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Unity of Effort in Patriot Movement

If there is something to be learned from this last election it is you seek or swim politically as a team.  The groups that are able to put differences aside for a common cause repeatedly achieve far greater goals than splinter factions alone.  This has been a problem that has plagued the Patriot Movement where issues like ego, societal rejection, and hard headed “rugged individualism” have become chronic self-defeating diseases.  This isn’t to say that we sacrifice our morals and ethics for the sake of unity, but it is important to understand what is critical and what isn’t when it comes to winning the long war of ideology.  Collectively, if we can move closer to achieving our objectives we are better off rallying together.  This isn’t without consequences and pitfalls though.  As we have seen, our major political parties have been hijacked by elitist interests to the point that rallying to a false idol for “party unity” will do far more damage than good.  We must once again remember what it means to be American and define our core values and principles.  These moral underpinnings must be our guides and what we rally to instead of a hijacked political party or fallible individual.  This is a far more enduring strategy.  Without this solid foundation based in moral and ethical truth we will be continuously misled, divided, and ultimately fail. Read more

No, protestors, you are not entitled to free education

I occasionally run across an outstanding article that I am in such agreement with, I feel as if I ghost wrote it.  Simon Black from Sovereign Man doesn’t usually let me down.  Perhaps, Mr. Black and I attended the same school of independent thought somewhere along our lives.  I don’t know, but we are definitely sounding awfully similar lately from relocation abroad and running farms to denouncing the political group think and what real patriotism is for those serving in the military.  Either way, his latest article rebutting the whining argument millennials make regarding their “entitlement” to a “free education” is a brilliant must read.

Good work Simon,

Guiles Hendrik


No, protestors, you are not entitled to free education


Trump Wins in Historic Anti-Establishment Victory, but Temper Your Jubilation: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of What’s to Come

Last night, Donald Trump won a historic victory by all accounts.  America’s silent, dispossessed majority has spoken and it should serve as a warning to anyone discounting the anger of the CITIZENS the government has failed to serve.  His victory was more about defeating Hillary and the overwhelming corruption and arrogance of the elites she represents than a referendum on his policies.  With their support, Trump took on what amounts to the entire establishment and stunned the elites.  The magnitude of this victory can’t be understated and we should have immense respect for what he has accomplished.  The “Donald” went head-to-head with the media complex, fended off judicial attacks, and even successfully overcame his own party sabotaging him all while essentially saying exactly what the pundits said he couldn’t say…the truth.  Donald Trump lived up to “his” own hype and proved he does have what it takes to outsmart even the dirtiest of career political elites.  However, once the celebrations are over, the real work begins.  Trump will have one of the most challenging jobs as President of anyone in our time and it is far from certain he will turn out to be what the people that voted for him believe he will be.  Trump won by capturing populist anger, but when it comes to the nuts and bolts of healthy policies, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows if you now analyze what the American voter just elected.  Here is a list of what we can look forward to, be worried about, and outright fear from President Trump.

The good: Read more

An Open Letter to the US 10th District Congresswoman Barbara Comstock

Today’s post directly addresses an email sent out by Congresswoman Barbara Comstock of the US Tenth District to her constituents (pasted at the bottom of this post).  Specifically, it poses an intellectual challenge to her sponsored legislation promoting institutionalized discrimination against males.  I for one am tired of the double standards that these false “social justice” activists are promoting.  They claim they want equality for all, but in fact, only want to establish preferential double standards.  These standards of social justice have nothing to do with the betterment of society and certainly do not represent justice in any way for the people.  In fact, the imposed double standards of the social justice movement are divisive and wholly self-serving for the political Left.  The goal is not to see true justice or equality, but to institutionalize the power of the Left Wing Establishment over “the masses.”  In practice, that means a miserable life under totalitarian rule for everyone to include “liberal Democrats.” 

