worse for violations.  Nonetheless, it is your sovereign duty to resist tyranny, to resist a criminal coup against the Constitution, and to resist being forced to surrender the very means and symbol of American independence and freedom.  Once your conscience is clear and your mind is made up, it is time to discuss the means of resistance.

At minimum, the first thing you must do is perhaps the most obvious. You must resist turning in your firearms through acts of non-violent civil disobedience. To do this, you must master and exercise a tactic that I call the power of “No.”  The government is a house of cards.  It has become a criminal charade run by weak and scared puppet masters that hide behind the facade of power in order to impose their demented will upon the masses.  Their control is reliant upon an ignorant, dependent, and ultimately subservient population of slaves in denial that will acquiesce to anything and stand for nothing.  In order to maintain their grip on power, they will indiscriminately use targeted violence or perhaps more accurately, true domestic terrorism to intimidate the population into compliance.  However, when a large percentage of the population awakens from their propaganda induced stupor and actively resists, their methods are not only ineffective, they are actually counterproductive and historically have led to very bad ends for these despotic and violent rulers.  By leveraging the political power of the mass refusal to comply…or the tactic of “No,” you show the government that they are indeed powerless against the true will of the people.  It is important to note that this is not without consequence.  Although, a similar tactic was used during the American Civil Rights Movement, many people were still jailed, beaten, and even killed.  As much as we don’t want it, even non-violent civil disobedience and protests can become violent and the perpetrator is almost always the oppressive regime trying to retain power.  This heavy handed action generally works in favor of the resistance and further polarizes the people against the brutal regime.  However, history demonstrates that this is a dangerous road that can quickly lead to far worse outcomes for all parties.  How much brutality a people are willing to endure before fighting back is something no one can precisely quantify.  To illustrate this point, I would surmise that the British Colonists in America would have preferred a non-violent resolution to their grievances. However, as history is a testament, the British Crown chose to use violence that spiraled into a full-fledged revolution before peace could again be restored.  America turning on itself is not an outcome we should ever want to see again.  As such, one must carefully consider each and every move to maintain the careful balance of non-violence in disobedience or risk the consequences of a bloody civil war.

To accomplish taking back our right, which the government has no authority to deny, the majority of gun owners must call the government’s bluff and demand it backs down against the will of the people it exists to serve. Don’t turn in your weapons…none of them.  Do not turn in a so called “assault rifle,” or a pistol, or even a high capacity magazine.  Turn in nothing.  There are approximately 100 million gun owners in the US and that number absolutely terrifies the tyrants.  Dangerously, elitists like Hillary Clinton have been so insulated from the public for so long; she actually believes her own propaganda and that she can force gun confiscation on the American people.  This will force a stand-off, but if we stand united, this attack on our rights can quickly be quashed in a non-violent way.  As it stands, 100 million Americans have not bought into this brainwashing and are here to say the government cannot force its will upon the people.  To put that in perspective, approximately one out of every three Americans (one third of our population) own a gun (see:  As a comparison, look at how much the gay lobby has changed the US in just a decade even though actual homosexuals represent at a maximum 3.8 percent or roughly about 10 million people in the US population.  Can you imagine 100 million Americans all descending upon Washington, DC to demand their rights?  It would be an event of unprecedented historic proportions and something no government could resist.

Contrary to the government’s media propaganda, the right to own a weapon is exercised and supported by more Americans than about any other single issue in politics today. If we stick together and challenge the communists while we have the means to resist and while we have the overwhelming numerical advantage, we will defeat them and avert a tyranny being imposed through violence.  Force the government to force their will.  If they won’t back down, make them take innocent citizens into custody for all to see.  Expose the tyrants and show the world we, not they, have the real numbers and power.  The number of gun owners in the US is far more than the state can afford to incarcerate without utterly destroying itself.  The state’s economy would cease to exist and no one would be left to pay the bills, defend the nation, and keep the power on.  Those targeted should refuse the state their energy and labors to reinforce this fact.  Not even the Soviet Union could afford to kill off or imprison a third of its population over a very short period of time without suffering massive social upheaval and the total destruction of any semblance of a country.  The spectacle of sports stars, movie actors, college professors, Olympic shooting champions, statesmen, corporate leaders, doctors, police officers, football coaches, truckers, carpenters, farmers, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters…all Americans, being hauled off to jail by the thousands will be something even the most insidious government will find to impossible to manage.

