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Gun Laws Are Common Sense According to Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and Obama

Per my previous volumes on the subject of gun control, Obama and his Leftist ideologues are following the script. They continue to push an agenda for a total gun ban via incremental power grabs.  In spite of all of the evidence that shows far greater problems are facing America, Obama and his band of idiots remain steadfast in their pursuit of disarming of the American people while ignoring real security problems like skyrocketing debt, unchecked immigration, and a world war about to break loose.  Obama remains deaf and blind to the rule of law, Constitutional constraints, and the will of the people in his pursuit of tyrannical power.  As I am sure you are aware, he is just getting started and has no plans to abate his attacks on your God given rights.

I won’t waste your time reviewing each individual lie and distortion Obama stated today in his “town hall” discussion on his upcoming executive orders. However, I would like to point out a few whoppers.  First and foremost, Obama and Congress do not have the power to constrain or limit gun laws short of an amendment to the Constitution through a very specific process.  The Second Amendment of the Constitution explicitly withheld this power from the government.  In fact, it was intentionally included specifically so that Congress and the President could not “infringe” upon the right to keep and bear arms.  Second, Obama has no legal standing to make laws respective of anything.  As the head of the executive branch, he can enforce the laws enacted by Congress and no more.  His “executive actions” go far beyond enforcing current law and are clearly in the realm of creating new law.  Obama simply does not have the authority to create law via executive action and thus his dictates are unconstitutional.  Respective of the already unconstitutional no fly list, which I have been critical of since its inception, Obama again has no authority to deny someone their rights without due process.  This is very basic legal precedent that our Constitutional scholar, now President, apparently missed…no, ignored.  If someone is suspected of being a terrorist or supporting terrorism, then show the probable cause, get a warrant, and arrest them.  The notion a citizen can be secretly blacklisted and denied rights without due process for being a terrorist, but still is left on the street is far more dangerous than any mythical gunshow loophole.

Finally, I want to take an entire paragraph to address the constantly repeated propaganda line of “common sense gun laws.” The arrogance of this dictator knows no bounds.  By declaring his dictates “common sense,” the thug sitting in the White House is in effect calling the vast majority of Americans that overwhelmingly support the Second Amendment and are against further gun control idiots.  I have news for you Barry, the only people that thought gun control was “common sense” were dictators hell bent on subjugating and murdering millions of unarmed and defenseless people like Stalin, Mao, and Hitler.  Based on your policy exploits in the Middle East and North Africa, many would argue you are not far behind your previous peers, yet I fear your worst is yet to come.  You may indeed sit in the White House as a puppet of the establishment, but you will not be able to escape the inevitable brand by historians as the worst president to ever hold the office.  Without any doubt, your “common sense” is wanting.

By Guiles Hendrik

January 4, 2016

The problem isn’t Islamic Terrorism it is guns according to Emperor Obama

I wrote the following paragraph on October 19th this year as the first of a three part series explaining exactly how gun control and then confiscation would be enacted across the US.  After President Obama’s speech tonight indicting the Second Amendment as the root cause of terrorism inside the US, I thought it was a good time to reintroduce my three part series.

As we wait for the latest round of unconstitutional acts by President Obama respective of his so called new “executive orders” on gun control, which would be better described as edicts, the only question is how far the President will overstep his constitutional authority this time.  In some ways, I hope he oversteps and the backlash catches the Left by surprise and sets them back significantly in the elections.  However, the people we are dealing with are not political amateurs and are masters of spin so I would expect the long war to continue against our nation and culture.  To this end, I would expect more highly politicized false flags used to finalize the “justification” for gun control in the near future.  To those of us not in a propaganda induced coma, we will see that these false flag events exactly for what they are.  We will intuitively know they were not the result of guns; but rather, the result of a nation that has allowed itself to lose its cultural identity and moral foundations, a nation that has become addicted to violence and mind altering drugs, a nation that has been subverted from the inside.  http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/2015/10/19/gun-confiscation-goes-mainstream-tyranny-in-the-land-of-the-free/

I have to admit, I am sounding very redundant when I say “I told you so,” but only through making repetitive connections will many of the masses understand that what is going on is not random.  Random acts by their very nature cannot be accurately predicted.  However, when something such as the elite’s gun control agenda can be predicted so specifically in advance, one must at least consider the fact that this is indeed a planned and highly orchestrated effort from the top to disarm and subjugate the United States.  I am sure some of you that have just started reading my articles will be asking how exactly then will this occur.  Well, I detailed the general progression of this plot below in Parts II and III of my series on gun control.  If you are concerned about being disarmed, and you should be, then you need to read all three posts, which lay out the elitist agenda, how it will unfold, and how you can resist it.