Point by point, issue by issue, using reason I will destroy their every argument.  This won’t be my last article.  I will call out every one of these traitors on Capitol Hill.  Congresswoman Comstock is just the first.  I level the challenge to our mainstream media outlets to include papers like the Washington Post and New York Times to unbiasedly address these issues.  These liberal media organizations control the message that is received by the people supporting these insane initiatives and have for years been the major proponents of these policies.  However, these policies are destroying our country and we all will pay the price liberal and conservative alike.  We need to drop the partisanship and realize that a truly radical extremist element has hijacked this nation and we must all ban together to destroy it.  Our differences will remain, but we must challenge the divisive and destructive false narratives or risk losing our country. Read more

Oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Deal

We have been told by our nation’s leaders that the never ending free trade agreements being drafted and approved in secret are great for America.  However, the reality is that these trade deals have all been at the expense of America.  The free trade deals have all but obliterated American jobs and industry and are being written by global corporations concerned solely with the bottom line of their most senior executives.  Most of us can at least remember Ross Perot’s famous “sucking sound” comment in reference to the disastrous effect the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) would have on our economy.  He was laughed at then by Bush 1, but we aren’t laughing now as our battered economy barely maintains a pulse and Perot was proved correct.  Today we are being faced with the face tracking of the most egregious deal yet, the TPP, which will utterly destroy the last vestiges of American industrial power and ultimately bring down our economy.

As I warned over a year ago (see article), the TPP will utterly finish off what little remains of American industry and global dominance.  For those still willing and able to take the fight to Congress, now is the time to oppose this rotten deal that has been done in complete secrecy at your expense.  Even worse, the Republican controlled Congress has sold you out by aiding and abetting President Obama to get this deal passed without public scrutiny.  These traitors are accomplishing this by voting to cede Congress’ constitutional authority to approve trade deals to the sole discretion of the President.  So much for checks and balances John Boehner.  I have said it many times, if you think for a second that a Republican controlled government is any different and will stand up for our Constitution and the rule of law you are badly mistaken.  The difference between Democrats and Republicans is generally just semantic now and it would be better to refer to the parties more accurately as the communist party and the socialist party respectively.  Aside from a very few hold outs, Congress is completely bought and sold and you will pay the price for it if your apathy prevents you from action.  However you can find a way, raise hell with your elected leaders and demand that Congress retain their authority to review trade deals and that the TPP is stopped. Read more

Sign Up to Protect Homes and Businesses in Ferguson

Citizens in Ferguson Unite to Defend Their Business

Citizens in Ferguson Unite to Defend Their Business

What really happened and who is right in the on-going social unrest in Ferguson, Missouri that began after an unarmed black man was shot by a police officer?  That is the question we all are asking, but in truth can’t know unless we were there.  Without the ability to have witnessed the events firsthand, one must let the justice system work.  However, it is clear that no matter whether or not the grand jury returns an indictment against the officer involved in the shooting, many will feel an injustice has been committed.  In fact, many have left little doubt that if an indictment, irrespective of the evidence, is not returned, there will be violence  Our job as citizens should be to protect the innocent, our families, and our neighborhoods from this violence whether it is at the hands of the mob or the police.  With your support, LMS is prepared to help those in need.  To help, please read on and contact us at, subject line “Help Ferguson.”   

Ferguson has already endured more than its share of mob violence.  If protestors want to vent their anger, they should properly focus their aggression against the police, judges, and politicians, but not local residents and businesses.  Further, when protestors target innocent bystanders for simply being “white,” they completely undermine their stated grounds for grievance (see links at bottom).  If race was truly at the root of the Brown shooting, attacking whites, or any innocent person, demonstrates a complete hypocrisy of logic and turns legitimate protestors into a mob.  Acting like a mob gives the police a legitimate justification to harshly crack down on any protests and only spurs more violence.  A well-organized protest should be smart about this and not give the police any justification for the use of harsh crowd control tactics and be cognizant of optics created by the protestors.  Wanton violence does not win the support of the public and only bolsters the state’s argument for heavy handed actions none of us want.  However, in light of the very public calls for violence if the grand jury doesn’t indict the officer as demanded by the mob, we can safely predict in that event protests will quickly descend into mob violence and rioting.

