Is a Violent Anti-Trump Revolution Possible in the US?

Most of you have read a lot of articles and reports lately concerning escalating protests and violence across the country.  Many of you are rightfully asking how far this will go.  I have seen a number of reports that essentially dismiss the possibility of an armed rebellion beginning in America.  They are wrong.  People need to wake up.  The United State has already passed through the proto-revolutionary phase and is now involved in an active low level insurgency that has the potential to quickly spread should the proper conditions present.  The question isn’t whether or not a violent revolution could start in the US.  The question is how bad will it get.  Make no mistake; we are at war with a violent, leftist insurgency right now.

Let’s begin with a quick history lesson.  President Obama began his political career in the living room of a domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers.  Ayers co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group that carried out a series of terrorist attacks against innocent Americans.  Ayers participated in the bombings of New York City Police Department headquarters in 1970, the United States Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972.  Together, Obama and Ayers leveraged the Chicago political machine to build a powerful, nationwide leftist organization.  This radical organization hitched its wagon to mainstream democrats in 2007.  With national level backing and a complicit media, Obama, the front man for these leftist terrorists, was catapulted to the presidency in 2008.  This was in effect the capstone moment of a leftist coup in the making since 1917.  Since then, the Obama Administration has carried out a determined campaign to inflict the maximum amount of change, more appropriately labeled “damage,” on what remained of the capitalist, little “r,” republican establishment.  As Obama’s Administration came to a close, the election was rigged to ensure a smooth transition to Hillary Clinton, which as another ardent communist activist that would continue Ayers’ radical agenda and takeover.

This plan fell apart in magnificent fashion on November 8th as it became clear that Donald Trump had swept the election and would be the next president.  For the purposes of this article, it isn’t important how the Democrats lost the election.  What is important is to know that over the last eight years, the radical leftist elements within the Democrat Party effectively took it over.  In doing so, they spread an unprecedented amount of propaganda designed to instill fear, anger, and hatred in people across America.  This was done to polarize their electoral base in hopes that it would generate a high voter turnout for Hillary.  This was a textbook communist divide and conquer strategy designed to pit the “aggrieved” classes against the “oppressor” class to cause a revolution.  In America’s case, this turned out to be blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, gays, and women pitted against white males.  Although Hillary failed to inspire the base to turnout for her in the election, the campaign did spectacularly succeed in polarizing the base to the point of revolution.

During the campaign, the radicals piggybacked on the legitimate organization of the Democrats to organize for revolution.  They leveraged funding and favorably biased media coverage, provided by leftist elites like George Soros, to create completely false narratives to justify revolutionary action.  The Soros funded activists then were deployed to organize the angry masses.  The Black Lives Matter is both a product and victim of this distortion of reality.  Then, with the overt backing of the White House and Justice Department that legitimized their grievances, their revolutionary foot soldiers were unleashed to lead the sacking and burning of city after city across the.  These leftist operatives were harnessing the hate and anger created by almost eight years of inner-city blacks being constantly fed a false reality by the propagandists posing as the media and press.  These activists were then bused from city to city as the media created one false narrative after another to justify another “peaceful protest” that was deliberately planned to be a violent riot.  This helped create the perception of a nationwide organic phenomenon to get more people to band-wagon and join their revolution falsely believing it had more support than it did.

These premeditated riots soon started to achieve their objectives and claimed innocent lives.  Mobs of thugs began attacking and beating innocent people simply for being white.  Then the assassinations against the police started, which were deliberate terrorist acts.  This crossed a true threshold from wide spread organized protests into insurgency.  The White House made just enough of an effort to condemn the actions that their spinmasters in the media could deflect criticism from Obama, but anyone listening to all of Obama’s statements clearly understood that Obama condoned the actions.  In particular, Obama’s address to the families of the slain Dallas officers marks one of the lowest, most despicable acts of his entire life of despicable acts.  In respect to the officers’ families, I won’t even digress into his disgusting, seditious speech, but suffice to say he justified the assassin’s murder and vilified the police.  At this moment, we were fully involved in a classic, elite-sponsored, leftist revolution.

So, for the pundits out there still trying to decide if the on-going riots could turn into a revolution, here is your answer.  We are in a revolution!  The question now is whether it gets worse and how it ends.  Answering whether it will get worse is simple.  Yes, it will get much worse.  I have written about a number of operations underway to undermine the very integrity of the rule of law and our electoral processes.  These efforts will only gain momentum and combine with many other operations designed to destabilize the US and cause more widespread violence.  Remember, their foot soldiers have been programmed to not just believe they have been aggrieved, but that they are justified in taking violent action to include killing President-Elect Trump.  Make no mistake; there is zero discussion on the Left of backing down.  Obama just yesterday sent a letter to his insiders inviting them to a private discussion while urging them to dust themselves off and now “fight.”  Obama specifically used the term “fight” multiple times in his address and it wasn’t by accident.  He was sending a very clear signal throughout the leftist revolutionary organization that the White House would look the other way as they tore this nation apart and would protect them from prosecution.  To make this clear, Obama gave the order to attack yesterday.

There is every reason to believe the terrorists will try to take this revolution to the next level if it isn’t put down effectively and that is the problem.  Obama and his Justice Department have zero intention of stopping this revolution.  In fact, they are aiding and abetting it.  Based on the reports, information, and intelligence I have seen, the Left is preparing to take the fight to a new level.  They are heavily arming and going underground as terrorist cells now.  They are openly talking of violence and assassination.  They are beating and killing innocent people in the street.  They will continue with the riots, but also conduct wide-spread false flag attacks.  They will attack and kill their own people to fan the flames and push the nation over the edge.  This is exactly what the terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi did in Iraq.  Zarqawi killed both Shia and Sunnis to ignite the sectarian war that tore Iraq apart so that al-Qaeda could seize control in the midst of the chaos.  The terrorist factions sponsored by Soros and condoned by Obama will follow the same template.

We must wake people up to the reality that what started as a bloodless coup by a radical group of leftist insurgents inside the Democrat Party has metastasized into a legitimate communist revolution.  This has been the dream of communists since the Bolsheviks took over Czarist Russia and later formed the Soviet Union.  America can’t effectively fight an enemy that hasn’t been identified and declared.  The most effective and important thing we can do to defeat this revolution is to exercise the maximum amount of self-discipline.  Do not let yourself or others fall victim to the divisive class warfare strategy being imposed by traitors like Soros.  Our fellow Americans aren’t the enemy.  The globalists, the leftists, the media establishment, the judges, the politicians, the Bill Ayers are the enemy.  We have to turn everyone’s attention to this fact.  The elites are determined to have us tear each other apart and if that occurs, they win.  At the personal level, you need to increase your vigilance and be prepared for random attacks, but do not be tricked by false flags into action.  Remember, the Left wants to provoke a fight.  If they fail, they lose.  In the interim, please be active, vigilant, and alert.  You can help by building the organization of our resistance.  Pay attention and watch and listen.  Infiltrate, infiltrate, infiltrate.  Feed back any useful information to your peers and Last Minute Survival via our email address, subject line, “tips.”  We will continue to consolidate and analyze this information from around the globe and provide you with critical alerts, warnings, and information.

By Guiles Hendrik

November 14, 2016

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