Commissar Hall of Shame


Lenin says "Onward Fellow Communists!"

Lenin says “Onward Fellow Communists!”

Commissar (kŏmˈĭ-särˌ) n. An official of the Communist Party in charge of political indoctrination and the enforcement of party loyalty. n. The head of a commissariat in the Soviet Union until 1946.

n. A person who tries to control public opinion.
These individuals have won themselves a place on our Hall of Shame for extraordinary egregious acts of lawlessness, hubris, arrogance, corruption, abuse of public office, and contempt for the freedoms and liberties of Americans as secured by the Constitution of the United States.  The dishonor of being designated a Commissar wins you a ranking on our grassroots list of individuals that should be blacklisted and thrown out of public office and or boycotted if they are members of the business community.
Individuals are listed in no particular order of ill repute.
  • Alexandria, Virginia  Mayor and radical anti-gun extremist, William D. Euille
  • New York City Mayor and radical leftist, Bill de Blasio
  • Chicago Mayor and long time communist, Rahm Emanuel
  • US Senator, hypocrite, and radical leftist, Dianne Feinstein
  • US Representative, insider trader, and radical leftist, Nancy Pelosi
  • US Representative, alcoholic, and false conservative, John Boehner
  • Former US Attorney General and communist party supporter, Eric Holder
  • Arguably the worst US President in history, communist organizer, bastard child, anti-American, pro-Islamist, and title holder for bankrupting the US, Barack Hussein Obama
  • Queen of corruption and worst Secretary of State in US history, Hillary R. Clinton
  • US Ambassador to the United Nations and lead architect of the disastrous policy in Libya, Samantha Power
  • Political Hack and unrepentant radical leftist, Rachel Maddow
  • US National Security Advisor and senior architect of disastrous policy in Libya, Susan Rice
  • Harvard Professor and race baiter, Henry Louis Gates
  • 4th Director of National Intelligence and enemy of the 4th Amendment, James R. Clapper
  • US Secretary of Agriculture and Monsanto front man, Thomas James “Tom” Vilsack
  • Former IRS Employee and leftist hitwoman, Lois G. Lerner
  • Former Acting Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and leftist hitman, Steven T. Miller
  • Former US President, champion of big government, moron, and war criminal, George W. Bush
  • Former US Vice President, diabolical businessman, war criminal, and destroyer of the Bill of Rights, Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney
  • Former Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff for President George Bush, convict, and political conman, Karl Christrian Rove
  •  Former US Ambassador to the UN, vocal draft dodger (National Guard), supporter of mass surveillance, champion of the illegal war in Iraq, and paid lobbyist for Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs John Robert Bolton
  • Former head of JSOC, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, oath breaker, and moral coward for exposing that the US created ISIS only after his retirement after helping to create ISIS while on active duty, Lt. General Michael T. Flynn.


  1. I would nominate Zbigniew Brzezinski and his daughter.

  2. Rob Calvert says:

    I nominate current SecState John Kerry, serial liar, fake war hero, now spewing the globalist meme of obedience to multinational and UN regulations superseding the guarantees to the American people in the Constitution of the United States.

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