The police are preparing for this contingency and no doubt will respond in force.  Nonetheless, as we have previously reported,, the best way to protect yourself, your family, your residence, and your business was not to rely on the police.  The police have found that they can do little to protect the businesses and residents from rioting mobs and at best try to arrest the most egregious of actors.  This has left business and residents of all races in Ferguson paralyzed by the continuing violence.  In Ferguson, the only places spared by the mob were people who took up arms and organized to defend their lives and property and the wealthy able to pay for contract security.  Clearly we all can’t afford private security, so we are organizing to provide volunteer security services for citizens in need.  In anticipation of the grand jury announcement and possible violence, LMS is establishing a special response team made up of citizens unwilling to allow innocent people to become victims and our cities to burn.  We will be dedicating a page where anyone in need of help can request help or volunteer their protective services.  We are in need of able bodied citizens and organizations of good character to contact us immediately.  Those trained and legally able to carry a firearm in Missouri to include current and former law enforcement and military personnel as well as medical first responders are in great demand.

If you or a loved one has family and friends or a business in or around Ferguson and need protection, email us at, subject line “Help Ferguson” and we will attempt to match you with volunteers willing to travel to that location and stand guard.  Please post this information to social media such as chat rooms, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc. to get the word out and help the citizens of Ferguson.  For professional support, LMS also provides contract private security consultation and protective services that can be requested at, subject line “Security and Protective Services.”   


By Guiles Hendrik

November 7, 2014

Walmart’s Staggering Profit Drop is the Canary in the Coal Mine for US Economy




















February 20, 2014:  Today the world’s largest retailer posted a staggering 21 percent drop in fourth quarter profit and.  Walmart quickly blamed bad weather and cuts to food stamps, but this is a weak excuse at best.  Even Walmart doesn’t seem to buy their excuses because they slashed their profit forecast for the rest of the current year.  Per Walmart’s rationale, the cut would only be justified if they expected more snow this summer!  A closer look reveals a much direr situation in the US economy.  As the world’s largest retailer, a near quarter drop in profit is the proverbial canary in the coal mine for the US retail market.

Contrary to the endless spin vomited by the US mass media and Obama White House, the economic reality is grave.  The US economy never recovered and is about to fall off another, much larger cliff.  As a result of inflation, un/underemployment, high taxation, suffocating regulation, sky high food and fuel costs, centralized economic planning, massive debt, and an industrial base that has gone overseas, the US economy is now in shambles.  For the majority of Americans, they have witnessed over the last decade a near total destruction of their wealth and a rapidly deteriorating standard of living.  Americans no longer have the disposable income they enjoyed just six years ago and as a result are not spending money.  This fact has been demonstrated by repeatedly bad retails sales numbers that go much further back than any snowstorms can justify this winter.  As a result, the retail sector of our economy is suffering the initial brunt of the next wave of collapse.  The result of this will be a tidal wave of retail stores shuttering store fronts this year.  Already there are historic levels of vacant retail space in the US and this datum point is set to rapidly rise.

Consider that Wal-Mart earned $4.43 billion in the quarter that ended Jan. 31, 2014, which was over a BILLION dollars less than its posted $5.6 billion earnings for the same quarter just a year earlier.  A billion dollar difference!  The weather and food stamps simply are not sufficient to justify this near one quarter loss in profit.  For starters, let’s dispatch the snowstorm myth.  Every winter, including last winter brought cold weather and snowstorms that spread across the country.  Demolishing the food stamp myth is even easier.  First, if the majority of shoppers at Walmart are welfare and food stamp recipients, our country has already gone over the edge and no longer has a productive middle class.  This stat alone would spell disaster for the US.  Second, and more specific to dismantling the Walmart alibi, the amount of people and thus the overall amount of money paid out in food stamps actually increased over the period.  That would mean their profit from food stamp recipients should have gone up now down.  Furthermore, even though the food stamp programs’ overall $80 billion annual budget was only cut by about $4 billion, Walmart seems to think it alone endured over a billion dollar loss as a result.  Only a fool could conjure this type of math knowing full well that would represent well over 100% of what has allegedly been cut to date in payouts from the program.

