Civilian Response Force

LMS is establishing a special response team made up of citizens unwilling to allow innocent people to become victims.  Our volunteer teams will be matched with people in need of help and facing an overwhelming crisis.  We respect the rule of law, but recognize the inherit inability for police to protect individuals during episodes of large scale social unrest.  Whether the crisis unfolds from a pandemic, political upheaval, or natural disaster, anyone in need of help can request a team or volunteer their protective services on this page.  Up until this point, only government facilities and those able to purchase private security services were reasonably protected, but now with our volunteer teams, the people who need protection most during a crisis can get it.

We are currently in need of able bodied citizens and organizations of good character to contact us immediately.  We have only begun to staff our teams and demand has outpaced our pool of qualified volunteers.

Immediate Staffing Request:  Those trained and legally able to carry a firearm in Missouri to include current and former law enforcement and military personnel as well as medical first responders are in great demand to respond to a possible protective contingency in and around Ferguson, Missouri in preparation for a possible grand jury announcement. 

If you or a loved one has family, friends, a residence, or a business in need protection from civil unrest, email us at, subject line “Help Ferguson” and we will attempt to match you with volunteers willing to travel to that location and stand guard.  You can also directly post your request to the comments on this page below.

Please help your fellow citizens and post this information to social media such as chat rooms, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc. to get the word out and help fellow citizens.

For professional support, LMS also provides contract private security consultation and protective services that can be requested at, subject line “Security and Protective Services.”   



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