Media Ignoring How the Election is Legally Rigged and Violence May Erupt When Truth Exposed

Sometimes when searching for truth in the maze of media spin, your best technique is to focus on what is not being talked about.  In the case of election rigging, it is clear there is already ample evidence to prove election fraud at the ballot boxes and by the two major political parties during the primaries.  However, what is not being talked about is far more important than double voting, identification laws, or illegals voting and it is not just legal, it is constitutional.  This election may come down to the electors that cast the state votes that are actually counted toward the Electoral College.  The fact the media has all but ignored the most obvious “check and balance” to our election system is curious to say the least.  These electors are handpicked by the elites and often owe loyalties to parties much like super delegates during the primaries.  If they do not vote the will of the people, and they are by no means bound to do that, violence in the streets can be expected.

Let me reiterate the last sentence.  The electors that cast the all-important votes counted in the Electoral College are not bound to vote based on the popular vote.  Yes, it is true that the rules for electors are dictated by the states and yes it is also true most states require their electors to cast their votes in a “winner take all” manner based on the popular vote.  However, the electors are not required to honor their pledge and have voted differently in the past.  These voters are called faithless voters.  The Supreme Court has upheld that the states can set the rules for the electors, but as far as punishments go for not voting according to state rules, it has never been tested.  Michigan is one state that does have a mechanism for this event where the vote of the faithless elector is voided.  However, this too hasn’t really been put to the test and if the vote is voided that could conceivably change the entire outcome of an election by reducing the total number of votes in the Electoral College.  I will spare you the grade school civics class lesson about why we have such a system, but suffice to say it was put in place by the elites of the day, which we call our Founding Fathers, when the Constitution was written.  It was done as a way to ensure the uneducated masses don’t ever get too brazen and vote for someone the elites didn’t approve.  There also was that whole thing about negating the vote of slaves, which were the majority of the population in many southern states, but I digress.  In short, the electors can pretty much legally vote however they choose irrespective of the will of the people.

This means electors can be bought and influenced.   In a tight election, this could make the difference in who is elected to become president.  This influence is even greater if the elector believes the candidate that they support will in the end be elected by their action.  Specifically, the elector may ignore the popular vote and state rules in hopes of not just being shielded, but rewarded by the candidate they believe will win.  In a contentious election, the elector may also be influenced by an overwhelming belief that a particular candidate is just too dangerous or unfit to be elected.  This argument derives its validity from the original constitutional intent of having electors in the first place.  Making matters worse, we also have a case where the population of states previously controlled by Democrats may vote in favor of Donald Trump.  Loyal Democrat electors are so vehemently partisan and rabidly anti-Trump, they could simply decide to ignore the popular vote and still vote for Clinton with little fear of legal reprisal by their states, which are controlled by Democrats.  Today, we have a textbook case of a very tight and very contentious election.  Therefore, tomorrow night, perhaps even before the votes are counted, we can bet that there will be some electors that have already been “influenced” to vote for Hillary Clinton irrespective of the actual popular vote in their state.

I am not being partisan when I say that Hillary is the favorite of the elites.  The elites themselves make no mystery of this fact and publicly support her.  She has essentially the entire establishment behind her to include most of the Republican elites such as the Bush family.  Further, Donald Trump has been made out by the media to be a reckless and incompetent racist that is a “danger” to America.  By the elites’ definition, there has never been a better case for the Electoral College to ignore the votes of the people and cast their votes for Hillary “for the good of the country.”  Not only is Hillary the establishment candidate, but based on the way Hillary had bought nearly all of the Democrat super delegates in the Democrat Primary, it is safe to say she will employ a similar tactic with respect to the general election.  She definitely has the funds to do this and the Clintons are infamous for rewarding their loyal supporters.  So in case you are not tracking, the problem is we have the potential in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan for the majority of people to vote for Donald Trump, but the electors still cast their vote for Hillary Clinton.  If Trump somehow pulls out an upset win over Hillary, we could see the win nullified by a rigged Electoral College.  If this should occur and be the deciding factor in the election, the constitutional crisis that would ensue is the least of the problems.  This could literally thrust our country into full scale civil war.

In summary, the establishment is hell bent on electing Hillary Clinton to office tomorrow.  The Electoral College is their back up plan should more typical election rigging fail.  They will use whatever means necessary to make Democrat electors vote for this outcome.  In the event of a Trump upset win in the popular vote, this is not just conceivable, but actually possible.  In this event, all pretenses to make the rigged election look legitimate will fall away.  It will just be raw, banana republic style blatant election fraud.  However, the beauty in the minds of the elites is that this is all legal.  Electors voting against the popular vote are unethical and violate their state rules, but it really isn’t illegal and there isn’t much that a state could do beyond nullifying their votes.  This would be unlikely since in our specific case, the state governments in question would be controlled by Democrats that would not penalize the unscrupulous behavior of their loyal colleagues.  This would lead to a constitutional crisis and potentially a civil war.  All hyperbole aside, this is an election like none other in our lifetime and the stakes couldn’t be higher.


By Guiles Hendrik

November 7, 2016


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