Walmart’s excuse for the collapse in profits is a pure lie to placate stockholders and the real data are far scarier.  Illustrative of this fact is that Wal-Mart itself reports that its stores, which account for about 60 percent of its business, recorded their fourth consecutive quarter of revenue declines at stores that have been open at least a year.  This revenue report undeniably shows that revenues were dropping long before any snowstorms or cuts to food stamps.  No business, not even Walmart can withstand near 25% quarterly drops in profit for long.

What we are witnessing now is the collapse of retail, which will ripple throughout the economy in the form of job losses, higher unemployment, and even less income.  This will undermine government tax revenues, kill manufacturing, pop the housing bubble, and cripple the overall economy.  As we have been warning, the next, much bigger, economic collapse is nearing and you need to prepare.  Woe be the economist that shrugs off consistent reports of massive retail losses; especially, when they are coming from the world’s largest retailer.


By Guiles Hendrik

February 20, 2014

All rights reserved.

The stage is set for final economic liquidation of the United States: Detroit request 50,000 immigrants

What does a corrupt and dysfunctional government due with its constituents after it has sucked every last drop of blood from them?  Replace them of course.  Detroit is not liquidating its population in the sense of Mao or Stalin, but even a quick study of Detroit’s demographics will reveal it has undergone a mass exodus.  Detroit, the once vibrant industrial city is now no longer able to pay its bills, which has led to bankruptcy and an inability to maintain its infrastructure.  As the lights permanently go dark and packs of wild dogs roam the streets, entire portions of Detroit have been turned into gangland ghettos reminiscent of the prescient 1987 film RoboCop.  To “fix” the problem our “enlightened” elites created, Detroit’s government is planning to import 50,000 new workers (slaves) to Detroit.  However, what they aren’t telling you is that their idea of a “fix” and your idea of a “fix” are radically different and you are not going to like it.  The elite fix will be the final act in the economic liquidation of the United States…or in layman’s terms, an engineered economic collapse. The collapse of Detroit wasn’t destined.  It could have been averted if responsible fiscal policies had been instituted and a total takeover of the political system by unions and global corporations prevented.  However, this was not to be.  The marriage between government and big business was allowed to occur without protest and was actually welcomed much like President Obama’s dictatorial declarations in his 2014 State of the Union address.  Soon though, greed took control of Detroit as handouts became preferred over earned paychecks.  It wasn’t long after that the powerhouses of American industry lost their competitive edge.  As one business after another closed its doors, Detroit was stripped of its vital tax revenues it had reliably pilfered from the middle class and left with massive debts to cover the costs of the remaining non-productive elements within the city.   ’s huge and now growing debt became a time bomb with a short fuse that sealed its economic destruction.  In the wake of Detroit’s demise, the city has left an older generation of workers stripped of their pensions and retirements and a younger generation of unemployed.  As for its industry, well, it of course left the US. The propaganda pipedreams sold to the people of Detroit were simply dressed up lies that are designed to appeal to the masses, the “working classes,” the average hardworking Americans, but are pure economic poison designed only to solidify the status quo of the elites at the expense of competitive businesses and true economic growth.  This type of snake oil appears in many ways such as a minimum wage.  These policies sound great in the near term because they claim to insulate and protect jobs, but are doomed to fail over the longer term because they strip away a company’s need and or ability to be competitive in the true global market.  Without the need to compete, laziness and apathy creep into a business.  Innovation, research, and development are shelved because they detract from maximizing profits.  Instead of building better products and operating more efficiently, companies found it easier to simply control the market bureaucratically.  As this incestual, economic disease metastasized throughout government, laws were passed to further “protect” the “established” businesses and enrich the elites.  This biased the market against new and competitive businesses making it impossible for them to compete and killed any residual business initiatives.  As a result, only large, non-competitive, and highly inefficient businesses that could afford to buy politicians were left.  Of course this system was flawed, but by the time the Detroit woke up to realize the market was a global one, more competitive industries at home and abroad put the Motor City out of business.  This self-destructive economic cycle ultimately killed the host…the hard working middle class of Detroit.  Once the middle class were decimated, the tax revenues collapsed and Detroit effectively became economically insolvent. Elites tend to like to keep and expand their power and wealth.  As soon as the elites realized they no longer could maintain the status quo within the United States, they took their businesses overseas where they could find cheap labor to exploit for maximum profit.  This is often a result of centralized economic controls associated with leftist economic policies and unions that favor such things as an artificially high minimum wage and unmanageable pension plans.  These policies make it impossible for even a healthy company to compete against lean companies with low overhead.  As such, with the help of fancy marketing to the public and highly paid lobbyists, “fair” trade deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) were passed.  The trade deals were written and designed to benefit the proverbial 1% and not the middle class.  The real effect would be to destroy national borders and tip the balance of “fairness” against the US worker.  The elites knew this meant that the American standard of living would plummet as industry and jobs flowed out, but not into the US.  