Part II: http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/2015/10/20/part-ii-of-the-gun-confiscation-goes-mainstream-tyranny-in-the-land-of-the-free/

Part III:  http://www.lastminutesurvival.com/2015/10/27/part-iii-gun-confiscation-goes-mainstream-tyranny-in-the-land-of-the-free/


Guiles Hendrik

December 6, 2015

Part III: Gun Confiscation Goes Mainstream: Tyranny in the Land of the “Free”

Post Confiscation Orders and the Resistance

When the government decrees you must turn in your weapons, the question is whether you will comply or resist. Consider this question carefully because the implications and consequences will not just affect you, but generations.  Make no mistake, firearms, once confiscated, will never be returned.  They will be destroyed.  The companies that make them will be put out of business, their machinery sold, and their employees put out of work.  Guns and gun related activities form a multibillion dollar American industry and our economy will immediately suffer.  Far worse though will be the right to bear arms as we currently enjoy it will not be reinstated until after our nation suffers incredible pain and hardship if we ever get it back.  Once America disarms, there will be no going back no matter whether the government turns benevolent or brutal because the ultimate means of popular resistance will have been foolishly discarded.  Fortunately, contrary to what the government propaganda would like you to believe; we actually have an enormous amount of power to successfully resist any confiscation attempt and can, if we collectively act, non-violently stop this draconian movement.  Read more

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and Senator Chris Murphy Targeting US Citizens as “Dangerous Insurrectionists”

Senator Chris Murphy thinks you are a dangerous terrorist.

Senator Chris Murphy thinks you are a dangerous terrorist.

The “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” (CSGV) is a radical leftist front organization funded by donations from globalists and sponsored by some of the most crackpot organizations, such as “Code Pink.”  Their clearly stated intent is to aggressively force gun control upon the United States are willing to use “social justice,” which is code for social terrorist campaigns designed to ruin anyone that resists their agenda.  Recently, they have started a campaign designed to force WTTG General Manager Patrick Paolini to fire a pro-Second Amendment reporter Emily Miller http://csgv.org/action/tell-wttg-general-manager-patrick-paolini-fire-emily-miller/.  Emily’s high crime was exercising her First Amendment right to support the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL).  The VCDL has been an effective and vocal advocate of gun rights for Virginians and thus, Emily has been targeted by CSGV and has become a victim of social terrorism.  I want to take the time today to expose these treasonous enemies of a free and sovereign nation and shine the light on their leadership, which to date has enjoyed immunity from their harassment and terrorist tactics.  I also want everyone to stand up for Emily and make sure her Manager Patrick Paolini stands by her.

I coined the term “social terrorism” because anyone that has been victimized by one of these well-funded smear campaigns labeled “social justice” can literally have their lives ruined.  Social justice is social terrorism so correct anyone when you hear it improperly used.  If you think the term is too severe then consider the implications.  Victims of social terrorism generally are condemned for supporting Christian virtue, the rule of law, and republican values.  These victims have been targeted by the IRS and Justice Department with frivolous investigations, arrests, audits, delays, and fines; have had their businesses destroyed and lost their jobs; have been blacklisted at public events, been unable to get business loans or new jobs; had their children abducted by social services; had their reputations smeared; and have been harassed, physically assaulted, and targeted for killing.  If this doesn’t constitute systematic terrorism of an individual, nothing does.  Now Emily Miller, a lady that has worked hard in her career is under attack for advocating for our Bill of Rights and everyone needs to know she must be defended.

To fight the CSGV, you first need to know a little about them and how they view “us.”  According to their website, part of their stated strategy is “to use the term ‘insurrectionism’ to describe the NRA’s treasonous interpretation of the Second Amendment.” Apparently, they have found some success because Senator Chris Murphy is on record supporting their organization and making the statement, “The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has led the way in exposing the dangerous insurrectionist ideology promoted by the NRA and others in the pro-gun movement” http://csgv.org/about-us/.  Think about the term “insurrectionist” for a moment.  Insurrectionist is defined as an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government.  Read more

Update: Why are Virginia police going handing out anti-gun fliers to local businesses?

