America is fed up with Obama’s lies: America puts boots on ground in Syria as predicted by LMS

It should come as no shock to our readers that the Third Iraq War President Obama initiated has already faltered.  As predicted, the strategy (or lack thereof see: did not achieve the desired results so now the Department of Defense (DoD), no doubt testing the waters for the White House, is requesting boots on the ground.  As we warned, mission creep is a dangerous thing and would plague this operation.  What started with just a handful of “advisors,” grew into airstrikes in Iraq and then Syria, then over a thousand troops “on the ground,” and now US troop levels in Iraq will soon reach 3,000.  When this new batch of advisors fails to stop the growth of ISIL, expect Obama to retract another “promise” and have “no choice,” but to commit US combat personnel to the fight in Iraq.  Soon, just like in Vietnam, Obama will be steadily sucked into another full blown war in Iraq that the US will neither win nor be able to afford.

This introductory paragraph could have been snatched from today’s headlines detailing how President Obama walked back his repeated promises not to put American “boots on the ground” in Iraq. However, it is a verbatim cut and paste from an article I wrote just over a year ago predicting EXACTLY what is occurring.  See:  Not so ironically, you didn’t hear the radio and talk show hosts and other “enlightened” pundits detailing this foreseeable reality a year ago because they are hacks.  However, today the airwaves have been alive with people taking notice.  Savage, Hannity, Beck, Wilkow, O’Reilly, etc. all have been detailing how the President lied and how the strategy they supported to bomb ISIL has not worked.  I say better late than never to the party, but American’s need to wake up now.

I sound like a broken record with the “I told you so line,” but at some point I pray the right people take notice. Again and again, I stress myself out trying to get the truth out to our readers.  Again and again the information I give you proves correct even when everyone else gets it wrong.  Again and again, not only is the information I give you right, but it is years in advance.  Why do I say this?  I am not gloating because I believe it is important to be humble.  I am telling you this because things are getting worse…far worse, and I need everyone to take notice and put maximum stock in what I am telling you based on over two decades of accurate predictive forecasting.  Unlike your media masters on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc. what I am telling you is true, accurate, and near prescient with a documented track record to back up the claim.  NO ONE else in the media or working with the government is stepping up to make these strategic forecasts.  Perhaps they exist, but they aren’t out there giving you warnings with anything remotely close to the detail of what I have been providing my readers and insiders for over two decades.  Think this is hyperbole?  Read this article I posted back in May updating information I had previously posted that had come to pass: Guess what I said in it?  I said the US claims of retaking Mosul and then Ramadi are garbage and it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon if ever.  Well, now months later I ask who currently controls Ramadi and Mosul.  I went further and predicted as the link suggests that this would quickly suck in the major world powers and set the stage for World War.  Well, no one listened and in fact, no one even considered the possibility of Russia and China entering the war.  Well, now we know that the US government with its army of spy organizations, intelligence analysts, and super computers failed again to accurately predict what one man with an independent, free thinking mind could easily see.  I want you to know a global catastrophe is approaching.  My predicted worst case scenarios are becoming more and more likely and we need to get the word out now.  I can’t do this alone.  I need every one of my readers to push what I am telling you to every organization, leader, news outlet, and website you can.  Blog about it, put in on Facebook, Tweet, write your congressmen, link to me, call into talk shows and discuss my website and work…do all you can.  We are nearly out of time to expose the truth, warn of the impending strategic conflagration, expose the enemies of our state, organize, and run these traitors out of our country for good.

The public needs to be outraged that this lying, hypocritical communist that was laughably awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for being half-African that we call our President has taken American unilaterally into another undeclared war with a sovereign nation that never attacked or even remotely threatened the US. Not only has this idiot Obama started a totally unconstitutional war, but he has picked it with a country where the US is going to be directly pitted against Russia, China, and Iran.  Obama wasn’t even able to defeat the Taliban or ISIL one on one, but now he thinks he has the mental capacity to beat Russia?  I am screaming at you through my words to take action because this “leader” is steering us straight into hell as a nation.  I am not here to tell you Russia, China, and Iran are good or bad countries.  What I am telling you is this nation, with its current leadership is completely unprepared and incapable of effectively waging a successful strategic war against these nations.  The US as we know it will be destroyed in the process and the very best we can hope for is a pyric victory.  If President Obama and his radical communist ideology are not reversed immediately, the US as we know it will cease to exist for ever.