This Machiavellian decision was made because America was becoming a saturated, stagnant market with high overhead costs due in no small part to union demanded benefits, high taxes, and oppressive government regulations.  In order to expand profits, the companies needed access to the global market and the fastest growing segments of the world population, such as in Asia.  NAFTA and the current, emerging, and highly secretive Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement have and will, respectively, decimate the living standard in the US. Detroit’s demise should be a warning to anyone that believes globalist policies will lead the US to new levels of economic prosperity.  These same mechanisms that brought down Detroit are at work and in advanced stages now across the entire US.  BOTH political parties are to blame for this.  The Republican President George H.W. Bush signed into law the NAFTA and Democratic President Obama has unrelentingly forced a radical socialist/Marxist agenda upon the US to complete the globalist designs oft referenced by the former President Bush as the “New World Order.”  President Obama is also nearing completion of the super-secret TPP agreement with China, which if NAFTA is any indicator, will be catastrophic for the US economy.  Nonetheless, even without the foreign trade sellouts agreements, the economic and regulatory policies of the progressive left alone will be enough to crush the last remaining vibrant elements of the US economy.  The bottom line is centrally planned economies have never worked historically anywhere in the world and will not work in the US. So one may ask what does importing 50,000 immigrants have to do with helping Detroit.  The answer is it won’t help you and it won’t help Detroit; it will help the 1%.  The elites and their paid politicians have set the stage for the perfect storm of economic collapse in the US.  Detroit is the first pilot test.  Detroit will get a temporary boost of cheap labor that will be sold to the public as a way to produce tax revenue and rejuvenate the city’s ailing population.   However, it will further disenfranchise American workers, increase domestic unemployment, and diminish the US standard of living.  The guest workers will not be paying taxes because their income will be below the taxable limit, but they will certainly benefit from social welfare programs such as free healthcare, food stamps, subsidized housing, and welfare.  This will be a huge net loss financially for Detroit and the US, but that doesn’t matter to the globalists expecting windfall profits and living abroad.  In exchange for the sellout, the bought politicians get a readymade pool of new constituent votes via “amnesty” and more campaign donations from the global corporations to keep them in power.  In the end it will only be the wealthy elites of the global corporations that increase their profits, which from their offshore perches and beach front mansions in Monaco seem like a good idea.  The overriding premise of this is that cheap labor increases the profit margin of big globalist corporations allowing them to put anyone else not enjoying the same type of special favors out of business.  The paradox of this logic was noted ironically by Karl Marx in that if no one has money to buy the goods, the capitalist system will collapse.  However, that is the future and this is the now. So how does this perfect storm work?  Global corporations will have a new pool of what amounts to domestic slave labor that maximizes their profits.  They accomplished this by lobbying (paying off) politicians to pass amnesty, not enforce border security, and approve the 50,000 work visas for Detroit.  Detroit will be the first city to undergo this transnational corporate takeover.  This will put more Americans out of work because other “good” businesses paying legitimate wages can’t compete.  As the American workers lose their jobs and remain unemployed, non-Americans will be brought in to assume those American jobs, which will further increase the pool of under or unemployed.  Tax revenues will plummet as social welfare and public service costs sky rocket.  This will spread to more cities and put more and more people out of work.  As more cities collapse like Detroit, they will be next in line for “help” and will receive hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers.  As each city falls, the global corporations will continue to transition their workforce to cheap labor and continue to increase their profit margins.  Bought politicians will look the other way and proclaim the benefits of diversity.  This business model is only possible because our once free Republic has been turned into a complete social welfare state.  As such, the burden of paying a living wage is no longer on the corporations, but on you the taxpayer.  You, the dwindling middle class worker, will be responsible for paying the immigrant workers’ healthcare (Obamacare), food stamps, welfare, education/tuition, costs for municipal services, and housing subsidies to name some of the major welfare programs.  This burden will be unsustainable for a solvent country.  Thus finite, it will lead to the final economic collapse of the US even as key stocks soar from record corporate profits.  There simply will not be enough tax paying workers to support the welfare state leviathan and just as Detroit collapsed as its tax revenues to payouts went negative, so too will the US. To complete this logic, one must ask then what good it does the companies to collapse the US economy.  To understand, one must remember the corporations are “global.”  They don’t operate in a world of boundaries and borders.  Their practices are parasitic and predatory and operate for maximum profit now.  That means as our nation is bled of every last cent and economically destroyed, they will just move on to a new market like they did in Detroit.  The money the corporations make will be used to dominate the next emerging market and the cycle will continue with the American worker now the cheap labor supporting the more advanced economies in other parts of the world.  This leaves you stuck with the debt, poverty, and the tyranny of near absolute dependence on the government.  This dependence equates to government control (by the very same bought politicians that got you in this situation), which means you are no longer free and ruled by a corrupt elite.  You are now a slave and the globalists control you.

