Thank You Russia: My Open Letter to President Putin

If no one else will say it, I will.  Thank you Russia for exposing the rampant corruption in our government and their crony relationships with those in the media and corporate world.  The truth is the truth no matter who it comes from.  America is better for it.  Exposing the rampant corruption was long overdue.  The leaking of the emails didn’t “manipulate” our political system as claimed by the guilty any more than the presentation of evidence “manipulates” the jury during a criminal trial.  However, at this point, no actual evidence has been produced that proves Russia was behind the email hacks despite the unfounded accusations by those exposed.  In truth, it matters little who is behind the hacks and I will not let that become a distracting issue.  The party responsible is a hero and friend of freedom.  We cannot let the biased and corrupt media continue to create the narratives.  This is not about how to retaliate against Russia.  Let’s make this one thing clear.  It is about how to retaliate and permanently remove every single one of those corrupt traitors of our Republic within the establishment exposed by the leaks.

All Americans should be not just alarmed, but furious about these revelations.  It is time the middle class demand their day and take to the streets in a focused manner or prepare to accept living in a dictatorial banana republic with all the pain, poverty, and suffering that goes along with it.  It is a sad day for America when those trusted to be the watchdogs of the government such as the press have not only abdicated in their mission, but completely sold out.  We must financially bankrupt the media by boycotts and lawsuits until they are all bankrupt and exiled from this nation.  Today the news media operates as the direct propaganda arm of the government and covers for its criminal actions.  It is directly involved in the cronyism and corruption that must be defined as a major criminal enterprise.

The constitutionally established separation of powers has proved insufficient to hold our government leaders in check.  It isn’t just Clinton, or Bush, or Obama.  It is the whole damn system.  Putting them in jail would be a huge step in the right direction, but would only be a cosmetic fix to a systemic problem with our people and our system.  Over the course of two centuries the entire system has been permeated by career parasites that will prostitute themselves to anyone or anything they believe will reward them with more power and money.  Under these conditions an entire edifice of corruption has been erected that no one man or election can hope to fix.  Only by literally dismantling, or tearing down if necessary, this corrupt system can it be properly rebuilt and that is a job the people must again undertake.  The easiest and most painless way to do this is to simply cut the funding that fuels and feeds this Byzantine beast of corruption and greed.  Unfortunately, the system won’t allow it so it must be allowed to collapse.  The sooner this occurs the better because the longer we postpone the systemic correction required, the more painful it will be…and it is already going to be very painful for those stuck in the US.

In closing, we should reflect inward and ask what we have actually done to stop this for not just our own interests, but those of our children.  We as a collective people have become too apathetic, irresponsible, and stupid to stop the slow takeover now oppressing us.  It is as embarrassing as it is desperate for the US that only an accused Swedish sex offender holed up in an embassy in London, a Romanian hacker, and the Russian government are what separates our country from total tyranny.  This is the true brink of collapse for what once was a free Republic.  Of course those involved in leaking the emails have an agenda, but could it be possible those rebel actors are on our side?  You now see that “our” government doesn’t represent us in the least.  They represent the global elite’s special interests and see us as their slaves.  Ask yourself who is really on your side.  A corrupt, criminal government that lies to you, oppresses you, and robs you of your wealth or the alleged Russian hackers that exposed the treason?  I think in spite of the anti-Russian fearmongering, the responsible parties for the hacks know what tyranny looks like, know that the US is the last chance for a free world, and are determined to stop the globalist takeover, which would involve global world war.  God bless them and I pray they don’t stop for the sake of the world’s freedom because that is literally what is at stake.

By Guiles Hendrik

October 12, 2016

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  1. Rob Calvert says:

    Thanks for your essay. You are absolutely right about the situation in our country, but this message needs to get out to more people. Our choices are dire if we cannot make reforms through peaceful elections. Yet, history tells us that only severe economic dislocation and overbearing government actions to address a crisis focus the majority on the problems at hand. Let us remember that the vast majority of people, especially locally, want to do the right thing and it only a few who control the system they carefully built to make us their servants.