Today, your efforts combined with a grassroots effort across Northern Virginia achieved a small victory.  I want to give a special thanks to the The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) [http://www.vcdl.org/] and the observant citizens, which identified the subversive activities and went after Alexandria County government officials regarding the use of police for the door-to-door anti-gun flier campaign.  The VCDL was issued a formal apology from the police chief and Alexandria police took down all flyers and signs posted at their police headquarters saying concealed firearms weren’t permitted and admitted they were wrong.  Read more

Change the Debate: How to Win the Battle for Gun Rights Part I: Understanding the Fight

Ladies and gentlemen, dark days are upon us.  Not since the Civil War has the liberty and freedom of this Republic been under so great a threat.  What makes this threat so dire is that it is both internal and external.  Unlike past foreign, external threats that were overt and allowed the American people to rally around a common cause, these threats are covert and come from within.  These threats are quietly supported externally by powerful financiers and are designed to lead to America tearing herself apart from within.  These forces could be summarized as geopolitical enemies like China and ideological enemies such as globalists, the heads of big banks, and the European Union.  What they all have in common is a universal disdain for American values, freedom, and liberty, and the threat America poses to their consolidation of world power and control.  The proof is all around.  What was sacred, moral, ethical, and right only 50 years ago is now derided by the government, media, and pop culture.  Our nation is not a melting pot, but a patchwork of government fabricated special interest groups all fighting against the others resulting in gain only for the elite.  The fundamental rights of free speech, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, free press, the ability to keep and enjoy what one earns, and the ability to defend all of the above against those wanting to take it have been abolished or constrained and limited to the point of irrelevance.  Those unwilling to submit to these new pillars of correctness and  to surrender their freedom and liberty are chastised, black balled, insulted, penalized, fired from jobs,  and now even put on terrorist watch lists and arrested.  Only by going on the offensive and recalibrating the arguments can this be turned around.  We have been pushed too far and must reclaim ground.  Ladies and gentlemen, to use a football analogy, we are on the one yard line and the enemy is about to score.  There is no further room to give and we must push them back.

It’s time to change the debate just as the enemies of a free America have attempted with the “gun debate.”  If ,as they claim, we need to revisit the “meaning” of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, then we need to codify the fact that an individual has an unalienable right to self-defense of their person, property, and innocent civilians.  Further, it must be clear that this includes the right to own and carry weapons sufficient in power to offer a reasonable check against government tyranny as the central hallmark of the right.  This means that the weapons and armament possessed by the citizenry must be allowed to adapt to the technology of the day.  In 1786, a flintlock musket was the assault rifle of the day and was sufficient to counter tyranny.  Using the same bar, the population today is under armed.  We the people demand better access to true military grade assault rifles, suppressors, and anti-armor weapons and ammunition.  Further, the populace requires access to other high tech electronic warfare and communication devices to protect against spying, surveillance, and stand-off attack in order to balance against the police state that has rapidly risen over the last decade.  Remember, it is the government that should fear the people and not the reverse.  This is not extreme, but reasonable.  What IS extreme and unreasonable is the massive growth of “law enforcement” and paramilitary police organizations to the point cops are indistinguishable from front line combat soldiers and are sitting on every block.  What IS extreme and unreasonable is the Orwellian police state we have funded and built with tax dollars to place a camera on every square inch of land in America, to record every single electronic activity of every person in America without cause or warrant, and to create secret blacklists of people barred from travel and slated for detainment and or execution without due process.  What IS extreme and unreasonable is the police use of military armored vehicles that are now comparable in capability to tanks and drone aircraft used to spy and kill with impunity around the world against our civilian population.

We now face a situation where it is no longer a government of the people and for the people, but one of a government for the government and of the government, which will stop at nothing to protect the government even at the cost of those it is entrusted to protect and serve.  Those enemies of the free people, those elitist usurpers, those friends of tyrants, we know you and will call you out.  We will hound you at every step and turn your game upon your heads till all see you for your true colors.  Piers Morgan, Alan Dershowitz, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Arianna Huffington, Andrew Cuomo, Rachel Maddow, and the like behind the scenes are on notice.  We will not allow you to casually denounce us, mock our freedoms, and undermine our sovereignty.  We will see you fired from your jobs, defeated at the ballot box, discredited in academia, scorned in public.  You are the threat and the living proof why we not only need the Second Amendment in our Bill of “Rights,” but need to expand it to compensate for today’s challenges.  This is our constitutionally protected and defined right and responsibility.