By Guiles Hendrik

January 30, 2014

All rights reserved.

Image © Albert Duece

A Vet Speaks Out Against the Useless Insanity of Government “Jobs” Programs

President Obama’s much publicized “you didn’t build that” comment reveals much about the misguided and ill-informed logic of our senior political leaders.  Implied in the statement is the notion that your job or business would have been impossible to obtain without direct government assistance.  As a small business owner, combat veteran, and self-made man, I tend to take a bit of offense.  I would go on to say the real point should be that it is amazing anyone is still able to build a thing in spite of the government, which from oppressive regulation and endless taxation, to not enforcing fair trading practices with foreign nations and cronyism, seems to have done everything in its power to prevent one from succeeding.

When it comes to business, nothing is better for a strong economy than developing and growing actual profitable businesses.  This profoundly obvious reality is completely foreign to the career bureaucrats that believe only through social programs and endless website links can businesses be built.  Perhaps if we just taxed you a few percentage points more and paid for thousands more government bureaucrats to teach you how to do a web search for “job seeking” we would all be better off?  Not likely, unless you consider endless and unsustainable growth paid for by the private sector a healthy economic trend.

If one actually takes the time to really look at the massive number of loosely categorized government “jobs” programs and agencies, one will find no real programs that produce jobs.  Mainly, the money being spent goes to big businesses or local and state governments that will then hand the money off again (after taking a cut) to other useless entities such as centers for helping someone look for a job that doesn’t exist.  I am particularly fond of my tax dollars going to fund ever growing armies of social workers to repeatedly attempt and fail to provide job training to felons on welfare that never had a job nor intend to since they are already collecting unemployment, Medicaid, Social Security, and various other forms of welfare and food stamps when not living in publicly funded prisons or housing.  In fact, a detailed review of government “jobs” programs reveals the only thing you will find is an endless chain of bureaucrats creating more bureaucratic positions at the taxpayers’ expense.  What is really occurring, it appears, is that you are taxed at incredibly high rates so that the government can fund an infinite number of useless, feel good programs that purportedly are there to help you.  When these don’t work, the answer is to tax you more and create even more useless and bureaucratic programs that “talk” about job creation, but never actually accomplish it.

