Who is to blame for gun control?

All across the nation literally millions of Americans are “fed up” with the government ramming unconstitutional gun control laws into effect. However, who is really at fault for the encroaching gun control measures?  I would propound that the real culprit is apathy.  We are all quick to complain and to give our opinions, but when it comes down to actually taking the extra minute to do something constructive very few of you actually make the effort.  As such, you are at fault if you have not acted.

I do not know why a thinking person would be surprised to find out there are organized groups of people in existence that are actively trying to disarm and weaken the United States. In fact, one should expect their enemies to actively seek their demise and the gun control lobby is just such an entity.  When were you ever told that you could rest on your laurels and not do a thing to maintain your freedoms and liberties?  I can’t think of anything nice that doesn’t require maintenance.  Unless it was one of our many enemies brainwashing you, no one has told you that you have no responsibility to maintain your freedoms.  In fact, if all you are doing is getting angry and complaining, just go look in the mirror because your delusional apathy is hurting everyone.

The gun control lobby is the one that actually faces the tough battle because the status quo is one of a well-armed citizenry. However, make no mistake, our enemies are active, organized, and working hard to disarm you.  Only by the American people literally doing nothing beyond sitting at home or with friends and complaining could the gun control movement gain traction and accomplish their goals.  The fact is literally over a hundred million people in the US possess firearms, which is an insurmountable majority if we stick together on any issue.  If, as I have previously detailed, every one of the gun owners just took the time to network, protest, and or vote, the gun control lobby would be obliterated.

If you are asking what you can do, I have written many pieces on grassroots organization. Just this week I published a piece (See: http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/2016/01/06/what-we-can-learn-from-the-oregon-militia-standoff-and-how-to-implement-those-lessons/) on how you can become very influential simply by acting as a node to your social network by plugging into Last Minute Survival’s network hub.  This requires almost no work on your behalf, but is extremely important in the fight against tyranny.  If you want to be more active consider these civic activities.  Regularly write and meet with your elected leadership.  Take an active role in getting a good candidate on the ballot at least at the local and state levels.  I believe joining a demonstration or protest for a good cause at least once a year is time well spent.  You can also join, organize, or donate to a grassroots movement.  If you are really motivated, file and or support legal action against government overreach.  I recommend contributing to the Rutherford Institute (https://www.rutherford.org/) as a proven organization that’s sole purpose is challenging tyranny in court.  All of these are beneficial and are necessary to taking back lost ground and maintaining a free nation.  If no one else has told you, I will.  Put up or shut up.  We all need to do our part or we directly aid our enemies.


By Guiles Hendrik

January 8, 2016

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