As I type, events globally are unfolding quicker than I alone can cover. As I said before, I need your help.  Right now, the foundation of the modern American centric global economic system established at Bretton Woods is collapsing.  The US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency as well as the petro-dollar system is nearing its end.  This calamity alone will be devastating for the US and its standard of living and will completely change the geopolitical order that has been in relative stability since the end of World War II.  Historically, as these major changes have occurred between waxing and waning world powers there have been major wars.  As empires drowning in debt such as the US reach out and grab onto anything that floats they inevitably take the entire system down with them.

The US is actively provoking a war with Syria, Russia, China, and Iran all while its economy is imploding. In Syria, the US is one small misstep away from events escalating into another Cuban Missile Crisis.  It is only a matter of weeks to months before headlines claim Russians killed Americans.  When this happens and it will, your elites that engineered this war will be prepared to release their war propaganda.  This propaganda will claim Russia somehow started this conflict and is the bad guy that must be stopped.  Of course the media won’t mention that the US was who armed, trained, equipped, and set ISIL lose on Syria and attempted to topple a sovereign nation that had done nothing to us.  Further, it won’t mention that a war with Russia means a war with China, North Korea, and Iran that will consume the world in bloodshed of unprecedented levels.  The facts won’t matter though because nationalistic emotion will be stoked and the flames fanned to “finally take military action.”  When this occurs, one may be wise to take the first flight out of the US to South America and remain until the radiation subsides.  Putin agrees and is taking action in Russia.  See:

Simultaneously, the US is stoking division amongst its own people by inciting the masses into open conflict amongst themselves in order to fulfill a Saul Alinksy style divide and conquer policy. For those that would argue that starting a war is done intentionally to distract the masses from bigger problems at home such as a failing economy, you would find ample empirical evidence within the US today.  In fact, the War in Afghanistan alone has been drug out indefinitely for nothing more than economic stimulus.  Nonetheless, the justification for these economic power plays is of course always “national security.”  The elites love this because war gives them greater power and once the economy collapses, it can be blamed on the war and not on the mismanagement of the economy by the country’s leaders.  This misplaced blame provides the establishment an alibi to retain power, reestablish the same fiat financial system of debt slavery, and avoid being blamed and tried for treason.  Historically, this pattern has been repeated over and over while the masses remained ignorant and suffered immeasurably.

Western Europe too is in serious trouble. The European Union is collapsing under have so much debt it will never be repaid.  Further, Europe is being overrun by jihadists that will bring the wars of the Middle East home to downtown Munich, Stockholm, and London.  Concurrently, the US and Europe have a crisis of morality and have turned their backs on their Christian roots.  These roots are what underpin their entire civilization and made Western Europe’s rise from the Dark Ages possible.  In Sweden, for example, a lesbian preacher is turning “her” church over to Muslim refugees to make it a mosque.  The suicidal lunacy of this woman is blatantly evident for anyone with a functional brain; however, she is held up as espousing the highest ideals of the socially enlightened class. In the US football coaches are fired for praying, students are intimidated and expelled for challenging anti-Christian hatred, and those that cherish the sanctity of life are chastised as extremists by the government.  In place of wholesome Christian values, America has replaced them with infanticide, homosexual perversions, and the celebration of mass murder.  These nations must make a choice between good and evil.  They can no longer expect to have civilized countries comprised of moral and ethical people if they allow Christianity to be destroyed and their countries overrun by Muslims.

Today I didn’t detail how future events will occur per my usual articles. Instead, I simply gave you the big picture trajectory of where we are headed with references to my analytical bona fides for getting it right.  Anyone can make predictions of doom and gloom or happier days, but rare is the person that is not just correct, but demonstrates a repeated pattern of accurately providing details relative to specific events, causal factors, and timelines.  I say this because it is critical maximum credit is assigned to what I am telling you.  The US has now entered a very dangerous time where one wrong move will set off a chain of events that will be catastrophic.  It is not impossible to step back from the cliff, but as each new event unfolds and decision is made, it becomes less and less likely we will avoid a global catastrophe.

By Guiles Hendrik

October 30, 2015

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