The game is rigged people!   First, the government takes your money by force via the IRS.  If you don’t believe the money is being taken by force, try not paying your taxes and let me know how that goes.  Next, the money stolen from you is used to fund hundreds of useless bureaus, agencies, and boards that claim to “help” you find a job or build a business.  These agencies then demand mountains of paperwork and approvals that all combine to employ thousands more useless bureaucrats so that you can apply to have them give you your money back with interest in what they call a “business loan.”  Of course if you have somehow managed to acquire any real property by this point in life, the government will make you risk it as collateral so that it can minimize its risk when loaning your “your money” back.  This is big money for the government and it actually profits from loaning you your own money.  This is why when it comes to jobs programs, be it the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Small Business Bureau, the Department of Labor, or your state and local economic development boards, they all seem to want to give you loans.

The fact is, that whenever money is directly provided for economic development, it is not provided for starting a business, but rather, it is used to fund more government programs designed to sound good.  However, these programs fail to create a single non-government job.  Sometimes though, the money will be earmarked for a big utility to cover the costs of renovating its facilities all while still billing the consumer for “needed upgrades.”  Other times it is earmarked for local governments and small businesses to purchase obsolete, inefficient, or overpriced services and equipment no one would ever purchase if subjected to a true fair market.  This is the essence of crony capitalism.  The point is that none of this money is actually going to create businesses.  Say what you may about communist China, but at least when the government gets involved, it funds actual hard industry and businesses that do employ people!

Sometimes it is easiest to define what a government program does by defining what it doesn’t do.  This may be the case for the host of government “jobs” programs.  What you won’t see from a government jobs program is a single government program that will give you a grant to actually start a business.  That is unless you are a friend of the President and operate a completely fraudulent company producing nothing functional, but maintain a catchy eco-friendly name and allegedly produce “green” alternative energy products.  That may not be a totally inclusive statement though so one must also include union bailouts at the expense of taxpayers in right to work states.  That said, this is disastrous for American competitiveness and a healthy free market.  Disagree this is the case?  I urge you to go to the Department of Veterans Affairs website and see for yourself.  In plain English, in their words, on their deceptively named “VetBiz” webpage will tell you:

Grants are a form of funding for specific federal research and social programs. Contrary to popular belief, there are no Federal grants made specifically for the purpose of starting a business.”

I couldn’t have stated the absurd reality and waste of government funds more honestly and to the point.  You can read this under the grants paragraph at

If not a big enough waste, the VA also likes to add insult to injury.  Under “Education Benefits” it notes it will only pay for programs offered by government run Small Business Development Centers even if they are absurd, useless, and not at all what one may need to be competitive or gainfully employed in today’s market.  The “excellent” careers veterans can look forward to being trained for are a barber/beautician, HVAC repairman, and a truck driver.  Wow, I wonder if I can also aspire to be a janitor!  This isn’t meant to disparage anyone performing these jobs, but only to point out the degree to which the government believes veterans are capable of performing.  A more reasonable person might suggest that a computer scientist, electronics engineer, or hedge fund manager might be a more challenging and profitable career path for veterans, but apparently the government sees those that served and protected our nation as the few, the proud, the minimum wage workers.

The point ladies and gentlemen is to reiterate that the government cannot and does not produce jobs.  At best, it can only create more bureaucracy that stifles jobs and destroys a healthy economy.  In fact, government should completely remove itself from this farce that by any reasonable estimate is costing taxpayers with actual jobs billions and providing a negative net return.  No Mr. Obama, we did not build this worthless bureaucratic nightmare, you did.  Now please, “Mr. #Ineverhadarealjobinmylife,” stay out of the way and allow those with actual skills, motivation, and experience to get back to what we know best, creating real jobs!