Left-wing Terrorism Starts Second American Revolution

This week, the escalating communist revolution in the United States, graduated to full scale political assassination.  This was left-wing domestic terrorism.  For Americans, this was a watershed moment and a wake-up call.  Now many are asking; “Where does this lead?”  Your answer, whether you are ready to open your eyes or not, is the Second American Revolution.  This revolution will be far bloodier, far costlier, and more globally detrimental than any previous revolution if not stopped now.

The Wednesday attack on Republican congressmen practicing for a baseball game was not a one-off attack by a random nut.  This attack was part of a coordinated revolutionary offensive by radical left-wing terrorists inspired by the likes of Bernie Sanders, funded by the likes of George Soros, brainwashed by the federalized education system, and polarized by the mass media propaganda outlets.  As I write, other unstable individuals on the radical fringe of the Left are going underground and planning more attacks.  This isn’t speculation, this is a known fact by our law enforcement organizations.  Sadly, the attack on Republican congressmen this week marks another milestone toward a full scale civil war, which will, as the left-wing terrorists desire, tear this country apart.

In January, I warned again of the coming civil war with radical left-wing revolutionaries and bluntly concluded my article with this warning (see links below). “However, don’t think for a second you can let your guard down or that small groups will not soon attempt to carry out terrorist attacks against the US.  You have been warned.”  As the prescient article proved, the violent and calculated ambush of Republican congressmen by a left-wing terrorist was easily predictable.  The attack was not a surprise, but rather the natural progression of what I had previously identified as a low level insurgency that had begun in the US under Obama’s leftist regime.  The growth of this revolution from agitators to legally organized resistance to proto-insurgency to illicit low level insurgency to full scale revolutionary action is unfolding as we speak and follows the traditional communist revolution playbook.  The US, as evaluated by commonly used security and stability metrics, is now under attack by a left-wing insurgency using terrorist tactics to achieve its political aims.  We are at war and no one seems to be able to admit it.  So again you ask.  Where does this lead?

As recently as two years ago, I could have argued off-ramps existed to deescalate the growing animosity in America.  However, the polarizing vitriol spewed around the clock by Democrats, radical leftists, and the mass media propaganda outlets (yes, I am repeating myself) has succeeded in removing all civility from political discourse.  We have crossed the point of no return.  The Left has intentionally introduced violence, fear, and intimidation into our political system.  These are the weapons of terrorists, not legitimate political parties.  I will not entertain a moral equivalency argument that the “wrongs” of right wing Republicans in anyway justify the actions of the Left.  There is no comparison.  It is time the Left is identified as the communist terrorists they are.  They must be stopped if we are to prevent the self-immolation of the US.

The Second American Civil War has begun.  It will take time before others recognize this reality, but the fuse has been unmistakably lit.  The will give no quarter to President Trump, Republicans, or anyone else that doesn’t conform to their perverse reality.  If the civil war was recognized as such right now and decisive action was taken against these left-wing radicals, an insurgent war still couldn’t be averted, but it could be swiftly won.  Instead, as I write, the US is being both figuratively and literally set ablaze by “progressives” hell bent on imposing their perverse draconian set of dictates upon what was a peaceful and law abiding population through violent force.  The staged riots, protests, shout downs, frivolous legal challenges, fake news, political witch hunts, media propaganda, attacks on the Constitution, brutal assaults of conservatives, intimidation of anyone that disagrees, mockery, death threats, murders of police officers, and now political assassinations are not independent acts.  These are all calculated and planned battles being fought as a part of an organized communist (progressive) revolution and they are just getting started.  Far more coordinated violence is to come.

This revolution has been in the works since the early days of the Cold War.  The seeds planted by communists decades ago are finally bearing fruit.  During that time, the Left has imported millions of foot soldiers to dilute and weaken America’s Western cultural identity all while conditioning millions more within the inner cities and schools to proclaim the wonders of socialism and “progressive” agendas.  The Left has systematically and meticulously installed apparatchiks in all key institutions, governing bodies, schools, media outlets, courts, and like important positions.  Further, unceasing class warfare has drawn the battle lines by creating “special” aggrieved classes, which have all been taught to blame “ists” for their perceived oppression and status.  Of course, in true Alinsky “freeze” the target fashion, the “ist” is always a white, male, protestant, which has been the bedrock, foundation, and cornerstone of America, like it or not.  Alinksy and his ardent communist friends all knew this and knew that to destroy America, they must destroy the white, male, Christian archetype of our culture and society.  The result of spreading this progressive evil and filth throughout our nation for a generation has finally succeeded in bringing our nation to the brink of all out civil war.

After the attack, I asked myself again if civil war could be averted.  I carefully have watched the news since the attack on our congressmen for any sign of the “progressives” recognizing what they have created and dialing back the vitriol.  At first there appeared to be some legitimate heart felt sympathies and reflection, but that quickly turned to what amounted to a deranged celebration by many on the Left.  My conclusion is that the subhuman response by those infected with the evil of leftist ideology are now so mentally damaged, they are beyond the reach of debate, elections, and civil discourse.  They are undoubtedly squarely in the court of primal violence and force.  As such, I am writing tonight to warn you that a civil war is coming.  It will be a Leftist Revolution and like all communist revolutions, will destroy the nation.  We will not live to see better days if we don’t unify in mass, stand up, speak up, and take decisive action stop this coming tyranny.  We can no longer be apathetic.  We can no longer sit idly by and hope someone else will fight our fight.  We can no longer enjoy the peace and tranquility of our homes and “good life.”  It is in our nature to want peace and to avoid conflict.  However, that time has expired.  The war is now at your doorstep and it won’t provide you the luxury of standing by on the sidelines.  Whether you want to or not, you will be forced to pick a side in the Second American Revolution.  You can choose the Left, which is an evil ideology of death, destruction, anarchy, violence, poverty, and tyranny or you can choose the ideology of our forefathers, which represents God, order, responsibility, charity, productivity, peace, prosperity, freedom, liberty, and happiness.  For me, I choose the side of good.  Are you with me?

By Guiles Hendrik

June 15, 2017


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  1. Joe says:

    While I agree with the overall feeling of the article, it has to be said that the conversation and debate isn’t over until it’s over. I’ve fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan and I would never want to see a second American revolution. It’s typically the right that has fought for our country and I think that’s why the right is so hesitant to move toward violence, because they understand true violence. The left as a whole doesn’t know what they’re calling for or there wouldn’t be groups calling for war.

    I genuinely hope cooler heads prevail because all out fighting in the US isn’t going to solve anything and it isn’t going to benefit either side. Even the “winner” of that conflict will be the loser.

  2. Robert Poling says:

    Agree. but we need an action plan. It is necessary to oppose the incipient tyranny of the left and not be afraid to speak out, write and always oppose them. It is necessary to stand up and be heard and not be afraid of bullying and crybullying of the leftists, or of any of their threats. Right now, everyone is just standing by and hoping it all goes away or peters out, but the elites want this country’s predominate culture destroyed. We need our leaders to stand up, push back and stop accommodating these attacks.