LMS Civilian Response Team: Ferguson Conundrum Solved by Community Security

When police get it right.

When police get it right.

I wanted to take a moment to follow up on Last Minute Survival’s Civilian Response Team initiative.  Our initiative proved that not just in Ferguson, but that in communities around the country a well-organized community response is far better protection and security than anything the state can provide.  Not only did our teams respond to crisis areas completely ignored by government agencies, but provided real protection to businesses and residents unable to provide for their own defense.  Further, our teams were able to accomplish this without heavy handed police state tactics. 

The news gets better.  As the stories have begun to trickle out of Ferguson and the real facts emerge, it is clear that not only were LMS Civilian Response Teams on the ground, but many other selfless volunteers to include members of the “Oath Keepers.”  Like our teams, they were providing grassroots support and help to local citizens and businesses in need throughout the region.  I can’t speak for the Oath Keepers, but from what I can gather, not a single business or residence protected by our teams were vandalized, looted, or in any way damaged.  Further, not a single protectee was hurt and our teams acted with far more professionalism and discretion than those “entrusted” to protect us as police.

Sadly, the only problems civilian volunteers experienced were from the police and government, which one would think would have actual violent criminals looting and burning cities to deal with.  The insanity of it just goes to show how closed minded, blind, and heavy handed police in our nation have become.  Instead of immediately recognizing the benefit of having capable civilians volunteering and taking action in their communities, the government seems to have preferred you stayed home and cowered, begging for their help as your property was burned and your person assaulted.  Nonetheless, after dedicating far too much attention to volunteers from the Oath keepers, police finally realized they were not breaking any laws and in fact, were highly beneficial and left them alone.



Ultimately, the actions of brave volunteers from across the nation proved once again that you best solutions to problems do not come from the government, but rather, you and me.  In fact, I believe many would agree with the statement that much of the problems in places like Ferguson are a direct result of decades of bad government policies.  Once this is understood, there just isn’t a need for massive paramilitary police forces armed with MRAP vehicles, multi-million dollar budgets, intelligence analysis teams, sophisticated eavesdropping equipment, assault rifles, and offensive wartime military tactics in domestic policing.  However, don’t expect the government to acknowledge this fact anytime soon because they have no interest in ceding even the slightest bit of power back to the very citizens they purportedly “serve.”  Control and power are the names of the game for the government and the bureaucrats leading the charge simply do not understand anything other than a big government solution that gives them more power.  Mark my words, Ferguson won’t be where it ends.  As we enter 2015, more and more violence will spawn and only through greater and greater demonstrations of active civilian responses can we show the irrelevance and undesirable nature of oppressive government action to “restore order.”  Volunteer today http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/civilian-response-force/.


By Guiles Hendrik

January 2, 2015


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