Concurrently, you must conduct intellectual resistance to counter the propaganda. Intellectual resistance is just as important as physical resistance. First and foremost, you must make it clear you are not a criminal because you possess a firearm.  You are a responsible, upstanding, and productive citizen and not an extremist or a terrorist.  The government is the criminal entity for its treasonous machinations to deprive you of your rights.  Nothing is more extreme and terrorizing than depriving innocent people of their rights to basic freedoms and liberty.  What is more natural and god given than the right to self-defense?  If there ever was a universal human right, it is the one that allows an individual, like all living creatures, the ability to defend one’s life.  It is only in a sick, upside down world where a government or international body like the United Nations would profess to defend human “rights” while removing the means of self-defense.  Make no mistake, disarmament was never about safety and security (unless you mean the ruling elites’), it was always about control.  The government has turned this basic logic upside down and so it is incumbent upon you to completely deny their script and force it back to the facts.  Remember, it was the government that unilaterally redefined law abiding, responsible citizens as criminals, extremists, and terrorists for the government’s interests and nothing you did.  To this end they have used various executive agencies such as the FBI and DHS to identify, intimidate, and even arrest anyone that resists this draconian agenda as a potential domestic terrorist.  Most recently we have seen this with DHS’s branding of anyone that owns guns, supports constitutional rule of law, resents being overly taxed, and or a is a veteran as a potential terrorist.  In short, the government has taken the most law abiding, patriotic Americans and reclassified them as extremists and terrorists.  Not only is this counter factual nonsense infuriating, but it must be repudiated and shut down with facts, lawsuits, and mass protests if necessary.  These little dictators know the ONLY way to disarm you is through subterfuge and intimidation.  They must make you believe you want to disarm and that they have the ability to force compliance.  Currently, they are doing this through the use of mass media publicizing bogus “statistics” and “polls” that show the “majority” of Americans support gun control, which is complete and total garbage.  They also are demonizing guns and anyone that owns a firearm as an extremist and a terrorist.  This brainwashing begins at a very young age and it is common today to find out that your first grader has been told things like he is “not allowed to use the word gun” in school.  Your elites know the primal desire to be accepted into the tribe through conforming to norms and so have been working very hard to create a new social norm that it’s hip and enlightened to be against firearms and that anyone that does support firearm ownership is a retarded, inbred, backwoods, and a white supremacist.  At every opportunity you must challenge and refute this artificially created narrative.  Embrace non-gun owners and bring them into the fold.  Do your part to turn 100 million gun owners into 200 million gun owners through education, which dispels the myths and stereotypes and replaces them with healthy images and an understanding based on facts.

Of course there is the question of who will come and confiscate your firearms if you refuse to turn them in and this highlights another critical vulnerability in the elites’ plot to confiscate your firearms. By percentage, one of the single greatest concentrations of gun owners is amongst the very populations that the government would rely upon to confiscate them.  Specifically, most people that are or have served in law enforcement or the military own firearms.  Many of these people simply will refuse to carry out the unconstitutional orders.  Still others will actively resist any orders to confiscate firearms and they certainly have the means to do so.  In fact, our police and military are precisely two organizations that have immense ability to reject the imposition of unconstitutional acts upon the citizens of this nation and defend freedom.  If they collectively refuse to carry out orders there won’t even be a need for non-violent civil disobedience.  The government’s plan will be utterly foiled.  At this juncture it is important to note that those of us in the military and or law enforcement have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and not act as the hired guns for political tyrants.  There is a point when the two must be differentiated.  Politicians that use guile to craft legislation and appoint lackeys to rubber stamp their edicts in a thinly veiled ploy to skirt our nation’s checks and balances by camouflaging unconstitutional acts as “legal” must be stopped.  Our military and law enforcement personnel cannot allow themselves or their organizations to become the entity used against the very same people they were entrusted to serve and protect.  Further, if anyone in the law enforcement or military community thinks that they can blindly execute confiscation orders and they too won’t eventually be disarmed they are wrong.  They will be the useful idiots of the elite until they have served their purpose and then they become a liability.  Like during Stalin’s purges, once Stalin eliminated all of his enemies, he eliminated all of the people that eliminated his enemies to make sure no one was left to oppose his rule.  Ultimately, gun confiscation will be impossible without the support of the military and law enforcement.  It is incumbent upon you to refuse to comply and ensure your fellow cops and soldiers also refuse to follow unconstitutional orders.

The government assumes, again incorrectly, that a gun buy-back scheme would be an effective way to entice people into complying with confiscation. Unlike previous buy-backs even in the US where people offloaded non-functional or junk firearms worth next to nothing for some extra cash, no one is going to bring a $1,700 LaRue Tactical AR-15 in to be cut into scrap metal for $200.  The financial loss to serious collectors and shooters alone is enough to guarantee they wouldn’t comply with any type of turn in.  In fact, it is more likely they will simply keep their firearms or sell them to the highest bidder.  Further, the notion that the government would ever pay you actual market value for a firearm is a joke.  Taking a very conservative estimate of over 300 million firearms in the US, even a ridiculously low figure of $100 per gun would cost the government over $30 billion in just buy backs alone.  When coupled with the overall cost of the entire program, estimates could easily exceed half a trillion dollars that the US government does not have.  In short, any determined buy-back/confiscation attempt would simply create the world’s largest black market potentially even rivaling the drug trade and further bankrupt the US.

The bottom line is the government’s plan to ultimately confiscate firearms in the US is very real, but unless they are able to brainwash the public into willing turning over their firearms, the government has no ability to force the issue. It is up to us to unify and call the government’s bluff, push back against tyranny, and defend what is left of our rights before they are all gone.  Through both non-violent civil disobedience and intellectual resistance we can win this fight before it ever begins, but we must stand united.  While there is still time, educate our ranks, challenge the government’s lies, steady our nerves, and steel our resolve.  Don’t let anyone desert our ranks, reward loyalty, and continue to organize.  If we stick to this plan, we can win decisively without a fight.  If we fail when we have the advantage, it doesn’t mean the war is lost, but it means the costs will be far higher.

By Guiles Hendrik

October 26, 2015

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